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There are only 14 days until the release of the Panzer Corps Grand Campaign Mega Pack! To celebrate the impending release, we will release one hand–crafted Campaign Tree, created by artist Alexandra Pacuretu (known also as Taly), per day. The images shows the complete list of branching scenario with possible outcomes for each Grand Campaign from ’39 to ’45 (East and West).

Hope you will appreciate this exclusive content!

1939: Germany launches its military invasion of Poland. Take command of the Blitzkrieg’s spearhead as you battle your way to the heart of the Polish nation, the Capitol of Warsaw, and beyond. In the painting below, German tanks rumble forward through a battered Polish village en route to Warsaw as Messerschmitt Bf-110s provide close air support

1940: The Maginot Line, shield of France and the battleship on land, was supposed to be impenetrable, but the Germans have a secret and daring plan aimed to topple their old enemy!

In this painting, a French counterattack launched against the Sedan bridgehead is hammered by fire from dreaded German 88mm guns.


1941: The largest invasion in the history of the world, Operation Barbarossa, is about to begin! Before it can, however, the Balkans must be secured!

In this painting, a convoy of Soviet tanks, aircraft, and an armored train cross through the Ural Mountains on their way to reinforce the desperate defense of Moscow in the winter of 1941.


1942: Poland, Norway, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, Yugoslavia, and Greece. All of these nations have fallen under occupation, and it was assumed that Russia would quickly join their ranks. Not only has the Russia Bear survived the invasion of 1941, but its winter offensive is still in full swing!

In this painting, a motley assortment of German forces marshal for another foray against Soviet forces entrenched in the ruins of Stalingrad as Messerschmitt Bf-109 fighters scream overhead.


1942/43 West: Set during WWII on the Western Front, Germany is now facing the Western Allies as they engage in campaigns of hit and run raids to gather intelligence and probe their costal defences for weaknesses.

In this painting, Messerschmitt Bf-109s and Focke Wulf FW-190s of the Luftwaffe engage American fighters and heavy bombers over the shores and cities of Italy.


1943 East: The war on the Eastern Front continues! Following the stunning reversal at Stalingrad, the Wehrmacht seeks to regain the initiative in the East with fierce counterattacks led by brand new Panther and Tiger tanks!

In this painting, German heavy armor is poised to begin the fateful assault against the fortified positions at Kursk while a Ju-87G Stuka swoops in for a kill.


1944 East: The debacle at Stalingrad called into question the Wehrmacht's ability to win the war, but did Kursk confirm they would lose it? Or can the vaunted German Panzer Corps turn the tide at this critical hour?

In this painting, the Luftwaffe and Red Air Force struggle over the twilight skies of Warsaw as a pair of super heavy Karl Mortars and a railroad gun prepare to assault the uprising Polish forces within the city.


1944 West: The Allies are returning to Europe in the largest naval invasion in history, and with them opens a Second Front!

In this painting, a British Sherman Firefly tank rolls on to the beaches of Normandy with a formidable backdrop of Allied warships and barrage balloons.


1945 East: As Soviet forces close in from the East, the Wehrmacht prepares its forces to defend East Prussia, Poland, and the home soil of Germany itself.

In this painting, the last armored remnants of the German Wehrmacht fight from the shadow of the ruined Reichstag building in Berlin in a final act of defiance against advancing Soviet forces.


1945 West: Surrounded by enemies on all sides, the once mighty German Wehrmacht faces ultimate defeat on the eve of 1945. Little do the Allies suspect that deep underground in secret bunkers, German scientists and engineers have built an arsenal of wonder weapons to turn the tide of the war!

In this painting, a sleek and deadly Jagdpanther tank destroyer blitzes through the snow covered Ardennes forest toward Antwerp as a flight of new and highly advanced Gotha Go-229 Flying Wings soars above.


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Please stick this one up.

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