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altipueri -> How do I stop the flags waving? (11/12/2013 6:08:21 PM)

I've tried several times to get into this game and always give up immediately.

1. Flags waving drives me to distraction - AGEOD has now introduced this to their American Civil War game - please Matrix stop them doing it. Why annoy people? In an RTS game you may want to be quickly notified of something but in a contemplative strategy game it's a nuisance.

2. All my troops die of foraging losses in turn one.

3. Why can't I just play a battle using the hex system on its own?

For a game that won some award it seems to have died pretty quickly. I bought it about 4 years ago and there's been little forum stuff and even the Ralegh or whatever beginners guides can't be got at it seems.

Russian Guard -> RE: How do I stop the flags waving? (11/18/2013 9:56:52 PM)

This game is long in the tooth but I still drag it out and play it I am doing this month.

To your questions:

1) Flag waving may annoy you but it's a feature, not intended to be a distraction. Not much to say about this other than ignore it, or don't play. FYI, I was in the play-testers group and I don't remember this issue ever coming up.

2) The only way a lot of your troops die of foraging on turn 1, is if you haven't supplied them, and they are sitting in bad forage/winter areas in winter. Build a depot (or chain of depots if necessary) and supply them. It would help to know which nation you are playing when this happens.

3) Because it's not built into the game. COGII was designed as a strategic simulation game with tactical combat. I would have liked this too, but if the game has "everything" everyone wants, it will cost $250.


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