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MikeB -> ALLies in motion... (8/8/2013 2:01:24 PM)

Many allied nations are herein human controlled.

USA tends to spend all time doing research. Two events regarding
commitment to Japanese occur...which I expect has impact upon PP
generation. Not certain what impact though.

France survives till July 1 1940.
The germans came in through the maginot line at its most western point.
I had not noticed the attacks till AFTER they were through. Somehow, this
game happening failed to identify the AI attacks except for sea battles.
I suspect this may be a FOW checked box aspect.

Nevertheless, British air tried to transfer to middle east. They rebased to
Marseilles area just before Paris was captured. oops. France refused the
armistice(keep those French navy units working) and hopefully keep the allied
bombers on their way to middle east.
How ELSE does British air get to middle east???

The german navy infested Finistre cape off Portugal...AND had a class reunion
just outside the British Colonies. 3 Brit carrier groups are now enroute to
join the festivities...but the Germans seem reluctant to stay at the party
even though they far outnumber the British participants.

The computer AI...came all across France to capture Belgium and Netherlands.
This seemed counter productive.

The cost of the Polish escapees seriously hampers French rebuilds immediately
after Germany attacked. Those 100 PP took some 15 turns to regain...while the
Maginot line was being carved up. 3 Rows of German invaders!!!

Estonia, Lavia and the other were released by Russia to themselves. Albeit,
their game is set to Human VERY as to better build up defences.

The option to build fortifications somewhere on the German border were NOT
done. I am uncertain if forts would be built in Latvia ...when Russia does
NOT control the territory?

The pseudo countries remain "friendly" toward Russia.

Note that Denmark - even when attacked late...fails to join the Allied cause.
This leads to those Polish become British ships doing raider duty outside
Konigsburg trapped in the Baltic...with no way out!!!
This is interpreted as a BUG of the program.

I am uncertain of results of Netherland / Belgium navy units. In other games,
they join the allies. Netherlands did provide some additional 65 STP to Britain
upon collapse.

Unlike SMP, Naval Transport points do NOT increase in cost. SMP are best bought
in large quantities at one time. It appears that each time of purchase generates
inflation in the cost of SMP. This could be a bug?

The ability to change Nations to human/AI and change their economic prospects from
hard through easy is appreciated. I question IS this still possible in PBEM?

well. back to playing the allies and finding out if my Brit bombers near Marseilles
still exist, miraculously returned to England or North Afria...or simply disappeared. :(

Mike B
Ottawa Canada
ps. I may soon be ready to try a PBEM game.

MikeB -> ALLies in motion 2 (8/11/2013 5:04:25 PM)

ok, so I continued.
France fell in June 1940 along with Belgium and Netherlands.
The german navy encamped beside British Colonies in far left corner.
3 task forces with a carrier each were sent after them. The germans
seem to want to avoid these task forces...except after 2-3 turns of
retreats away from British Colonies. They remain in the tangle of
yellow circles leading from British Colonies.

The British air war now commences. It seems like Brit ftr lose
regardless of winning. ie
Brit fighter does 1 point of damage to enemy
next consecutive battle...that same brit fighter appears to
start off with one less ftr for the fight? bug?

Germany declares war on Denmark and Norway at same time. Denmark(human controlled)
declines to roll over and play dead. It is several turns before
german troops marshal themselves to come into Denmark. Also, it appears
that Denmark needs to be captured first BEFORE Norway can be attacked.
The rush northward clears out the two cities in west Denmark.
At least 3 attacks are required to finish off the Denmark defence.
The infantry div ...built by Denmark fail to have a place to deploy.
Also, the remaining Denmark forces can do no better than a 10% repair
per turn...despite sitting on their capital with many PP available for
repair. bug?

Continuing onward.
The Russians get opportunity to give back the land to Estonia, Latvia and the other one.
This is done as Russia is "easy" while they are set to "very easy".
Curiously, Germany acquires inclusion of Romania and Hungary...then declares war
on Russia...but NOT the Baltic 3some.

A review of the game from the Axis side(ie. make Germany and Italy human controlled)
leads to discovery of some 6 ftr near Normandy...causing havoc to brit ftr defence.
(only 5 brit ftr).
There exist a horde of Italian units along the coastline of North Africa
leading to Alamein. not to mention the 3 or 4 german tank units.
A horde of German units eagerly awaiting advancement into the Baltic states
and toward Brest on the avon...central Russia. There is virtually no axis
troops advancing from Romania...which was the first country to be friendly
with Germany.

Did I mention that Yugoslavia is still neutral?
It is now Nov 1940...and I have decided to quit this game to pursue
the PBEM version.

Alas, I am having trouble with web signon process and have submitted a help ticket
to hopefully resolve it. In meantime, I will try doing hot seat gaming against

Mike B

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