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henri51 -> The video tutorials (11/14/2013 11:29:43 PM)

I spent most of the day watching the video tutorials, and have not played the game yet except for looking at the startup conditions. They are very good. Sometimes they go a bit fast, and they do not contain all of the information of the game.But that is OK, I would rather have to watch a video twice than to find it too slow.Given the complexity of the game, to teach it in a pedagogical manner would require considerable repetition and exercises, but hey, that would take years (how long do you think it takes to train an officer not to mention a general?).

So my plan is to go through all the videos (I am up to number 7), then give the "Text and Pictures" tutorials and the interactive tutorials a go, and by that time, the books may have arrived (YIKES! a $45 shipping fee - I hope the Customs will not add an additional fee...).Depending on what I see in the books, at some point I will probably dip my toes into the water and see if I get my usual case of "mind-boggle" or if I can swim. Maybe it doesn't really matter, if I spend a couple of weeks on the game, I will probably figure I got my money's worth.My criteria is usually a week, but considering that this game and shipping costs is over twice the normal cost of a game, a couple of weeks looks about right.

Now I have to gird my loins for when the books arrive and my wife asks me what that is all about, and I have to confess that I bought the most expensive wargame of all time, but that I will be playing it for years, and no, that other one I bought last week was not wasted because I will play it in between - and no I have not stopped playing Flight Simulators, and those addons are not wasted because...ah well you see, this hobby is a bit expensive, but it is cheaper than Golf, more healthy and cheaper than drinking, and cheaper and less morally reprehensible than chasing women...

FroBodine -> RE: The video tutorials (11/14/2013 11:43:05 PM)

Crap! I better stop drinking then.

Dr. Foo -> RE: The video tutorials (11/15/2013 12:01:29 AM)

I use two monitors when watching the tutorial. On one monitor I have the game open and the other is the tutorial. Whatever goes on in the tutorial I do in the game...this really helped with naval movement and combat. I watch the tutorial, pause and mimic the move in the game.

I find that by just reading I do not absorb as much, by just watching I adsorb more than reading but still not absorbing as much as I would like. Reading, watching and doing...I'm starting to get it.

bbmike -> RE: The video tutorials (11/15/2013 12:38:21 AM)

Any chance non-owners will get to see any tutorial videos? Maybe someone can upload a introductory video to Youtube? I'm on the fence here people! [:'(]

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