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Cmiller -> Slow Load on Splash Screen (8/6/2013 6:33:46 PM)

Hi, I am currently playing Distant Worlds: Shadows. Installed the game correctly, and game works fine, so nothing wrong with my game play, yet. However, I've noticed it takes quite a long time to get in the game. The splash screen takes over 3 minutes to load. Is this normal? Perhaps something to do with my computer?

My Computer Specs:

Dell Inspiron M5030

AMD Anthlon II P360 Dual-Core Processor 2.3 GHz

3.75GB "usable" RAM

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit

I actually am not having any in-game graphical problems as of yet. But really haven't played too deep into the game. I'm just curious on this one thing. Is there any way I can reduce the splash screen load time? Kinda tedious waiting 3+ minutes for the game to load.


mSterian -> RE: Slow Load on Splash Screen (8/6/2013 9:22:37 PM)

It's your slow proc.
Mind you, a dual core 2.3 is considered slow these days.
I have a 2.4 dual-core and it takes about that long also.
You'll also see it slow down in-game when you play on pretty big maps and have 20 factions all boasting with ships and bases and what-not. Towards the end-game.

When I say factions I mean empires + pirates.

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