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Numdydar -> OT - MR Pact (4/12/2013 3:44:15 PM)

Most WWII games now provide options to honor or accept the MR pact that gave Russia the ability to take over eastern Poland and the Baltic states. But is this even something that had any chance of occuring in RL? Would that not have immeadeately causes a war with Russia? Or if not war, have Russia immeadiately ramp up production and strat getting on a war footing.

Would Russia really allow Germany to atack the West unhindered if the pact was dishonored? Plus would Germany be able to spare the troops to defend the expanded border with Russia and still be able to overrun France?

Is there any books or sites that discuss what could have occured if Germany did not honor the pact?

Since games now have this as an option to honor the MR pact or not, just started wondering if these options had any basis in reality or not [:)]

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