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nelsonlee_slith -> about independent race and colony (9/10/2013 6:33:30 AM)

it seems independent race are same as the one of the main race-players?

for example,I set 8 players for determined race,and there will be no the 9th race for the independent colony and in the game?

anyone notice that?

Starke -> RE: about independent race and colony (9/10/2013 6:57:26 AM)

Yep. Not only that, but the independent colonies are almost always located near the empire of that race.

Tehlongone -> RE: about independent race and colony (9/10/2013 5:32:22 PM)

Actually it's the other way around, empires are located near the independents of their race. At least that's my conclusion based on starting over a bunch of times where it's apparent that if you designate where you want to start in the galaxy your independent colonies are often far away, but if you pick random they'll be next to you.

Fenrisfil -> RE: about independent race and colony (9/11/2013 5:38:36 PM)

It seems to me that what happens is that the game sets the indie colonies to be near your ancestral homeworld. If you are set to random you also end up near there (or actually there, this does seem to me to happen more frequently when you are set to random). So what I think is happening is the game only processes the specifics of ancestral homeworlds for the races that are chosen to be normal empires in a game, then once it's generated the galaxy it drops down independent colonies based on the game setting (for amount) and the ancestral homeworlds in the game (for type and location).

What we need is for the game to process all races ancestral homeworlds and not just those selected as normal empires (with the exception on Shakturi and Mechanoids of course). Even better, add an option into the race file so we can set independent races to always appear, never appear, or appear when Empire. A third option would be to add a tick box in the game set up to add all homeworlds. Personally I prefer the race file option but any of those would be a huge improvement.

It would also be nice to have an option to turn on/off hybernation/immigrant events for that race (currently those seem to be selected from all races other than Mechanoid/Shakturi). That's less important, but I would find it handy anyway.

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