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brassem -> CMANO trips world espionage feud. (11/1/2013 2:45:01 PM)

Since the release of CMANO, there has been an explosion of countries decrying espionage. We tapped you, you listened to us...

Truth is, it is probably CMANO players looking for details for their scenarios that have peaked the spy-ops threshold, i.e. by my constantly looking for air base details, for instance like INDONESIA for one of my scenarios as an example. Has tripped their espionage alarm bells. And they are crying foul.

If they didn't cry foul I would be worried. But why all of a sudden globally? I don't have that many scenarios.

Josh -> RE: CMANO trips world espionage feud. (11/2/2013 3:44:59 PM)

You're saying all of the secret services are after you because you searched for "air bases"? [:'(] Probably so, then again lots of other are also doing their research. other scenario designers, teachers, writers, journalists, etc etc. So no worries there mate, unless ofcourse you have some ...let's say "friends" that don't want to be found. [:D] Just kidding. It is my understanding that they search for keywords and connections, so a teacher or wargamer, searching for sensitive information is not immediately flagged, but a suspicious person who has dubious connections, might be flagged. Otherwise all of the TOAW designers would have been under surveillance LOL.

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