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Gas Can -> Improving the use of space station and planet defense mech. (12/1/2013 5:16:09 AM)

Currently speaking space station mostly serves to boost development level of the planet and to build ships, it is quite useless for defending against landing troops invading the planets. You can have a powerful station orbiting the planet only to have the planet taken from you if you do not recruit lots of troops. So I would suggest that the more powerful the station, the more troops it will eliminate during the drops, replacing Planetary Defense Units(AAA). This combined with new planetary shield function that unless taken down, troops dropping would be impossible, space station could really be the core defense power for a planet.

Also currently the use of money is quietly boding as all you can do is to build staff and crash research, why not add a mech to use the money for insurance purposes? For example, train reserve ground troopers that can be quickly assembled during war time, basically you spend a humble amount of money per year to sustain the training expenditures, than have the ability to assemble a large army used only for planetary defense when the planet is being invaded, replacing the robotic troops. A real life example would be Swiss, in which reserve units even have guns in their houses.

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