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ernieschwitz -> GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/26/2013 4:06:13 AM)

Itīs time for another one of those after action reports. This time lets see if I can keep it going alittle longer than the last one. Hopefully the other players will participate in this AAR as well.

We are playing the GD 1938 v.200b version. Its a what-if players dream come alive ...

The sides are:

Germany / Italy - Ernieschwitz
Japan - lion_of_judah
Soviet Union - kombrig
France/Great Britain - Jeffrey H
United States/China - Bombur

We begin in the year 1938, january 10th... what will happen next?

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/26/2013 4:07:30 AM)

And on the very first turn we get to answer a question of the what-ifs... that is what if Germany had invaded Poland in 1938, before Czechoslovakia...


Magpius -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/26/2013 7:10:22 AM)

(I hope it is more than just "turn sent")

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/26/2013 7:12:30 AM)

So do I Agent S :)

Josh -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/26/2013 4:47:19 PM)

Nice! [&o]
Subscribed too.

kombrig -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/26/2013 8:47:08 PM)

Message from the "Pravda" newspaper:

Comrade Stalin, when meeting with the workers of the 72nd Ball Bearing Factory in Moscow, made the following statement about the current international situation: "The capitalist vampires are again at each other's throat. French warmongers and their Polish servants have provoked a war with Germany. It is our duty to free the workers of Western-Ukraine and Western-Belarus from under White-Polish opression which has been lasting already 18 years. Our glorious Workers-Peasants Red Army has recieved the orders to start the liberation of these lands."

Twotribes -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/27/2013 7:00:27 PM)

Is no one updating this? Ernie you should make it a requirement to play test )

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/27/2013 8:05:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: Twotribes

Is no one updating this? Ernie you should make it a requirement to play test )

So far everyone that has played (except Japan) has posted on here. Iīve made an agreement with Lion_of_judah, that he sends me screenshots and i will make them into an AAR... Yeah, I am impatient too, but the turns wonīt come faster than they are, i guess.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/28/2013 10:46:15 AM)

While the game may be stalled, at the moment, that leaves open some room for diplomatic manouvering. In an announcement that is sure to shock the world, Germany and the Soviet Union have come to terms, on a non-agression pact.... donīt believe me... here is the proof:


Bombur -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 2:05:20 AM)

Washington, 6:00 AM, 15/January/1938

Pres. Roosevelt: I hope you have a good excuse to wake me up....

Sec. Hull: The situation is serious, Mr.President, the world seems to be turning crazy

Pres. Rooselvelt: Are you talking about the German agression on Poland?

Sec Hull: No, itīs now even worse, the Soviet Union seems to have signed an alliance with Germany (they call it "no agression pact") and declared war on both Poland and France.

Pres. Roosevelt: Communists and Fascists fighting in the same side? This is unexpected. This alliance wonīt last for many time, I hope. And it seems our intelligence is wrong again, the last report said it was unlikely that Germany would attempt any act of agression against Poland, since they were giving strong emphasis to a covert campaign of subversion against Austria.

Sec Hull: Itīs true, we were caught by surprise, but the French and the Bristish also had no clues on what was happening.

Pres. Roosevelt: Have you contacted Raynaud?

Sec Hull: Weīre trying to do so, up to now we have no informations on what the French are doing, their army is strong enough to fight the Germans, but their air force is completely outclassed. And our Embassador in London is meeting with Mr. Chamberlain

Pres. Roosevelt: We could try to send some stuff to them, but the Congress would never aprove this...

Sec Hull: Maybe we could spend some pp to change our Congressmenīs minds....[:D]

Pres. Roosevelt: Maybe....btw what are the news on our Chinese friends?

Sec. Hull: The Japanese seems to have started another offensive against China, the Chinese Army suffered some losses but also the Japanese.

Pres. Roosevelt: We could put an embargo on oil sales to Japan...

Sec. Hull: This feature unfortunately wasnīt implemented in this scenario.

Pres. Roosevelt: What do you suggest then?

Sec. Hull: We must start the production of war equipment, it will help us to recover from the Depression, and it wonīt take too many months until the American public realizes the western civilization is in mortal danger.

lion_of_judah -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 2:51:01 AM)

what, we Japanese are not doing anything to anyone. you must be mistaken on this, not us.....[;)]

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 2:52:43 AM)

Germany, Febuary 7th 1938,

Hitler: "So what is the status of Fall Weiss?"

von Brauchitsch: "We took the Poles by complete surprise, and we are doing above expectations on all fronts"

Hitler: "Gut Gut, and what about Goering, how is he doing with the Luftwaffe?"

von Brauchitsch: "Better than during the first days of the conflict. Losses are now equal to that of the Poles, Although it is worrisome that we have lost as many BF-109Cs as they have lost Fighter Is".

