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ORIGINAL: John 3rd

There is now no doubt that we have Union Pacific caboose number 25251!

Sorry to hear that! (Just had to say it. [;)] UP is to railroads as Notre Dame is to college football: if you care at all, you either hate them or you love them. Having grown up in WP and SP territory, UP is not exactly my favorite railroad.)

Capt Dave:

Obviously you suffer from Union Pacific envy. When you are THE big boy...I can understand the issues of jealousy! [:D]

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 16-17, 1942 (12/12/2012 5:03:47 PM)


ORIGINAL: pws1225

OT: The caboose is good on the outside! Do you have any pics of what she's like on the inside?

When we get windows and the smokestack back on life shall be pretty good. The exterior is now almost mint July 1952. We are excited about that. The inside? I'll Post a couple of shots.

John 3rd -> Brakeman Side (12/12/2012 5:15:02 PM)

Here is the Brakeman's side and his desk:


John 3rd -> Stove, hall, and other side (12/12/2012 5:16:56 PM)

Shot from where the stove WILL be! Looking down the other side through the hallway:


John 3rd -> Cupola (12/12/2012 5:18:11 PM)

Here is one side looking up into the cupola.

The GOOD news is that we have all the pieces for the inside. Bad news is that it came unassembled! [;)]


crsutton -> RE: Cupola (12/12/2012 5:23:34 PM)

Some assembly required. Here is a shot of a caboose at the B & O Museum in Baltimore.


pws1225 -> RE: Cupola (12/12/2012 6:39:09 PM)

That's going to be cool when finished. Good luck, though it looks like more than a simple weekend job.

John 3rd -> RE: Cupola (12/13/2012 5:25:58 PM)

Mr. Sutton: That is a GREAT shot!

Wish ours was made from the same wood but, instead, we have plywood. They weren't called 'crummies' for a reason!

John 3rd -> Dec 18-20, 1941 (12/13/2012 6:09:08 PM)

Combat Report
December 18-20, 1941

Action continues and figuring Dan's play style out for this game is getting to be an interesting process. I EXPECTED a massed brawl for Palembang...

North Pacific
CarDiv1 has done its job. The Aleutians are falling with no interference. The CVs refuel just south of Adak and head for Wake. Need those babies in the South Pacific.

Umnak falls on the 20th.

Central Pacific
The Midway Invasion Force lands on the 19th and gets a bad initial roll for the landing scoring a 1-2 result. Disruption is not bad--thankfully--and so it attacks again on the 20th and gets a 2-1 result. Much BETTER. Midway shall fall tomorrow.

This attack will conclude the Central Pacific Offensive. I will place an Atoll Defense Unit here along with an SNLF and Base Force unit to be right at the 6,000 troop mark. Will expand the Forts to 6 and the Port to 2 and use it for my SS Operations.

South Pacific
CarDiv5 arrives at Truk on the 18th and picks up food, fuel, 9 planes, and 18 pilots. It is joined by the two CVLs, a CS, and departs the 19th heading SE.

I want to try and lure Dan into a Trap. He is probably too smart for this but it is worth a try. Create two Cargo TF for Kavieng and Madang. They are small AKLs and won't be much of a loss. They depart of the 19th. The 20th sees the formation of a Bombardment TF using 4 CA, 3 CL, and 5 DD. It will hit Rabaul. Will try to sneak the CVs through the edge of the Solomons and swing in behind any force dealing with my TFs. It is worth a try. The CVs are on total EMCON: No air search and all Zeros just flying CAP. Will light them up when I pass through the Solomons into the Coral Sea.

Total air control throughout the area. Pull out the naval Aircraft for better use elsewhere.

Take Zamboanga, Lingayen, and Bayombong.

Doesn't look like Mr. Roper has made up his mind on where to fight. Troops keep shuffling between Bataan, Clark, and Manila.

Mindanao will be finished within about 7 days. Just got to do the marching.

Eastern DEI
Land at Ambon on the 18th and falls on the 20th. Planes move in. I expected to see US CVs but nothing yet.

My little CVEs provide Cover over the Ambon Force and then stumble on an American STF. The 18th and 19th see CL Marblehead take 1 Torp and 2 Bombs. She MIGHT sink. DD Bulmer took a pair of bombs so the same might be said for that ship. Order the CVEs back to Ternate on the 20th.

