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Hexagon -> Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (11/10/2013 12:12:09 PM)

Well, i work these days in a scenario, in part to cover my interest in see soviets in defensive role with reserve units in earlier period VS the less "powerfull" NATO nation, UK and in other side to see how is scen creation in game.

I start this as a small fight to take a pair of villages but in the end i finish in a big fight where a strong UK 4 task forces attack a triangle of villages that hold 3 key bridges, the position is defended by a full motorized regiment in BTR-60 with his tank battalion and artillery battalion with a small cover force in the open south flank and with a full tank regiment with a mech and an arty battalion to.

I have a pair of problems with scen:

-when i load it to play sometimes appear an error message where i read "fprs" or something similar.
-I dont know why 2 UK mortar units start bombing an empty hex, when game start these 2 units bomb a forest hex and i dont understand why.

And apart this, any advice to balance it is allways wellcome, i have a pair of doubts, one is the South soviet cover force... i create an unit with squads+single vehicles but i dont know if this works fine... i prefer have a group of vehicle+squad x 3 + a HQ but edit OOB... well, do scen is enough now [:D]

And the other doubt is about the UK Scrap force... i dont know if leave it as where is now or move it to the other side of the river to appear in the south later... where is now player can use it to reinforce Bronze but i dont konw if it can cross river and rush south...

All things you can say are wellcome, i am out of scen creation from a loooooong time and i never be a [sm=happy0029.gif]


Mad Russian -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (11/10/2013 12:20:11 PM)

You basically have two scenarios in one here.

1) Take a pair of villages.

2) Big Fight.

What you do is simplify your process. Don't try to make this all work at once. Follow the natural progression of the scenario and break it into smaller parts.

What that means is we work on 1 first. You put your forces together and playtest this as if there is only part 1 in the entire scenario. You get that where that works then you add part 2 to the first part which already works and you can then playtest that add on until it works as well.

Good Hunting.


Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (11/11/2013 10:39:05 AM)

Thanks for the advice, i am going to do some sub-scens to test it, maybe as suggestion in the DLC you can add more of this fights where reseve soviet units defend terrain gained against NATO counteratacks, i think in German, USA, UK task forces and french fresh units.

Well, when i create a scen i start with a simple idea (in this case a reserve soviet motorized infantry regiment defending a blocking position) when i deploy the units to cover it i think how balance a little it (i add the soviet tank regiment + some support units and add an extra UK formation) and leave scen to play it a little and test things... maybe i can split the scen in 2... if be in a bigger area could be better create a minicampaign of 2 scens but i prefer a lot more play over the same scen a longer fight because split fight in 2 scenarios for me miss the real way of how combat evolution in a limited area, is a little like with Close Combat and fights in same map sometimes you lose terrain or win it in very strange ways independent of fight result.

Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (11/20/2013 7:01:43 PM)

Ok, here is a short version i cover only first part of battle, i test it and is practically all i want, please see if UK support is excesive or not and what do you think about the deploy of "scrap" force, in soviet side see what do you think about the scout force covering the south, if you think is better use a more strong force or made appear UK formation later.

Thanks and enjoy it.

Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/13/2013 11:04:02 AM)

Well, i do some changes in the scen and test it, now it looks more like i want maybe i think that add impasable terrain (to remove the line of mines and obstacles to limit the combat area) and the option to select where you want appear reinforcements for UK player close it for me but maybe in future... as is now i think is good enough to have fun time playing it [:)]

I expect you enjoy it and can help me improve it [sm=Tank-fahr09.gif]

Mad Russian -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/13/2013 2:44:15 PM)

If you want impassible terrain use either nuclear or chemical contamination zones. Units won't go in them if they know they are there. You have to make them visible to the side you want restricted from the area.

Good Hunting.


Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/13/2013 5:59:11 PM)

Ummm is other option, maybe i can add this over the existing obstacles, a line for a nation and other to the 2nd... well i do it, one thing less.

O a little question, i find something wrong in the OOB tree, one of the tank btl in reinforcements for soviet side appear separate of the other 2 btl... how can i move it to stay next to the other 2???


Mad Russian -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/13/2013 9:29:17 PM)

When creating a sides Order of Battle I start at the top. I make a Brigade or Regimental HQ and have everybody else assigned to it. In other words I create that sides commander. When I create them I set their attributes; morale, efficiency, ammo, entry time, etc.

Then for each unit in the game I create an HQ. If I have a Tank Battalion (Bn) I create a Regimental HQ and assign the Bn to it. If I have a Platoon I create a Company HQ. Or, on extremely rare occasions, I assign them directly to the main HQ.

Then when I have an issue like you do, I just assign that battalion to the HQ and I'm good. They are all together.

Good Hunting.


Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/14/2013 11:01:15 AM)

I do it as you say but i have a mistake and move the 3rd btl by accident, when i move it again to the reinforcement HQ it appears in the bottom OOB and i cant find how move it to the top behind the 2nd btl... you can move a formation in the OOB as you want but only to assign it you cant control the position of the unit inside the OOB, i refer that there is not a tool to move a formation in the OOB structure to have it where you want.

DoubleDeuce -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/14/2013 11:04:05 AM)

I have found that even if I move all the subunits around to get them in the order I want and save and close the scenario, when I re-open it to recheck, they are all out of order again.

Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/15/2013 6:47:27 PM)

Ummm i dont remember see this... but could be possible, maybe we need a way to set the OOB tree as we can it be showed, not only move units from HQ to HQ, be able to set an order inside a HQ.

Hexagon -> RE: Iron Triangle Assault 1979 (12/15/2013 6:50:09 PM)

wrong site to post.

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