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AlexSF -> Incomplete rail repair ? (9/2/2013 2:55:07 PM)

As Axis I repaired captured railroads but the next turn they show as green with 3 little dots in the middle and I can't use them for transport or repair new rails from them. There is nothing in the manual about that. Does that mean they're in an EZOC ? That they're repaired only in part?

morvael -> RE: Incomplete rail repair ? (9/2/2013 2:58:42 PM)

You must have mised one hex along the line, so the rest is unconnected (hence the white dots). Perhaps the famous crossing south-east of Vilnius (X 59 Y 51)? Many people failed to repair it, going straight to the east from 59,50.

AlexSF -> RE: Incomplete rail repair ? (9/2/2013 3:52:19 PM)

nope, not the infamous Vilnius turn, actually it's above Lvov on the first couple of turns. There is one Sov unit entrenched next to a rail that I converted. There is one German div on the rail of course but still the proximity of the Sov seems to mess up the whole line of rails going forward and the next turn my rail repair unit can not repair forward.

Red Lancer -> RE: Incomplete rail repair ? (9/2/2013 3:58:31 PM)

Manual 14.1.2

Rail line hexes that are in an enemy ZOC are considered to be cut off from the rail network and cannot be used for strategic rail transport, even if the hex is occupied by a friendly combat unit.

AlexSF -> RE: Incomplete rail repair ? (9/2/2013 4:09:53 PM)

Yep, thx, saw that already but it does not say that it also prevents the forward repair of the line. I guess it does.

Red Lancer -> RE: Incomplete rail repair ? (9/2/2013 4:26:29 PM)

This bit explains it I hope. Repair Eligibility and RRV

Damaged rail hexes must be eligible to be designated for repair by an FBD/NKPS unit. This is based on the distance from the damaged rail hex to a railhead (the "off rail range" in the hex pop-up text), which is the closest friendly and undamaged rail line hex that is connected through the rail network to a supply source. A hex is eligible for FBD/NKPS repair if 1) the hex is in the Baltic zone (prior to Dec 1941) and within 6 hexes of a railhead, or if not in the Baltic zone within 4 hexes of a railhead, and 2) the number of hexes to the railhead does not exceed the RRV (Rail Repair Value) of the FBD/NKPS unit. Since both of these conditions must apply, players will never be able to use an FBD/NKPS unit more than 6 hexes from a railhead in the Baltic zone (prior to Dec 1941), or 4 hexes from a railhead outside the Baltic zone. If a rail hex is not eligible for repair, the RRC will not display in the FBD/NKPS unitís info area.

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