The Koepang Invasion Force is NE of Ambon. Will land at Dili and the other base FIRST so I can get a surrender out of Koepang.

Little to no resistance in this area. Strange.

Central DEI
Nothing going down the middle yet. This will change in about a week. Will go after Tarakan and Balikpapan at that point.

Western DEI
The BATTLE OF PALEMBANG is not. I expected a massed furball of everything the Allies have to attack the Invasion Force prior to landing and then while landing. Doesn't really happen. A single Squadron or so each day attacks and is wiped out. I keep moving KB-2 so the SS cannot concentrate and it appears to be working for the moment.

Land on the 19th and attack on the 20th. Take a look on the screenshot for resistance. The attack just MISSES a 3-1 result and so the Forts drop to ZERO and it shall fall tomorrow. Makes me very nervous for my refineries when Palembang doesn't fall on the FIRST attack. may have to prepare to sacrifice one of the family cats!

The 18th sees a heck of a nice development. My Kates attack shipping at Batavia (Range 8) and plaster a batch of Allied warships. A Strike of 25 Zero and 61 Kate arrive to fight their way through 51 Fighters (YIKES!) and pounce. Unfortunately range states no TTs but they do just fine. For the loss of 7 Zeros and 5 Kates (shooting down 16+ Allied Fighters) this is what we got:

Prince of Wales--Six Bombs--On Fire
CA Pensacola--Two Bombs--On Fire
CA Houston--Two Bombs
CL Boise--3 Bombs--On Fire

If he isn't fighting in the air for Palembang then perhaps it shall be for western Java. I have the 21st and 4th Mixed Brigades heading for Merak and Oosthaven. I want to 'bounce the barrier' and head for Cocos.

Want see if he'll fight here so I try to get clever. Detach 3 DD and order them to move to 3 hexes NW of Batavia. Set-Up about 50 Zero to fly LR CAP and try to perform a CAP Trap. We'll see if that scores before the Invasion Forces go in...

Everyone is moving South. Total air supremacy here as well.

Port Blair
Looks like Dan is beefing up this base Move Oscars, Kates, and a Betty unit to Victoria Point. Want to hit these ships and troops.

My TK Regiment moves into Moulmein. It is followed by an Inf Reg, Army HQ, and two Base Forces.

A full fledged SIR ROBIN is in progress by my Allied Opponent. He is retreating faster then I can advance!

Take Chengchow, 83,55, Wenchow, and 85,46.

SS Ops
12-19 I-9 has a BANNER day near Coal Harbour sinking AKL's Malama and Tennessean as well as KV Chilliwack: NICE!
12-19 Ro-68 sinks AK Corinda AND damages AP Murada
12-20 Ro-66 sinks Ro-66 near Yasawa

Those are the developments!


John 3rd -> December 21, 1941 (12/14/2012 1:22:26 AM)

Action Report
December 21, 1941

With a deep, relieved sigh, Palembang falls WITHOUT ANY DAMAGE! Hosannah!! From RA's point of view this capture is the single biggest of the war. One HAS to have the facilities due to not having much of a cushion at war start.

North Pacific
Troops unloading at Umnak and Adak.

Central Pacific
Midway---grrrrrrr---I EXPECTED a simple capture on the second attack and instead I deal with the assault collapsing and getting a 1-2 result. Order the TF to go back to unloading supplies and rest the troops for a day. We'll see. I have the Assault Strength just didn't get a good result. Solution: CHANGE the Commander. The previous one is ordered to fall on his sword. Unlike Wake's CD, Midway extracts some blood as two AKs slip beneath the waves.

South Pacific
The bait is now dangling as Allied air search spots the approaching convoys bringing supplies to Kavieng and Madang. The Bombardment Force is not spotted. The KB shall pass through the Solomons next turn. We're going on a BEAR hunt...

Attack at Malaybalay and get a 1-1 dropping Forts to 0. Should fall tomorrow.

Eastern DEI
Troops unloading at Ambon. Koepang IF about to pass by Ambon. As said earlier small TF for Dili and Lautem are loading to time this attack together.

