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CyclopsSlayer -> A few questions. (9/11/2013 7:36:01 AM)

Although I have been playing for quite some time, a few finer points escape me.

1. Do planets only get bonuses for Spaceports built directly over a world, or will they also get bonuses from nearby ie. Defense Bases and Research stations? (specifically Medical, Recreation, Commerce facilities)

2. What weapon systems are affected by Targeting and Countermeasure Mods? (ie. Missiles might be expected to not benefit from shipboard Targeting Computers)

3. How exactly does Armor and its Reactive portion function?

4. Ship Boarding, how does this function? (ie. I design a ship with extra Hab Modules for the stated Boarding defense, yet often a single attacker will overcome a listed 400 Boarding Defense.

4a. The Ship Marine strength mods (NOT Boarding Pod strength) on the R&D > Weapons section, does that only affect boarding pods and not the Hab module defenses?

4b. Do Planetary Shields stop Pods from assaulting? Does anything?

mSterian -> RE: A few questions. (9/11/2013 12:23:56 PM)

1.They SHOULD, in theory... as they are built by that colony. When it is being built, you'll see it's in the colony's construction queue. But in practice, I don't know.
2.I don't know.
3.I saw something about this around the forums. Try searching a bit.
4.If you fire your pods at the enemy, your ship's boarding defense is lowered by the amount those pods provided. So, maybe that's why you're not defending well against boarding attacks. If it's not that, I don't know right now. You'll have to dig deeper. Maybe you need Living quarters as well?
4.a. I think yes, only applies bonus to pods
4b. I think Planetary Shields only stop bombardment. Try the Ion Cannon. Forgot the exact name. It's a huge Ion cannon that you build at the colony (facility) that disables incoming ships. Should disable them before they throw the pods I think.

CyclopsSlayer -> RE: A few questions. (9/12/2013 1:01:26 AM)


re 4b above. Tried an Ion Cannon, it fires way too slow to be of any use, the attackers often get their Pods off even after being hit. Tried building Ion Cannons on the 3 worlds that multiple Pirates were fighting over still was under near constant assault and had to clear Hidden Bases several times after the cannon went up.

Tried positioning Fleets at the targeted worlds, but invariably they get drawn off and some Pods land anyways. A Fleet set to 'System Range' and 'Defend', was still found almost a sector away as it pursued a fleeing foe.

Canute0 -> RE: A few questions. (9/12/2013 7:22:53 AM)

A good defence against Boarding/Raids are Graviton Beams.
The weapon damage the ship directly, and a damaged ship mosttime cancel their attacks and return for repair.
But don't use them together with Tractor beam, the tractor beam will tow the ship toward the ship/base so the enemy is faster at range to launch the Assault pods.

But the best defence against Raid's are pay the pirate when they start to attack, and cancel the protection when they left your system. Then grow up, find their base and destroy it.

CyclopsSlayer -> RE: A few questions. (9/12/2013 1:03:53 PM)

When Shadows first came out I regularly would crush a pirate faction out of existence. Lately though I cannot remember the last time i saw afaction actually wiped out.llll

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