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BigDuke66 -> Clovis is back! (10/15/2013 2:54:28 AM)

Well just stumbled over Clovis mod page that was without any news since December 2012 and it seemed as if that would stay that way, to be honest I already buried it(and him).
BUT Clovis is back, already in August he posted the first news since December 2012, check it out yourself:

DanSez -> RE: Clovis is back! (12/24/2013 4:13:02 PM)

Yes it is good to see the return of one of the most interesting mod projects I've come across from the ageod games.

Hopefully refreshed and eventually completed, it would make a great end-cap to the Revolution Under Siege (original version). RUnS is a good game, even in plain vanilla and having played with an earlier Fatal Years mod, I really liked the direction Clovis was taking this mod. I hope he continues to finish his vision into a solid playable game for the rest of us.

djm -> RE: Clovis is back! (1/30/2014 9:51:15 PM)

His site is down -- any idea where I can pick up his RUS mod?


Anjou -> RE: Clovis is back! (5/2/2014 9:57:59 PM)

I've been maintaining his mod, if you would like the updated version, please pm for details.

Sorry, this was late!

BigDuke66 -> RE: Clovis is back! (5/2/2014 11:09:13 PM)

Well did he bail out of it or why has he disappeared?

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