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kaleun -> Japanese player, DaBabes A (12/21/2013 5:22:41 PM)

My game with Alex L seems to have died a slow lingering death. That leaves me with only one game going which is unacceptable!

So, looking for Japanese fanboy willing to take on DaBabes A, beta.
House rules to be determined but generally nothing completely unrealistic.

At least one turn per day, unless I'm working when I can do several[X(] (no wife at work[8|])

kaleun -> RE: Japanese player, DaBabes A (12/22/2013 4:13:44 PM)

Sorry might have been unclear: DaBigBabes A or B, with stacking limits.


offenseman -> RE: Japanese player, DaBabes A (1/2/2014 6:29:05 PM)

I'd give it serious thought but could never guarantee one turn a day, especially at game start. Could have been the "Battle of Colorado" [;)]

championzhao -> RE: Japanese player, DaBabes A (1/3/2014 12:28:46 AM)

Have you found the opponent?

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