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Gerry Edwards -> Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/1/2013 8:37:43 PM)

Available by clicking "Check for Updates" on your game menu and also here:


Please unzip it and run the included file to install it.

This Build has the following changes from version to

V1.9.0.8 June 28th, 2013

Eighth Update

- fixed rare crash when select colony
- fixed rare crash with fleets

- fixed bug where AI ship design process was still creating unbuildable new designs (too large) for a ship subrole when there was an existing buildable design for the same subrole
- automation setting for Research now properly honored - will not auto-select new research projects when Research automation is disabled
- fixed filters in Pirate Missions panel in Empire Navigation Tool when playing as normal empire

- disabled auto-self-destruct for hopelessly damaged ships when empire is player
- pirate factions no longer offer to sell tech when recipient empire has nearly researched the tech themselves
- improved drawing of Long Range Scanner visibility for Resupply Ships
- characters at ships or bases are now immediately auto-transferred to empire capital (or pirate home base) when manually scrapped (when not damaged and in battle)
- AI no longer auto-researches super weapon techs once all other research completed
- ensure that ship missions are cleared when pirate faction joins another empire
- double-clicking on selected fleet in Selection Panel now opens Fleets screen
- improved freighter fulfillment for construction ships with resource shortages

This build has the following changes from version to

- fixed bug where mining stations marked to not auto-retrofit were still retrofitting
- fixed bug where assigning fleet retrofit would sometimes not work (fleet would simply refuel)
- fixed bug where fleets would sometimes not attack space creatures

- added civilian ships (freighters, mining ships, passenger ships) to Build Order screen when playing as a pirate faction
- fixed bug where Build Order screen was building new pirate construction ships at controlled (but unowned) colonies

- pirate factions now build more freighters and less military ships
- pirates now more likely to build new mining stations
- slightly reduced pirate income from controlled colonies
- improved willingness of pirate fleets to engage enemies near controlled colonies

- improved distribution of mining station build locations for AI controlled construction ships
- slightly decreased Steel usage in components

- fixed problems with battles at colonies with pirate raiders and standard troops (invasions sometimes being mistaken for raids, etc)
- reduced population losses during colony invasions, especially at smaller colonies

- fixed bug where ringed planets and stars would sometimes not be drawn when near edge of screen

- improved damage from Ion Weapons against Bombard weapons and Vectoring engines
- captured ships now consider whether hyperdrive is merely disabled (instead of destroyed) before scrapping at capture point (instead of sending to disassemble at yard)
- slightly increased difficulty of 'Destroy Base' intelligence missions

Full Change List for from

- fixed various crashes

- fixed bug where some pirate games would often 'stall' on some hardware configurations
- fixed bug where pirate relations would sometimes get mixed up
- corrected bug where pirates were offering negative pirate protection amount when normal empire cashflow was negative
- fixed bug where pirates could not manually change tax rate at colonies where they build Criminal Network
- fixed bug where pirate colonizing planet where already have spaceport would cause spaceport to be removed
- fixed bug where a pirate faction raiding a colony where they already have a pirate base or fortress resulted in them battling against their own troops who defend the base
- fixed bug where galactic storms would often get 'lost' when reload game

- fixed Ion Pulse weapons to properly disable weapons and engines
- fixed bug where normal components were getting damaged before Armor was completely destroyed

- when retrofitting damaged ships or bases, damaged components are now first repaired
- Troop loadouts for ships are now reviewed when the ships is retrofitted to a new design
- pirate construction ships no longer retrofit or repair at controlled (but unowned) colonies
- fleets will no longer go to retrofit when no ships in the fleet have newer designs available

- AI ship design process no longer creates unbuildable new designs (too large) for a ship subrole when there is an existing buildable design for the same subrole

- added some filters at the top of the Pirate Missions panel in the Empire Navigation Tool at screen left: attack/defense/smuggling mission types, accepted/open missions
- fixed Design Detail screen warnings panel so that text wraps and scrolls
- increased text size in Research screen

- altered "Random" proximity setting in Game Startup to distribute starting empires *EVENLY* across the galaxy
- now exclude space creature appearance Shadows events if space creatures are completely disabled in game setup

- characters no longer have skill increases until skills and traits are revealed
- fixed bug where Demoralizing and Inspiring character traits were sometimes not working

- pirate and diplomatic offers now ensure that offered empire has *excess* money to purchase (not just enough)
- weak pirate factions (no spaceport, weak military, negative cash and cashflow) now join stronger nearby pirate factions
- added new Engagement Stance settings for *manually* controlled ships and fleets (Game Options > Empire Settings). These settings default to 'no change', so that Engagement Stance does not change when a player manually assign missions to ships and fleets. Existing Engagement Stance settings now apply to auto-controlled ships and fleets
- military ships will now 'gang-up' on enemy targets better, assigning many attackers to take on a target