Central DEI
The CVEs find their apparent nemesis in the form of CL Marblehead (for the 3rd time). A single bomb hit is scored out of 22 tries. NICE! [:o] CVE's retiring up the central slot their and will meet a pair of AOs for fuel.

Western DEI
Palembang's troops are hit by 54 Betty and then 61 Kates. The attack goes in and scores a 4-1 result! A TK Reg follows the survivors in pursuit.

A few hexes to the east a crippled Repulse is spotted and plastered by Kates carrying bombs. She takes 15 hits during the morning and afternoon. I HOPE she sinks!

A Hoste a Allied SS follow the Japanese movements and THIS TIME the Japanese score some damage on 3 Dutch SS and manage to SINK KXII after she sinks an AK carrying 250 troops.

Fighters immediately move into Palembang and 3 TF carrying engineers and base Forces can now move in and unload.

The CAP Trap DDs are not spotted just 3 hexes from Batavia. I split the Merak and Oosthaven IF and provide Cover Forces. Both TF has 4 DMS to remove mines. They will land at their objectives in two days. KB-2 Covers this move as she can now move freely. Kates are set for naval Attack and we'll see what happens.

Rangoon has a TF unloading and it is hit by Nells from Victoria Point. Two AKs are damaged.

Port Blair's shipping is hit as well and 2 APs get hit. One is nailed four times and might sink.

Moulmein falls to a solitary TK Reg.

Lots of movement.

SS Ops
I-155 sinks AKL Bust at Oosthaven

John 3rd -> December 22-23, 1941 (12/14/2012 6:24:22 PM)

Combat Report
December 22-23, 1941

Everything is rolling along quite presently except for one area. I've got a BURR under my saddle and its name is MIDWAY! Past that Life is looking better and better for the steamroller...

North Pacific
CarDiv1 is now 50% of the way to Wake.

Have got several convoys moving to Attu, Adak, Amchitka, and Umnak. Once they unload there will be NOTHING more sent up there until the Spring. We're done up there as of right now. Just need to dig and build some runways.

Central Pacific
As mentioned earlier, I replace the commander of the 1st Maizuru SNLF Assault Brigade at Midway. Finish unloading and lose 2 more AKs to CD (4 total now). The SNLF has plenty of supplies and disruption is donw below 10. Order an attack and maybe we can wrest the atoll away from the Allies. Order a large Base Force (AV 30) and a Naval Guard (AV 60) to load and head for Midway.

There may be a serious opportunity created here. The hang-up has got to be drawing Dan's attention and I'd wager he'll try to send something to cause trouble. This would probably be a bombardment group and/or Saratoga perhaps. Order CarDiv1 to shift towards Midway and LURK a bit. Need to think on this some but I might place it NE of Midway to try and catch some warships. Want to be VERY careful as a 2-1 CV Fight be OK, however, if I am to take any damage then life would be fairly scary getting back to the nearest base. If he is moving Lex and Ent back towards PH--this is a possibility due to an SS attack that missed--then I do not want to play up there...

South Pacific
A couple of days ago I had an SS make an attack on a DD that missed, however, it was then pummeled by 6 DDs. Location in the SE Pacific might indicate a the movement of CVs back towards PH. This attack occurred several days ago and has had me thinking. Dan loves to keep his CV together so it might be a realistic possibility. At ANY rate we should know fairly soon due to Coral Sea Operations.

KB-1 moves through the Solomons into the Coral Sea. We are not spotted and several SS Attacks indicate shipping in the Luganville--Efate--Noumea area. Send the CVs there for some hunting. Will be in position tomorrow. My Sea Eagles are tan, rested, and ready for some action.

Cargo TF unload at both Kavieng and Madang. Bombardment TF about to hit Rabaul. Order the South Seas Regiment to load along with another small Infantry unit and large Base Force. They depart for Rabaul on the 23rd.

Cabanatuan falls on the 22nd.

Lucena falls on the 23rd.

Eastern DEI
All TF for Timor are loaded and moving. Landings shall start on Christmas Day.

The two BB TF and CVE TF are both refueling and replenishing at Ternate right now.

No serious air opposition continues to occur.

