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CyclopsSlayer -> Pirates + Silvermist = Bug? (1/1/2014 2:28:53 PM)

(Had the server eat this 3 times yesterday)

OK, found a huge Independent colony recently (7B pop) with several prime resources. Dispatched a Troop Transport and captured it. I quickly noticed that the new world had 2 Pirate Bases and was just starting to build a Criminal Network.

Unfortunately, while exploring the rest of the system I released a few Silvermist clouds. They quickly ate the still undefended colony. While I sent a fleet to cleanse the Silvermists, the world itself had to lay fallow as it was well outside my max colony range.

Later, I captured a colony during a war that put me in range of the now vacant colony world. However I noticed that when I looked at the world it showed all 3 now completed Pirate facilities on the otherwise empty world.

Is it normal that Silvermists leave Pirate facilities intact?
Is it normal that facilities continue building on a depopulated world?
Do such facilities on a voided world count towards Pirate size and resources?
If they still count, should we have some method of attacking them without having to colonize first?

elanaagain -> RE: Pirates + Silvermist = Bug? (1/1/2014 2:53:04 PM)

Ouch, have no idea, but it sounds like a 'bug' and not a 'feature.'

Mad Igor -> RE: Pirates + Silvermist = Bug? (1/1/2014 7:15:27 PM)

apparently it was well hidden,so even nano bots couldn't find it.

Deathball -> RE: Pirates + Silvermist = Bug? (1/1/2014 8:26:45 PM)

Pirate facilities are pretty buggy and you should probably report this in the tech support forum.

Henzington -> RE: Pirates + Silvermist = Bug? (1/1/2014 11:26:44 PM)

Yeah I imagine this was just overlooked sounds like a bug report.

CyclopsSlayer -> RE: Pirates + Silvermist = Bug? (1/2/2014 12:55:05 AM)

I would imagine it is a pretty rare set of circumstances so not commonly seen. Cross posted to the Tech Support forum.

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