Full Change List for from

- fixed various crashes

- fixed bug where pirate colonies sometimes showed up twice in Colonies Screen

- improved willingness of pirate freighters to fulfill smuggling missions
- smuggling missions properly expire when resource requirements fulfilled at colony
- slightly lowered number of freighters that AI builds

- increased prices for pirate defend missions
- an empire will assign a maximum of 3 pirate defend missions per system
- raids on a colony that is being protected in a pirate defend mission do not fail the mission unless that raid is successful

- normal planetary empires more willing to form protection agreements with pirate factions, especially when pirates are stronger than them
- pirate protection agreement costs better matched to empire cashflow (i.e. ability to pay)
- pirate factions now better handle tourism, resort bases and passenger ships
- pirates cannot build bases at colonies of other empires (e.g. spaceports)

- raids on a colony now inflict less casualties on population at the colony
- troops defending a colony during an invasion regenerate health/readiness at half usual speed, new troops also recruited at half-speed. This makes colony invasions easier to achieve

- captured bases at colonies of other empires will now self-destruct
- fighters now better at handling boarding and capture missions

- improved function of 'Auto Upgrade' button in Designs screen - now properly preserves weapon types (e.g. phasers, rail guns)
- can now alter 'Auto Retrofit' dropdown setting for Mining Stations in Design Detail screen

- tractor beams now push creatures away when they are attacking a ship
- further improved performance, especially in large games

Full Change List for from

- fixed various crashes

- further improvements to ensure that civilian ships do not become idle
- fixed bug where design templates that specify phaser weapons would instead sometimes produce designs with pulse blasters or rail guns (even when phasers available)
- fixed bug where Resort Bases could sometimes not be built at scenic locations if already had mining station built there

- improved performance, especially for large games
- can now toggle auto/manual retrofit for private base designs (i.e. mining stations) in designs screen
- added troop type labels (Infantry, Armored, etc) to hover message for troop recruitment action buttons when colony selected

Full Change List for from

- fixed crash when edit planet with Warp Field Precursor tech ruins
- fixed various other crashes

- fixed problem where research progress sometimes stops
- fixed bug where owned pirate colonies would often not earn tax income
- fixed bug where recruited Cloned troops were too strong
- further fixed Build Order advisor suggestions so that the construction price is constantly updated to reflect current economic conditions
- fixed bug with colony upkeep costs, so that this is now properly calculated and displayed
- fixed bug where the ship design AI would not properly obsolete old ship and base designs if they were above the current construction size limit
- Bombard weapons are now properly added to designs when in a design template

- pirates no longer build new spaceports or other bases at a planet where they already have a spaceport
- fixed description of pirate corruption at colonies to show correct value (Colonies screen, Population tab)
- reduced reputation level increases from destroying pirates, destroying pirate spaceports is the most significant factor counting towards reputation
- now properly show extra settings in Empire Policy screen once a pirate faction builds the Criminal Network and has owned colonies
- pirates now cannot raid a colony when the same pirate faction is already invading colony (with standard troops)

- fixed Selection Panel so that it properly displays bases and ships with many fighters (200+)
- changed hotkey for taking screenshots to PrntScrn (was "/" on numeric keypad)
- auto-controlled military ships without hyperdrives now do not attempt to escort ships with hyperdrives
- added further improvements to refuelling for independent freighters and civilian pirate ships
- can no longer board and capture abandoned ships or bases (e.g. planet destroyers, debris fields, etc)

Full Change List for from

- fixed crash when start new prewarp game with very few pirates
- fixed crash when last ship in fleet is destroyed while fleet selected, and then click next fleet button
- fixed various other crashes

- fixed bug where private sector ships would sometimes stop working
- Improved bug (work in progress) where Build Order screen has zero values for ship construction amounts
- fixed bug where construction ship repairing a damaged ship at a planet would separate from damaged ship being repaired
- pirate faction manually scrapping ships and bases now properly earns looting income
- ensure money obtained as loot from raid is never negative

- fixed bug where sometimes could not build Criminal Network except via advisor suggestion
- pirate facilities are now much less likely to be destroyed in raids
- destroying pirate facilities at colonies of normal empires is now harder, as more pirate raider troops are generated to defend pirate bases at colony. Pirates also receive a combat bonus when defending their controlled colony with a Pirate Base or Fortress
- enemy raids against colonies with pirate facilities will usually only damage the facilities instead of completely destroying them
- pirate control level at colonies now does not drop below thresholds when have pirate base or fortress present (50% or 100%), even when planet population passes cap where pirate control would normally decrease
- pirate military ships do not raid own controlled colonies when control level is above 50%
- raids against controlled colonies where you have own pirate facilities will not destroy these facilities
- pirate factions will now defend against enemy raids on their controlled colonies with pirate facilities
- pirate facilities are now faster to build at controlled colonies
- colony corruption level is now higher when pirates control the colony, and especially when pirate facilities are present