Landing at Merak occurs on the 23rd and the Base Force present there will be driven out tomorrow. Landing Force is a Brigade, Inf Reg, and Special Base Force. Nine Dutch Bombers try to penetrate 18 Zeros and don't live to tell about it.

The Oosthaven Landing will happen tomorrow. Surprisingly there are no mines in the Strait. This Landing has a Brigade, 3 Base Forces, and some Construction units.

Through the gap I shoot a pair of STF heading for Christmas and Cocos.

KB-2 picks-up 25 planes and 16 pilots at Singakwang and refuels on the 22nd-23rd. It is ordered to enter the IO through the Strait as well and SINK SOME SHIPS! The TF will pass through tomorrow.

Suspecting something, I order a BB Bombardment of Batavia and SCORE on the 23rd. Yamashiro and Fuso CRUSH the AF and destroy nearly 40 planes on the ground. A lot of Buffalos, AVG, and Transports planes are trashed. Nice work.

Troops on the move towards Georgetown and the base SE of there from the north and from Temoluh to Malacca in the central portion of the peninsula.

No aerial opposition.

Burma--Pt Blair
A Zero Chutai Sweeps into Pt Blair and down 4 AVG for no cost: NICE!

12-21 I-16 sinks AKL Hamakua at Luganville
12-22 I-16 sinks AKL Darvel also at Luganville

12-21 Nagasaki AF-4, Jehol AF-5, San Fernando Pt-2
12-22 Sinyang AF-2

Finally have enough political points to buy the lean and mean 14th Infantry Division at Pt. Arthur. APs are waiting so I load it for Rabaul. It will be a foundation piece for the Eastern Australia invasion. As a piece of devious plotting, this unit is prepping for Viza in India but will land in Australia. HOPEFULLY Dan will get this through intelligence and THINK I am NOT going into India... [sm=duel.gif]

Chickenboy -> RE: Dec 18-20, 1941 (12/14/2012 8:53:32 PM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd
12-20 Ro-66 sinks Ro-66 near Yasawa

Those are the developments!

Circular torpedo run? [X(]

MAurelius -> RE: Dec 18-20, 1941 (12/14/2012 9:04:25 PM)


ORIGINAL: Chickenboy


ORIGINAL: John 3rd
12-20 Ro-66 sinks Ro-66 near Yasawa

Those are the developments!

Circular torpedo run? [X(]

weapons test... must have been

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 18-20, 1941 (12/18/2012 3:48:24 AM)

You guys are FUNNY. Had a good laugh.

Haven't Posted for a few days due to a Family trip to Denver. We saw Hobbit, shopped around, did the Zoo Lights, and then shopped around some more.

Home and sent Dan the Dec 27th turn. Lots to write about and will do that tomorrow morning while Paula is working at the School District.

John 3rd -> Dec 24-27, 1941 (12/18/2012 5:34:45 PM)

Combat Report
December 24-27, 1941

Lordy. The action continues and is pretty good all-around (EXCEPT one little atoll! [:@]) with the Steamroller really gathering steam.

North Pacific
Land at the last major base desired: Amchitka. Will just run some engineers to Umnak, Amchitka, and Attu then sit until March. This is about as far as I plan to go. Dan loves the Northern Offensive route and this will provide some depth for me to work with if he decides to go this route to the Kuriles and Sakhalin. Don't plan on any major Inf commitments up in this region except the the SNLF Assault Brigade and Kawafuto Brigade that starts belonging to 5th Fleet.

Central Pacific
Even after changing the commander of the 1st Maizuru Assault Brigade NOTHING changes! Must have gotten three of the worst die rolls on the planet with the Midway Operation! The Brigade is wiped out from attrition on the 26th. CRAP.

Dan will try to reinforce here so I move CarDiv1 to an extreme range of 9 hexes to catch any shipping that arrives over the next two days.

I ordered a Naval Guard and large Base Force to load and move out a few days ago. It is now NE of Kwajalein headed in Midway's direction. I pull 4 CA from the Coral Sea as well as KB-1.

