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mktours -> looking for a good soviet opponent for a 41CG pbem game-closed (7/25/2013 5:05:35 AM)

Hi, I am looking for a good soviet opponent for a 41CG Pbem Game(normal setting, full FOW. 1.0708version )

I am a good player in Chess and war games but new to this game (but I study the rules well and read the forum quite thoroughly).

I have just done one Pbem game as german and won, with another game on going at a very slow speed (I have been waiting for several days for my opponentís turn).

I would be too arrogant if I class myself as a good player as I am still new to this game, but I would like to find a good player to play with me, hopefully I could give you some challenge and do not let you down.

I promise I would play to the end, no matter what the result would be. I donít view this game as something that to decide my IQ( I donít need to as I am a good chess player), so I am just playing for experiencing the game and learning something, so donít worry if I would quit in bad situations.

When I did my past games, I was planning to do an aar for each game, but the situation developed fast and there was no longer a good timing to do it. As I am playing to experience and learn more than to win, it is a pity that I canít see my opponentsí thought and their deployment in each turn after our campaign, without them, my experience wasnít complete. So I would like to find someone who is willing to exchange his thought and deployment in each turn with me afterwards, no matter what the result would be. I hope we could share our thought and deployment in each turn and have a discussion after the campaign, just like we did after playing a game of chess.

I am a bit unfortunate to discover this game too late, and I understand that it is hard to find someone who is willing to experience the game to a long distance with me together. But I am highly interested in this game now and would be very commit to the game, so I think this could be good news for my opponent if you are the same kind of player as me, :)

I have already got some good experience in my past games, and if this one could meet my expectation of experience, it would be my last game until Wite 2.0, so I would try to do my best all the time no matter what the result and situation would be. And hopefully we can both do an AAR. If we are satisfied with each other in this game, we can do a return game.

As it is a big campaign, I think we better keep contact with each other, always keep the other being informed of what is up to, when is the time roughly the next turn would be returned, etc. And last but not least, if you decide to quit in the middle, please at least send me a timely short note before you quit.

I am a serious player and would ponder about every move, so maybe could only do 4 turns a week, but I would always timely inform you what is up to by email. It would be ideal to me if my opponent is willing to spend time to perfect his turn, so ideally we could do about 4 turns a week.

I am working in week days and must spare some time to my family at weekend. I could be reached by email when I am working but canít do the game in my work time.

I have no knowledge of how to game the system, so donít worry for that, nevertheless I think we have good reasons to follow those veteransí rule:

No Para drops to break pockets at anytime in the game. No Para missions at all by the Soviets until the first Blizzard.

No bombing of HQ's unless stacked with a ground unit

Only 3 air attacks on city/ports per city per turn.

No-random weather

any suggestions are welcomed and we can discuss it further.

Note: According to my past experience, I would only consider those who reply formally. Anyone who is interested, please reply to this thread.

It is a long post, and thanks for your patience in finish the reading, :o)

Kind regards.
edited: opponent found, closed

Kaiman -> RE: looking for a good soviet opponent for a 41CG (normal setting, full FOW. 1.0708version) (7/25/2013 2:41:07 PM)

sent pm

mktours -> RE: looking for a good soviet opponent for a 41CG (normal setting, full FOW. 1.0708version) (7/26/2013 12:37:12 AM)

Hi Kaiman
nice to meet you!
i have sent you an email so please check your mail.
kind regards

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