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maxcon2616 -> Unit modification in new scenario (8/27/2013 9:37:45 PM)

1. I am making a new scenario based on the Ironman (updated) scenario. I need to know if I want to add devices to a unit can I simply add the devices to the TO & E and the program will automatically add them the the units affected?? EX: I want to add torpedo ordinance to USN BF-can I simply add that device in slot 19 & Support in the USN BF T O & E and it be automatically added to all the USN BF's with that T O & E??
2. Do all changes to any unit need to start with the T O & E. EX. new air hdqs??
3. If I want to add a Naval Hdq's for the Aussies do I need to set up a T O & E??
4. I have already done this once and had a major meltdown in the scenario spread sheet. All the DATA was lost including Pilots and all the Leaders had nothing in the "type" slot. I wonder if anyone knows what could have happened.

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