Perhaps there is opportunity here. I don't know where the US CVs are but I SUSPECT they are at the Line Islands and/or moving to PH. If he sends anything to Midway then CarDiv1 announces its presence throwing down the gauntlet. He will see two CVs. Perhaps he shall be willing to gamble with Lex and Big E? Saratoga won't be too far behind. What might happen if he moves forward with that force and runs into SIX Japanese CVs? Hmmm...

Thoughts here? Any commentary would be appreciated. For now I shall operate on joining up the CVs and preparing to hit Midway again.

South Pacific
Land at Rabaul on the 26th and attack on the 27th. Get a 1-1 and drop Forts to 0. Will take it tomorrow.

Lae landing about to happen.

KB-1 spotted before high-tailing to Kwajalein and Midway.

Things are going swimmingly! Take Mauban on the 26th. Iba and Batangas goes on the 27th. Drive out a Base Force and Inf Div both times. This is nice as it weakens the defense even more. The 48th ID and 5 Artillery units arrive at Clark and begin bombarding.

Moving 2nd ID and 65th Brigade into Manila. They shall be followed by 2 more ID with days.

Butuan falls in Mindanao on the 26th. TK Reg headed for Davao and then Mindanao is finished. Figure this done by January 1st.

Eastern DEI
Land at Dili, Lautem, and Kopang on the 25-26th. Dili and Lautem fall on the 27th.

Send into the area between Western Aust and Java three small STF to raid. Add the pair of CVEs on the 27th as they depart Ambon.

CL Naka and 3 DDs crush 2 AVP and 8 AMc as well as an AKL on the 26th and then tangle with an AP TF on the 27th sinking a CM, AMc, and 2 AP. Add 2 AKL and 4 AP in various states of damage and one can see it is a profitable sortie!

Troops fan out from Palembang to take southern Sumatra quickly. Oosthaven and Praboemoelih falls on the 25th. Djambi goes on the 26th.

Merak falls on the 24th. Two Brigades move out towards Batavia.

THIS is a KEY development. The moment BOTH Oosthaven and Merak Fall, I shoot two STF into the Rear Area there. One TF goes to Christmas and finds nothing while the second finds BIG game at Cocos. CA Mikuma, a CL, and 6 DD find the large AP Wakefield and an AK unloading troops. They are sunk and the combat report shows 9,121 Casualties, 155 Guns, and a few Vehicles. I find the number shigh but one has to assume I just destroyed most, if not ALL, of a Brigade heading to Cocos. GREAT! 4th ID is primed at Palembang and will start loading tomorrow for Cocos. Looks like they will have a fight on their hands with the landing but I'll try to pave the way with some bombardments and air strikes. I want that base.

Taking Cocos with a full Inf Div should begin to sell Dan that we are heading for Australia. Why else take it? Hopefully this begins to mask the true operational planning.

On the 26th, KB-2 shoots through the gap to add their Airpower to the hunt. They launch a combined strike of 26 Z, 33 V, 55 K and sink 3 AP, an AK, and 3 AKL close to Christmas Isle. I tell Dan in a note that I am trying to channel a little bit of Goerge Patton! [:D] The CA at Cocos bags two more APs (Dickman and Leonard Wood causing more Allied casualties.

The leisurely tour of Malaya continues. We take the following bases with total aerial supremacy: 12-25 Kuala Lumphur, 12-26 Taiping, and 12-27 sees Georgetown fall.

Moulmein sees my TK Reg throw back a useless attack by a small Inf unit.

Planes keep hammering Pt Blair from Victoria. Will probably leave this base alone for the short run...

Dan is retreating SOOOOOO fast that I cannot keep up. The names of bases falling for no fight is amazing:
12-24 Tsiaotso, 86,45
12-26 Chuhsien and Kukong
12-27 Loyang

Insane moves in this Sir Robin but I LIKE IT! I know the Line I want to shift over to the defense on and it looks like I will get most of it without a fight. GREAT! I hate China and my land-fighting skills are my weakest within the game so this is a welcome development. Need to create the overall strategic vision here for where I want to be and how I'll deal with counterattacks. Any opinions from readers here is most welcome!

SS Ops
12-24 Ro-33 sinks CMc Pro Patria near Pamakasan
12-26 I-1 sinks AKL Surigao at Wellington

12-24 San Fernando AF-4
12-25 Ponape AF-3
12-26 Ichang AF-2

There are the developments and thinking currently. Midway, Cocos, and China are open for comments, suggestions, and ideas!


