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MikeAP -> Some things never change... (3/10/2013 3:14:22 PM)

I've been playing the Close Combat series since we dropped into Holland and tried to seize some bridges...

As old as this series is, there are things in this game that elicit intense emotion. Events that give you a high of extreme victory, or lows of utter defeat. You can face a full spectrum of emotions all in the matter of minutes.

I just bought PiTF yesterday, but already I've felt the elation of returning back to a familiar battlefield several times.

The highs of seeing a friendly air strike score a direct hit on a Stug, as my Shermans plow through the countryside mowing down German infantrymen along their way.

Or extreme lows of losing an entire tank platoon in a matter of seconds, as German panzerfaust teams make mince meat of my armored formations.

I'm glad the developers were able to capture the same psychological aspect that the CC series has done so well with.

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