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Gunner98 -> Corralling ASuW patrol? (10/5/2013 3:24:39 AM)

I have a fairly major strike programmed for an AI side to take apart an airbase, that part works quite well. The issue I am having is that I sprinkled some units (SAM, AD & Inf) in and around the base to ambush incoming attackers - that also works well, but with marginal results - fine. I would like to put an ASuW (land) patrol into a defined area very near the base, so that I can have some Ground support (Su-25 Frogfoot's [Frogfeet [:D]]) suppress the local defence just prior to and during the ALPHA Strike. The problem is that the Su-25s wander off all over the place to strike any random ground target and consequently get themselves shot full of Sidewinders and don't do the intended job![sm=00000054.gif] The units I want them to supress are not auto located, so they pick an auto located unit anywhere imidiatly after launch and wander away into the wild blue yonder!

Is there a way of holding these guys to a specific area? Would an escort task work here?



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