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Andrew Loveridge -> New Update v1.0.2 Now Available (12/19/2013 11:25:34 PM)

To download the update, players can run “Check for Update” via the game menu or download it on the product download page.

Civil War II Updates (1.02)
Patch 1.02
December 19th, 2013

This patch is a comprehensive patch. It can upgrade to latest version any previous version of CW2.
This patch is not save-compatible.


    Gameplay (improvements & fixes)

    • 6 new regional decisions have been added, they will be given in January of each year:

      • Build Depot: Start building a depot in an undeveloped region.
      • Spies: Send a spy in a region to gather intelligence on enemy troops.
      • Cavalry Screen: We will use our cavalry to screen our approach of the enemy.
      • Disinformation: Send a spy in a region to plant erroneous reports on our troops.
      • Deep Recon: We will use our cavalry and scouts for a deep reconnaissance in enemy territory.
      • Sabotage railway: Send some light troops to blow away a significant portion of railroad.

    • Regional decision Sea Mines can now be dropped in rivers.
    • Fixed: Raiders report from Union maritime income was erroneous.
    • Fixed: Can’t add any more units being built to divisions.
    • Regional decisions can no longer be removed because of the presence of hostile troops (except against Indians)
    • Fixed: Occupier ability. Changed: Patriot ability.
    • Fixed: Money output from trade harbors was off.
    • If Helper option ‘Let AI buy replacements’ is activated, AI will buy more replacements than in previous patch.
    • Battle planner will never trigger for a naval battle.
    • Miscalculation in VP gain fixed.
    • If enemy capital is occupied, National Resilience rolls are skipped.
    • Captured equipment can now be incorporated in divisions.
    • Much better distribution of naval supply.
    • Fixed a bug on occupier ability
    • Matagorda / Brownsville harbors' blockade values inverted to reflect their historical importance. Overall change of blockade situation in 1861.
    • Changed conscript values production of plantations, farmfields and conscript centers
    • Added flavor ability on slaves and contrabands
    • Fixed an event error on AI fortification building early 1861
    • Changed some CSA leaders appearance date
    • Added new CSA flavor brigades: Waul's Legion, Iron Cavarly Brigade, Texas Greyhounds and Thomas' Legion
    • War supplies cost increased across the board for units. Slightly for units costing not much, more for high end units.
    • Ammo production doubled for several structures, including Powder Mills
      Some harbors have been revised in how they change the Blockade percentage. Please refer to an infos thread on this topic in the CW2 forum.


    • Removed incongruous decisions in Shiloh scenario.
    • Can’t entrench in Bull Run Scenario above level 1.
    • Decisions Redoubt removed in April 61.
    • West Campaign got several bug fixes.


    • High ranked leaders will be much more reluctant to command small forces.
    • Idle leaders in enemy land will seek to get back to ‘headquarter region’.
    • Transports will have a quite low buying priority if the AI is bested in naval power and situation is not great.
    • AI will get a slightly higher bonus for railroad autorepair (which is based on the development level of the region)
    • AI will defend the capital city more easily if threatened
    • AI should buy much more often Powder Mills, Arsenals and Armories.

    Historical options

    • Fixed: A particular AI choice for volunteers could generate an error.
    • Indians, once on the warpath, never revert to neutrality.
      Kentucky events improved. Starting in March 62, KY has 25% chance a turn to be pro-Union if still neutral.


    • Calling decisions or recruitments panels will mask ledger.
    • Icons on the tabs of Stacks Panel will now be white, not black.
    • Experimental Spanish support.
    • The variable governing the delay when ‘Focus On Move’ is used is now available for tweaking in CW2\Settings\UserInterface.opt. Default entry is: inoFocusDelayInc = 1500 // in milliseconds
    • Voices added during battles.
    • In the Unit List (F1, then switch to Units), units with promotable leaders will be shown in red. Reminder: if you filter out units without leaders, you get the list of generals of your nation.
    • Number of auto-saved turns can now be changed with an in-game option. Access it with the System tab, in the Options window of the Main Menu.
    • Load game window can now cope with 0-byte game files. If this happen, the previous turn will be restored, but you’ll have to quit the application entirely to have the previous file appears.
    • Mouse-zooming (not keyboard-zooming) will now focus on the mouse position.

Missouri_Rebel -> RE: New Update v1.0.2 Now Available (12/22/2013 4:46:54 PM)


Mouse-zooming (not keyboard-zooming) will now focus on the mouse position.

This is one of my favorite UI features that can be put into a game and I should add that theirs is the most precise I have seen. Very nice job.

Michael T -> RE: New Update v1.0.2 Now Available (12/22/2013 9:11:39 PM)

Is it save compatible with the beta 1.02?

Dorb -> RE: New Update v1.0.2 Now Available (12/22/2013 10:57:06 PM)

Thank you and keep up the great work. [:)]

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