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chrono280 -> Art Request for a 4x Board Game (3/9/2013 5:22:14 PM)

So a board game called Space Empires 4x ( for which I'm on the design team, is being produced for the iOS and Android. It's a space 4x game that, while not based on Malfador/Strategy First's Space Empires IV game for PC, does use the artwork. However, due to a licensing problem with Strategy First, they can't use Space Empire IV's artwork in the digital version of the board game.

Are there any artists out there who made ship sets for DW that would be willing/able to contribute their art to the digital version of this space 4x board game?

The art would have to be original and not Distant Worlds art.

Please PM me if you are interested and I'll put you in touch with the board game's designer and the lead developers at GMT games.

It's kind of ironic that we can't use Space Empire IV's art because, if memory serves, that game's art was community contributed :-P

2guncohen -> RE: Art Request for a 4x Board Game (3/9/2013 9:45:44 PM)

Why don't you do a kickstarter ?
Space Empires IV was loved by manny people [:D]

chrono280 -> RE: Art Request for a 4x Board Game (3/9/2013 10:05:20 PM)

It's not a bad thought but firstly, this boardgame had nothing to do with Space Empires IV for PC other than the hard copy version uses it's art and it is a space 4x game. What I am asking for here is if anybody that has made original ship art for Distant Worlds would be willing to let GMT Games use it in the digital version of this board game. The mechanics are very different (I like them both).

A kickstarter is not a bad idea but if someone is willing to work with us to use their already existing art, that would obviate the need to hire an artist, although I can't completely speak for GMT, some of that is above my pay grade (which is $0 [8|] ).

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