- Gizurean alien race now has lower population growth from periodic race change event
- bombardment can now sometimes destroy planetary facilities
- construction ships no longer incorrectly load retrofit resource cargo when repairing damaged ships
- added message to player when foreign intelligence agent successfully sabotages construction at a base, colony or construction ship
- patrolling fleets now more likely to engage enemy targets in same system
- colony ships now always check whether colonization target is within range

Full Change List for from

- fixed crash at game startup on some PCs (ManagementObject)
- fixed another rare crash

- fixed bug where could have two smuggling missions for a colony if both manually request and then also accept advisor suggestion
- fixed problem where certain races do not start with Resupply Ship when playing as pirate
- fixed colors of pirate bonuses (Empire Summary screen) so that penalties are red and bonuses are green

- Construction Ships now also deliver initial retrofit resource cargo to bases they build, thus mining stations have retrofit resources without freighters needing to deliver them afterwards
- bases present at game startup (e.g. mining stations, etc) now have retrofit resource cargo presupplied
- now have less freighters built by private economy, especially in large empires
- now use less Carbon Fibre in components

- Mining Station list in Empire Navigation Tool now shows resources mined instead of cargo
- remapped Screenshot key to "/" key on numeric keypad (instead of "0")
- added hotkey for opening/closing Ground Report screen ("[", open bracket)
- added pirate stats to *own empire* when selected in Diplomacy screen
- now properly adjust size of Ground Report screen so that edges are not off-screen when enlarged
- altered default values for scroll and zoom speed in Game Options so that zooming and scrolling is slower and smoother

- AI is now properly sending advisor suggestion to player before sending a pirate fleet to carry out an assigned Defend mission - i.e. not overriding manual control of fleets


Cauldyth -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/1/2013 10:31:15 PM)


- fixed bug where AI ship design process was still creating unbuildable new designs (too large) for a ship subrole when there was an existing buildable design for the same subrole
- automation setting for Research now properly honored - will not auto-select new research projects when Research automation is disabled

Thanks muchly. [;)]

ricanuck -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/1/2013 11:23:59 PM)

link points to 1907. Please correct.

solops -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 12:32:20 AM)


ORIGINAL: ricanuck

link points to 1907. Please correct.

Still points to 1907.

scotten_usa -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 1:01:47 AM)

Interesting is there is no official post for this patch from a Matrix person.

Kayoz -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 1:29:29 AM)

Who the blazes is "Jander" and why isn't this posted by a Matrix staff member?

Smells like bullsh*t to me.

Mad Igor -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 1:33:17 AM)

maybe he posted in the wrong forum ?



Who the blazes is "Jander" and why isn't this posted by a Matrix staff member?

Smells like bullsh*t to me.

if you look at the patch page,you'll see 8 patch
but it doesn't work tho lol

Lucian -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 2:00:08 AM)

Works fine for me, I'm playing it right now :)

BigWolf -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 2:37:09 AM)


Is indeed on the official FTP...

Curious it is going through process atm and got posted before it should have? Hence no official post

Erik Rutins -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 3:32:47 AM)

Jander is the unofficial non-moderator account for one of our Production Assistants. Andrew and I are out of the office, so Jander (Gerry) had to post this up for you all. Apologies for any confusion this caused.


- Erik

nelsonlee_slith -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 4:10:03 AM)

download link wrong

zonks -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 4:51:51 AM)


ORIGINAL: nelsonlee

download link wrong

I got the update (FTP) with no issues.

Lucian -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 4:56:53 AM)

No the download link is definitely wrong, it points to the 1907 patch, I just changed the url from




and it worked fine.

Antiscamp -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 6:31:01 AM)

Good idea, Lucian. Thanks! It worked fine. [:)]

hewwo -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/2/2013 10:14:52 AM)

Seems like were getting some love on the minor details. Nice! I really hope that you guys could work a bit on fleet management (e.g. when giving a ship in a fleet a refuel order, this ship will refuel and subsequently rejoin the fleet, regardless of what other orders I give to the fleet in the mean time). And AI needs some work on the mid-late game, so that it becomes a bit more difficult to snowball once I hit a certain level of power.

Thanks for the work!

Gerry Edwards -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/3/2013 12:42:06 PM)

Hello Everyone,

I apologize for the confusion. Seems that for some reason the link changed back to the 1907 patch. Should be fixed now.

Quick intro for everyone. I am Jander. I'm a Production Assistant here at Matrix and you will probably be hearing a lot from me.


P.S. Please let me know if the links stop working again

Chet Guiles -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/3/2013 9:02:07 PM)

Thanks. That had me confused as well, but when I used the right link, it downloaded the right file.

Mad Igor -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/4/2013 12:16:26 AM)


I'm a Production Assistant

helping with coffee production much,eh ?

Gerry Edwards -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/4/2013 1:32:33 AM)

HEH, nah im the only one who drinks coffee in the office, The installers is what i help with :)

MartialDoctor -> RE: Distant Worlds Shadows Updated to (7/5/2013 11:10:41 PM)

The ftp download works fine but the download at the matrix site, at the top, does not work. It still downloads the 1907 version.

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