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feelotraveller -> A different Shadows start (6/17/2013 11:25:35 PM)

This popped up when I went to start a new game last night.

At first I was, that's wonderful, a ruin on my homeworld. Then, where's my ambassador? Followed by, gee the neighbours are close by. Then, oh my, no mining without war... Finally I realised, what resources?

I decided not to play but here is the makings of a prewarp war. It can probably be won...

For anyone interested here is the start save:

fish for dinner?


Darkspire -> RE: A different Shadows start (6/18/2013 12:18:16 AM)

This happened to me once in testing, it becomes a very interesting game if the other race is a plus on the biases file, you just need to get ahead in tech and then be very careful they do not give up and join you, invade them and subjugate them and they become quite a nice little earner as they grow [;)]


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