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Dangun -> Noob Question 7 - Railhead Repair (8/26/2013 10:44:44 AM)

When using using FBD/NKPS rail repair units to manually repair/extend the railhead why does it sometimes cost 1 RRV to repair a hex, but sometime cost 3?

It says in the manual that "A hex is eligible for FBD/NKPS repair if... not in the Baltic zone within 4 hexes of a railhead." Does this mean that, outside the Baltic zone, effectively only 4 hexes of rail could be repaired/extended in any one turn? Does that therefore also mean there is no point putting two FBD/NKPS rail repair units on the same line?

Thanks for your help.

carlkay58 -> RE: Noob Question 7 - Railhead Repair (8/26/2013 11:05:45 AM)

Baltic Zone rails were the same gauge (rail width) as the Western European rails so were easier to repair and get running - so they cost only 1 RRV.

Once you are outside the Baltic Zone, each hex costs 3 RRV to repair and there is a limit of 4 hexes per turn - the only time you get a benefit for using two FBD units would be through newly captured territory or high movement cost terrain. Or if the rail splits into multiple rail lines.

Dangun -> RE: Noob Question 7 - Railhead Repair (8/26/2013 11:57:02 AM)

Thanks. That clears that up.

swkuh -> RE: Noob Question 7 - Railhead Repair (8/26/2013 4:19:41 PM)

Think also that the FBDs must be at the end of a continuous rail line. Axis seem to suffer breaks from partisan attacks; need to search out any break and repair with the FBDs.

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