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Andrew Loveridge -> Panthers in the Fog Public Beta v1.01 (2/20/2013 12:36:36 AM)

Hello All,

We have a new Update for CC: Panthers in the Fog in the works. You can download the Beta from the Members Club. It includes a number of fixes listed below.
Please give it a try, and let us know how it works.

v1.01 - Feb 19, 2013


    • Enhanced path-finding handles tight terrain better (bridges, tree / hedge-lined roads)
    • Added a help dialog that displays when you first enter the multi-player screen.
    • Added additional labels and a CHAT button to help clarify the UI on the multi-player screen.
    • Multi-player connection between two players will now use a direct connection if possible. If prevented by firewall/router or other issue, an indirect connection via the lobby system will be used.
    • AI tweaked to increase the chance the AI will choose to act aggressively.
    • Added an option to turn off the fog visual effect in the General options.
    • Ger map elevations corrected
    • Game font size no longer effected by Windows global font scaling.
    • M8 HMC hull shadow fixed
    • Replacement animation for marker smoke (artillery, mortar support) added
    • Added some extra information to the Battle Group screen (selected unit type, weapon name tooltips)
    • Fixed a bug where swapping battle groups could lead to multi-player sync issues on the strategic screen.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause a vehicle to report 'We're Stuck' when moving on low cost terrain (like paved roads) when very close to the next internal waypoint.
    • Fixed a case where vehicles would use reverse on a move involving multiple internal waypoints and then turn around at the destination to face as if they had move there going forwards.
    • Fixed a case where movement orders for an infantry team would not complete even when the soldiers all considered themselves at the final destination. The order would eventually time out, and the soldiers would behave normally, but the order dot would still be sitting there.
    • Multi-player chat on the Strategic Screen repositioned and area reduced.

mumindvl -> RE: Panthers in the Fog Public Beta v1.01 (2/20/2013 10:58:12 PM)

Hello all,
this is my first forum post, so once again hello to all :).

It's great that You still working on game, In this place I want to share with my opinion, after testing new beta path 1.01.
If I can suggest you should expand scale of fix named:
"Added some extra information to the Battle Group screen (selected unit type, weapon name tooltips)"
-First of all it will be nice if You add, "weapon name tooltips" to use in the SOLDIER Screen
-This same way it can be add military medals tooltips, rank tooltips
-Maybe it is possible to add (in battle group screen) info box, with characteristics, weak and strong points, history info etc., of selected unit (ex. Rifle Team or specified Tank Unit) - to make space for this it can be shorten the for ex. force pool list
-Maybe it is also possible to make change of the rank icon on the Battle Screen (during play) in Team Status Indicator depends on which soldier of the sqaud is selected on The Soldier Monitor (now is always the leader rank shown) - maybe You can also add rank pictures next to soldier name in The Soldier Monitor durig play.

I know thes things are rather a details, but they can make this superb game even more fun.

Thanks for reading, sorry about my language (poor English)

davidss -> RE: Panthers in the Fog Public Beta v1.01 (2/22/2013 1:51:55 AM)

haven't done much testing yet, but Thanks for the no fog option and weapon info when hovering over weapon icon ... as well as other fixes

nietsche -> RE: Panthers in the Fog Public Beta v1.01 (3/9/2013 3:51:33 AM)

Adding my thanks in anticipation...

rmdesantis -> RE: Panthers in the Fog Public Beta v1.01 (3/11/2013 2:21:50 PM)

I understand that you can directly connect with this version (after, of course, logging into the lobby). I tried this with a friend and because we didn't have some ports open properly we played through the server. Can you tell me what ports need to be forwarded to directly connect? Would this just be on the host system or do both computers need to handle the ports the same way?


Steve McClaire -> RE: Panthers in the Fog Public Beta v1.01 (3/11/2013 8:56:34 PM)

The default game port is 1944. This is displayed in the message dialog when it tells you that a direct connection could not be made.

The host player needs to have this port open (though their router and/or firewall) for inbound TCP connections.


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