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Petrosian -> Length of game time. (11/17/2013 12:10:00 PM)

Hey all, I have been looking forward to the release of this game. Am disappointed there is no PBEM. Can any of you who have played the board game give an estimate of how many (roughly) hours it would take to play a complete global game. If I played the net game I couldn't dedicate more than an hour a day and I wouldn't want an opponent to wait angrily online while it took me 45 minutes to figure out a rule. Also I am worried that after playing for weeks I would make some silly typo mistake that would cost me the game.
From all the screen shots the game looks great but not sure if it is playable from online playing.

Eradanfaroth -> RE: Length of game time. (11/17/2013 5:44:43 PM)

Don't be afraid, the pleasure of playing this game is not spoiled by game mistakes or by waiting for the thinking of the avdersary.
But the best is to have for example a skype connection to allow speaking between players.

The length of the game is random because as you guessed correctly, some bad errors can end the game abruptly, or the course of the game could be too predictible to find interest anymore. But for the complete game, an estimation is about 4 hours by turn.

This estimation widely depends on skills and knowledge of the game by the players.

paulderynck -> RE: Length of game time. (11/18/2013 5:43:33 AM)

A full length Global War game can easily take 250 hours.

Walker84 -> RE: Length of game time. (12/4/2013 5:39:25 PM)

So a full length Global War game can easily take 250 hours. This seems altogether reasonable in comparison to a game like War in the Pacific where both players will easily devote upwards of this amount of time for the full campaign.

I guess another option for those who are worried about commiting to player vs player and perhaps making early mistakes would be to agree to play one of the scenarios first until the skill levels build up.

One question I have for the more experienced players is around housekeeping. Clearly the PC version of WIF handles a lot of calculations and other tasks that were done manually in the board game. Is it the case that players still find it necessary to keep track of various planning things on spreadsheets or paper, or are the various game interfaces and tables sufficient. I am thinking that when I play WITP-AE I may want to use Tracker and also keep my own spreadsheet regarding future deployments, productions builds and other plans. What do people generally do when playing WIF?

paulderynck -> RE: Length of game time. (12/4/2013 9:13:53 PM)

For the boardgame we typically were using a written record for builds that included double-entry bookeeping for saved oil - often supported by an excel spreadsheet to check PMs and resulting BP totals. The spreadsheet listed all the resources inbound and had to be adjusted any turn where CP chains were messed with or oil was saved rather than produced. The written record of builds also could be checked to ensure gearing limits were adhered to.

We also tracked all the US entry options/actions/tension rolls to make sure we always knew what had been chosen/DoW'd and whether chits were generated/moved.

I don't think any of that will be needed in MWiF.

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