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Andrew Loveridge -> New Update v1.0.7 Now Available (12/18/2013 8:06:25 PM)

This corrects some crashes, issues with NetPlay, and more changes and bug fixes. It is available thru the Menu Update link or you can download it from the product page,

v1.0.7 – December 18, 2013

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the problem with only 1 build/oil point being saved in a hex, with the excess simply being thrown away. Now the upper limit to build/oil points that can be saved in a hex is what is specified by the rules.

    • Added a check for selecting units using the Naval Review Details form to make sure that the selected units can move as a group. For example, the units have to be from the same section box and Subs cannot be moved together with other naval types. Not enforcing this rule when the units were selected had been causing problems when the move was automatically canceled by the program when a destination was chosen: all the units were returned to the same section box, which for some of them was not the box in which they had started. During the Return to Base phases this was especially nasty because it could enable some units to have too many movement points available and others to have too few.

    • Enabled loading saved games when the extension is lower case ‘gam’ or missing. The latter situation doesn’t actually have the GAM extension missing, but rather the Windows settings were such that the extensions were not part of the displayed file names.

    • Fixed a problem that caused a fatal error in the supply calculations when a USSR HQ could move into the Baltic States to Claim them.

    • Added code to check if a militia unit arriving as a reinforcement and needing to use an off-city hex has one available that is not controlled by an enemy major power. Previously, when the only available hex was controlled by an enemy major power, these units would be selectable, but not placeable on the map. This prevented the player from continuing the game. Now if no friendly controlled off-city hex is available, the militia unit is moved to arrive in the following turn.

    • Added a check for an empty Naval Abort Queue stack so that form can be closed if there are no aborted units to return to base.

    • Added a check to avoid a non-fatal error when the program is unable to locate the transport from which a unit disembarked, when all moves to disembark land units are undone during that phase.

    • Added code to propagate war to a minor country on which war was just declared so it is also at war with all the major powers with which the major power that aligned it is at war. For instance, if Italy, while neutral, DOWs Yugoslavia, which is then aligned to the Commonwealth, then Yugoslavia is at war with Germany, because Yugoslavia’s controlling major power (the Commonwealth) is at war with Germany.

    • Added code to exempt Germany, the Commonwealth, and France from having to obey the rule restricting major powers to only 1 saved oil point per turn while neutral. This enables making production planning decisions during the Setup phase for those major powers in Sep/Oct 1939 even though they are technically neutral. Since they will be at war by the end of the first turn, no harm is done by this change. The important benefit is that the saving oil rule restriction for neutrals is not applied while a player is figuring out how to position his convoys during the Setup phase.

    • Added code to enable computing Production Planning routes while setting up units. Note that defining routes to a major power receiving resources is still not possible if the receiving major power has not set up its units.

    • Fixed the mistake in Production Planning where routes for resources received from minor countries as part of a trade agreement were not being implemented. For example, the Persian and Venezuelan resources being not being delivered to and saved in Egypt and Canada (respectively) although they had those destinations assigned as defaults.

    • Fixed the problem in Production Planning with override and default routes that went overseas being given a lower priority than overland routes between non-oil resources and factories. Now Overrides and Defaults are all checked first. Only then are unassigned resources routed to factories: first overland and then overseas.

    • Revised the conditions for when the popup Unit Menu enables players to cancel a land attack so that ability is only available to players on the phasing side. This restores the popup Unit Menu item for canceling a land combat by right clicking on an attacked hex.

    • Restored the popup Unit Menu item for attacking an enemy hex by right clicking on the target hex.

    • For NetPlay, made a change to avoid a fatal error in the anti-aircraft subphase of port attacks.

    • For NetPlay added a check for whether an attacking unit has already been removed from an attack because it is no longer in supply.

    • For NetPlay, added code so the sequence of play only advances from the Initiative phase to the Weather phase after both sides have closed the Initiative form. I did not encounter the reported problem with the DOW phase repeating incessantly. But the ability of one side to see and close the Weather form before the other side closed the Initiative form had the potential for getting things out-of-sync.

    • Restored the old naming conventions for autosaves for DOW subphases. I had a made what I thought was a purely cosmetic change to the labels that appeared in the Main form’s Phase panel, but the strings for the subphase had also been used for creating the names for autosaved games. Now there are two separate strings for the two purposes.

    • Added a check to avoid a fatal error when undoing an air transport mission for an air transport unit, which just loaded cargo at the end of the Fly To Destination subphase, before undoing the cargo’s move.

    • Added a check to avoid a fatal error when there are no naval moving stacks while selecting a unit to initiate a naval combat.

    • Fixed a problem where terminating a Select Naval Combat phase could generate a fatal error.

    • Added a check to avoid a non-fatal error when terminating a game while the Save Oil form is visible.

    • Removed a diagnostic about finding room for partisans.

JagWars -> RE: New Update v1.0.7 Now Available (12/23/2013 11:30:50 PM)

I have been trying for four days now to download 1.07. I keep receiving the message "unable to download", or Page not Available (IE).
Is anyone else having problems?

Missouri_Rebel -> RE: New Update v1.0.7 Now Available (12/24/2013 12:23:21 AM)

No problems here, but it seems like their site has problems with IE 11. Try using Firefox.

JagWars -> RE: New Update v1.0.7 Now Available (12/25/2013 3:58:42 AM)

Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried a couple of hours ago and was successful.

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