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Der Zeitgeist -> Using no-navigation zones to create strike corridors (10/4/2013 4:37:10 PM)

As everyone probably has read by now, I'm pretty passionate about including some sort of waypoint control for the AI-controlled missions in CMANO, especially for air missions. That would allow us to better control ingress paths to avoid SAM threats, for example, and prevent the default predictable flight paths from the airbase to the target. This would especially benefit the AI opponent in any scenarios.

There is, however, a crude capability to influence AI pathing already in the game, and that is with navigation zones.

You can set them up by dropping reference points, selecting them, and then selecting "Unit orders"-->"No-navigation-zones"-->"Create new from selected refpoints".

A window will open where you can further edit the zone, to rename it and to select for which type of units it should apply.

So what can we do with these zones? In my tests, I used them to create a corridor through which a SEAD mission would pass on their way to the target:


The SEAD mission was created as a SEAD patrol covering the main Danish island of Sjślland. I assigned 8 SU-24D armed with AS-11 Kilter anti-radar missiles to the mission, stationed on an airbase near Kaliningrad. If I would have just started the mission without any navigation zones, the planes would have overflown Swedish airspace, and we can't have a diplomatic incident with neutral Sweden in the middle of World War 3. [:D]

Instead, as you can see, they kept to the navigation corridor just north of Bornholm island and started firing their missiles on the Danish I-Hawk batteries once they got in range. Interestingly, they didn't hesitate to fire the missiles across Swedish territory and through the no-nav-zone, but luckily, no Swedes were hurt in the making of this scenario. [:D]


Zoomed in, we can see the first AS-11 as it is about to impact, with others following, all targeting the I-Hawk aquisition radars in the vicinity of Kopenhagen.

The I-Hawk handled itself pretty well in this engagement, and shot down a number of the anti-radar-missiles. For the actual scenario, I will probably add some Badger J's providing stand off-jamming to the SEAD strike.

Primarchx -> RE: Using no-navigation zones to create strike corridors (10/4/2013 4:55:49 PM)

I've done this to some degree as well. While the AI may have some issues at time, scenario editors have some good tools (Event Editor, Nav Zones, Exclusion Zones, etc) to enhance opponent-side actions in the game.

Tordan69 -> RE: Using no-navigation zones to create strike corridors (10/5/2013 8:35:09 AM)

As a Swede I approve of this. [:D]

Der Zeitgeist -> RE: Using no-navigation zones to create strike corridors (10/5/2013 9:54:58 AM)


ORIGINAL: Tord Hoppe

As a Swede I approve of this. [:D]

Within a week, you will probably be dragged into the war anyway. Haven't decided yet.[:D]

Gunner98 -> RE: Using no-navigation zones to create strike corridors (10/5/2013 11:49:55 AM)

I have also used it to protect Swedish airspace in my North Norway scenario. Tried to use it for Finish airspace as well but it made the aircraft behave a bit funny and caused a very narrow bit of very intense A2A action, so I figured the Fins would be pressured into opening their airspace anyway. A couple of thoughts to improve this feature:

- Have preset NavZones to match international Borders - its a real PITA to conform to the border with Ref Points
- Have a NavZone that will apply to both sides, currently - I think - they only apply to one side, and you have to rebuild it for each side
- Minor one - you need a unit selected to use the NavZone feature. Something in the Editor to handle NavZones would be nice (very minor point)


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