Hitler: "That fool should have listened and commited the Airforce in force, instead of trying to be a hero and taking out the Polish airforce in the air!"

von Brauchitsch: "Yes..."

Hitler: "What news of Krakow and Warsaw? Have they been taken yet?"

von Brauchitsch: "Krakow fell to our forces a few hours ago, I didnīt want to wake you... As for Warsaw, we will have it soon. Poznan fell too."

Hitler: "Ach, it is going faster than we expected. Now that the Polish main supply center is under our control, then the rest of Poland should fall fast. What about Great Britain?"

von Brauchitsch: "Our submarines have slipped past their defenses, and we then declared war, everything is going to plan."

Hitler "Yes, for now!"

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 3:15:29 AM)

The following was delivered to the Italian leader, the Duce, Mussolini.


kombrig -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 6:45:56 AM)

The Soviet Government rebukes the interpretations which spread in some capitalist newspapers that the Soviet-German Pact of Non-Aggression is actually a treaty of alliance.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 7:53:27 AM)

Some words and info from the Japanese.


kombrig -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/29/2013 11:15:20 AM)

Lvov liberated! The local workers masses welcomed the Red Army with flowers!

Bombur -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/30/2013 7:27:30 PM)

Washington 1:00 PM 15th Feb 1938

Pres. Roosevelt: I hope you come with better news today.

Sec. Hull: To some extent, waht news do you want to hear first, the bad ones or the good ones?

Pres Roosevelt: Let us start with the bad ones (sigh)

Sec. Hull: We have been unable to have any meaningful contact with French and British diplomats. We donīt know nothing about their plans, force disposition and actions. The only sources we have come from German and Soviet press. The French diplomacy in particular is in such state of confusion that they declared war on Italy by mistake!

Pres. Roosevelt: I hope it wonīt bring them a new enemy, on the other hand Iīm not sure if having Italy against them is bad....Did you see their last "technological achievement"? A biplane fighter! Iīm sure our P-35īs can make mincemeat of their CR-42īs

Sec. Hull: The performance of the German Bf-109Cīs isnīt impressive either, they achieved 1:1 kill rate against the obsolete Polish fighters.

Pres. Roosevelt: What about German tanks? Our intel informed us that these pathetic vehicles armed with 20mm guns coundīt achieve nothing against a modern army.

Sec. Hull: We have no reports of tank battles. Both sides are heavily censoring the news. We know, however, that Lvov fell to USSR and Warsaw is surrounded. We expect Poland to fall in the next seven days.

Pres. Roosevelt: Less than two months.....well, we must try to contact our allies again. BTW, what about the good news?

Sec. Hull: The Chinese have good news. Hangchow was surrounded, but the Japanese assault failed with heavy losses, including tens of armoured vehicles. Also some enemy aicraft, including a few of their news Ki-27. According to our intel, this fighter is almost good as our P-35. They also captured a fast bomber. The army calls them Ki-30. Itīs said they can outrun almost every Chinese fighter.

Pres. Roosevelt: Is Hangchow still surrounded?

Sec. Hull: The Chinese launched a counterattack and were able to open the communications line to the city again. Reinforcements and supply are pouring into the city, and at least two Japanese divisions were cut from their supply lines.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/31/2013 1:42:59 AM)

October 7th 1938, Germany

What the papers say:


ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (3/31/2013 7:23:41 AM)

News from Japan.


kombrig -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/1/2013 7:20:50 PM)

The Red Army entered Vilnius! The liberation of Ukrainian and Belarussian people is almost complete.

When seeing the victorious advance of the Red Army also the working class of Estonia and Latvia have started revolution in order to topple the bourgeois cliques in these countries. The representatives of revolutionaries have asked the Soviet government for help. The Soviet governement has ordered the Red Army to fulfil its international duty.


Bombur -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 2:30:25 AM)

Washington 15th March 1938

Pres. Roosevelt: So the USSR started another agression war?

Sec Hull: Sure, this time they attacked Estonia and Latvia.

