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Misconduct -> My Impressions (2/18/2013 9:58:51 PM)

For years I ran tournaments and played Close combat 1-5, my heart has always been set of CCIII with the Dynamic campaign (and of course how I dreamed of a smarter AI for it). However the Multiplayer option is what caught me and dragged me in and locked me down. I believe in 3 years I only managed to get in the top 3 one time, however I left after CC 5 "normany" came out - frankly I lost interest in the game.

So I decided to gamble on what game to get next and got Panthers in the Fog first before the WW1 game (haven't bought yet, but seriously deciding on it). Anyhow the AI looks rather better, it places units a little smarter, doesn't run off doing its own thing. The day and night time certainly looks interesting.

I didn't buy this game expecting to blow CCIII out of the water, rather I was hoping for vast improvements which were lacking on the earlier games. So far Panthers in the Fog is those improvements.

I still will cry I want to "Buy" my core units and place them, but I am ok with the idea of having set units to place.

So far Its worth the $30 I spent, the equal balance of the game is refreshing, I think it was done very well.
It brings back the memories of why I enjoyed the close combat Series.

Tejszd -> RE: My Impressions (2/19/2013 3:04:46 AM)

Thanx for the impressions Misconduct!

helblazer -> RE: My Impressions (3/11/2013 9:17:04 PM)

I played CC from unpatched CC2 when you could place AT guns on the top story of buildings but left after CC5 too. I really enjoy point buy because it makes me feel closer to my men because I selected them after performing an opportunity cost analysis. LSA: The remake of CC2 has point buy. Maybe Matrix can include point buy in the next patch.

I am very interested in specifics in regards to the AI and the challenge level compared to CC2 and CC3. Do you have a follow up impression? Are you still playing the game or did it lose your interest?

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