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sweeteye -> 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/3/2013 7:36:08 PM)

Wondering if anyone knows of any 18th or 19th century naval computer games? Only one I can find is a computer version of Avalon Hill's Wooden Ships and Iron Men. Seems it is in DOS which I could play using DOS Box,but it is not really the game I want..I did find some free wooden ships table top game rules for miniatures. One is Nelson's Wars and the other is called Away Boarders.I also found some free Naval miniatures paper flats for the War of 1812.I am currently playing a reenactment of the Battle of Lake Erie in 1813.The ship flats shown were created by Jeffrey Knudsen.I downloaded the files and then printed them out,cut and glued them together. Naval battles are something new for me and I find them kind of interesting....I am most interested in the wooden ships era and wish I could find a computer simulation doing this time period..All the computer naval games I am finding are based in the 20th century.


Orm -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/3/2013 7:54:55 PM)

Matrix games has a version of Age of Sail included in the Napoleonic Battleground pack.



sweeteye -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/3/2013 8:10:37 PM)

Thanks Orm....I thought Matrix would surely have something and I guess I missed it...

Boomer78 -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/3/2013 8:33:14 PM)

Depends on whether you want to command one ship or many.

If the wooden ship genre interests you in general, I can also recommend the Sea Dogs series. Though a pirate, you can also sail under the flag of the major European powers and have some fun blasting away your enemy with broadsides.


sweeteye -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/3/2013 9:58:01 PM)

Checked out the youtube video of seadogs....looks kind of cool but I am not sure it is what I am looking for....wish there was a naval simulator similar to flight simulators where you are in the cockpit,only inside a ship...At any rate I took the plunge and purchased the Napoleonic Battleground game...really only want the naval part of the game but I do have an interest in Napoleonic land battles and will eventually get some use out of it.Price is also good compared to what many PC games are costing anymore.

TheGrayMouser -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/4/2013 11:38:21 PM)

Check out Shrapnel games. They have a game called "Salvo" release 2006 ish, tactical real-time for battles 17th thru 19th century.

sweeteye -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/5/2013 2:11:44 AM)

will do....thanks for the lead....I found some really nice plans for scale 18th and 19th century ships...started on a modelling project also.[:)]

Gilmer -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/5/2013 11:00:38 AM)

I've always been fascinated by ships, especially warships from history.

sweeteye -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/5/2013 3:48:06 PM)

I have never been much of a sailor but I do find the old sailing vessels and battles interesting.Have a very old aluminum canoe which is painted to look like birch bark.[:D]Use it for fishing mostly..I like variety when it comes to gaming and naval battles are fresh and new for me.I started yesterday on building two paper ships for table top gaming.These first ships I am building are modeled after the Spanish ship Trindad.Going to take a while to complete these and I have quite a few others to build as well.I have the hulls put together and placed the masts.Sails and rigging are going to be a real task.I made the bottom of the hulls at the waterline so the ships stand up nicely for gaming purposes.



Gilmer -> RE: 18th - 19th Century Naval games ? (11/6/2013 12:56:52 AM)

I worked on a lobster boat, so I know a little about the water, but no formal training on any type warship in any service.

My dad's side of the family have always been big on the ocean though, with most of my uncles as lifeguards on Rhode Island beaches and my dad was the Captain of the Lifeguards in Rhode Island in the 50s when Block Island was almost completely submerged. He was trapped on the Lifeguard control building with 3 other Lifeguards, after they had been helping people evacuate. All 4 survived.

My grandfather was a fisher in the ocean as a young man, and then later worked in a fishery right on the docks.

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