Pres. Roosevelt: Hmmmm...this is not unexpected, it seems they are attempted to restore the old borders of Russian Empire. Maybe there is a chance for an agreement with them. Our friends in Europe wonīt stand a chance against the combined Soviet and German forces.

Sec. Hull: Stalin isnīt interested in any diplomatic contact with us, our embassador has tried to get an audience with him, but he got no answer...

Pres. Roosevelt: So this unholly alliance is serious...

Sec. Hull: We have no choice but to support France and Great Britain. Unfortunately, our Congress has just voted for a weapons embargo on both sides....

Pres. Roosevelt: And the we are neutral in a war between democracy and totalitarianism, well, we must spend more ppīs. Any answer from French Embassy in Washington?

Sec. Hull: Yes, we will have a meeting with the ambassador tomorrow, the French are in a quite depressed mood, they said their chances to win are minimal.

Pres. Roosevelt: If our politicians insist on this stupidity of neutrality, the French are right.

Sec. Hull, btw, we have bad news from China.

Pres. Roosevelt: I read in the newspapers that the Japanese Navy bombarded Hangchow causing massive damage. The fact the Japanese are spending their scarce fuel reserves by bringing the big guns to a land battle is a sign of their despair. If we could at least send some torpedo bombers to China

Sec. Hull, well, despaired or not they achieved their objective, Hangchow was abandoned. The Chinese garrison attempted a desperate counterattack to break the siege. The atack was sucessful, but losses were heavy for both sides. Anyway, we expect 2 or three divisions will be able to survive. The Chinese Army is in the mid of a massive reorganizational effort, and they will be able to put a serious challenge for Japan if they are given enough time (and some heavy equipment)

lion_of_judah -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 5:54:21 AM)

Tokyo March 1938-

Japanese military command issues stern warning to the British to stay out of Japanese sphere of influence or face the consequences for Anglo/Saxon interference. the emperor has no desire to make war with the British but if the British medal in what we consider Japanese imperial territory, then the full might of the imperial armed forces will be brought to bear. this public warning is being given as our intelligence units have intercepted coded messages from Washington about possible arming of the Chinese forces with torpedo bombers by the U.S. we feel that these actions would not have been contemplated by Washington if not for British interference. So we will only give this warning once to London, if not heeded, the next warning will not be with words, but action.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 6:42:33 AM)

April 1938, the German news.


Magpius -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 6:48:37 AM)

great work here gentleman.[&o]
makes a good game more appreciated.

kombrig -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 6:54:10 AM)

A message from the Soviet news agency TASS.

When speaking with the representative of TASS, the Peoples Comissar of Foreign Affairs Comrade Molotov has noted that with great amazement he has to read from some capitalist newspapers that the US diplomats have difficulties in establishing contact with the Soviet government. "It seems that these gentlemen have difficulties making difference between their sleeping dreams and reality. Maybe indeed they have nightmares about not getting audience but during daytime the Soviet government is always ready to consider their proposals", comrade Molotov noted.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 5:41:34 PM)

A look at the situation in China... that is what got through the censorship...


kombrig -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 5:50:20 PM)

Bialystock liberated! That was the last stronghold of the White-Poles.

The workers revolution has started also in Lithuania!

The Estonian revolutionaries have been succesful and Tallinn has been liberated!

The Latvian bourgeois rulers are still holding Riga in their hands but they can not escape their doom.

The Latvian Revolutionary Government together with the Estonian comrades have already asked the Soviet government to accept Estonia and Latvia into the brotherly family of Soviet peoples.


lion_of_judah -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/2/2013 10:43:41 PM)


ORIGINAL: ernieschwitz

A look at the situation in China... that is what got through the censorship...


March 1938- Imperial Headquarters reports the following of our victorious armies

imperial forces are steadily moving toward their objective even in the face of stronger than expected Chinese resistance. This resistance even stronger than our intelligence suggested it would be, we feel very confidant in total victory against this evil foe. Our triumphant soldiers even though their sacrifice is huge, we shall walkover this inferior enemy.

Bombur -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/4/2013 3:32:13 AM)

Unfortunately, no talk between President Roosevelt and Sec. Hull was leaked this turn.
An agreement was signed between USA and Cuba. All Cubans were given USA citizenship, while Cuba became the 49th USA state. The USA government concluded that the keep peace in the American continent is to American citizenship to every inhabitant of these lands.

ernieschwitz -> RE: GD 1938 v 2, testgame (4/4/2013 8:53:00 AM)

This is the Reich News main headline for this Months edition, 2nd of May 1938...


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