MAurelius -> RE: Dec 24-27, 1941 (12/18/2012 5:41:11 PM)

at least you have been spared any circleing torps this time [:'(]

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 24-27, 1941 (12/18/2012 6:27:09 PM)



at least you have been spared any circleing torps this time [:'(]

FUNNY man...


John 3rd -> RE: Dec 24-27, 1941 (12/19/2012 7:17:13 PM)

Dan and I both have days open and so we have gotten three turns done so far this day. No major developments and I shall Post once we take a breather...

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 24-27, 1941 (12/19/2012 11:48:54 PM)

We've gotten three turns in with a 4th about to be run. Will do that and then do an extended Post. Got the request to chat about what I intend to research for airframes? Will cover that and other issues regarding the economy.

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 24-27, 1941 (12/20/2012 5:27:35 PM)

Finally starting my update.

John 3rd -> December 28-January 1, 1942 (12/20/2012 6:15:27 PM)

Combat Report
12/28 to 1/1/42

As noted above Dan and I really got some turns in yesterday. We did four and one today. Since I work most of the day today I expect we'll get in a second and that will be all.

North Pacific
A supply convoy divides into three smaller ones to provide enough supply for Umnak, Amchitka, and Adak for the next 2 months. Engineers working on these three sites as well as Attu.

Central Pacific
After my SNLF Assault Brigade died at Midway, I sent CarDiv1 to the area and let it get seen by PBYs. Stayed there for three days (moving a few hexes each day) until I wasn't seen. THINK I know the PBY Search Arcs now. Withdraw that CTF and send everyone to Wake to gather up the hammer. As of January 1st, I have CarDiv1 (Akagi--Kaga, 2 CA, 1 CL, 6 DD), the Marshall's Strike Force (3 CL and 6 DD), and the four old CAs used to cover Rabaul. CarDiv5 (Sho-Zui, Zuiho--Shoho), 2 BC, 2 CA, 1 CL, 1 CS, and 8 DD) will arrive in two days. Everyone will drink from the AOs and then depart. The CVs will loop around Midway to the North while the Invasion Force will depart a few days later so it can approach from the 'standard' direction of Wake. There will be plenty of surface assets Covering the Transports. The actual Invasion Force is a large Base Force (AV 30) and a Naval Guard (AV 60).

The Landing will be proceeded by a CA Bombardment as well as a pair of BCs the next day. If I take Midway then that is GREAT. If I don't, I really could care less. It is my profound HOPE to draw out the American CVs. At this point I can plan on Lex, Sara, and Ent. I'll field 4 CVs and 2 CVLs. To bolster the situation I will pull the least experienced Vals off of one of the CVs and the Kates off of a CVL and replace them with 36 Zeros. This addition will give my over 180 Zeros for CAP and Attack.

If NOTHING happens then I have expended a crapload of fuel for nothing...

South Pacific
Capture Rabaul easily on the 27th. Begin building it up.

Lae falls on the 30th.

Lovely developments here!

The 48th ID, an Army HQ, and 6 Artillery units bombard Clark.

Iba falls on the 28th. Two Inf Duiv are forced to retreat!

Subic Bay Falls on the 1st and all three units there surrender. NICE! Scratch another Philippine ID from the Allied OOB. The 21st ID moves into Clark from Subic Bay. Will attack Clark at the point of their arrival.

Manila is invested on the 31st. By the 1st, the 2nd ID, 65th Brigade, and 33rd ID are present. Plan a Deliberate Attack for the 2nd.

Davao falls on the 30th to the 8th TK Reg.

Surigao surrenders on the 1st.

My strategy to bring in the 56th here to make Mindanao go quick succeeds. Resistance here is over. The 56th ID now will spearhead the Central DEI Drive. It will then swing into action in Western Australia.

Eastern DEI
Koepang falls on the 29th giving Japan all of Timor. The 90th Inf Reg is lifted out of Dili to head for Broome while an SNLF Brigade is moved to Koepang and then on to Port Hedlund.

Central DEI
Tarakan is assaulted on the 28th and I don't have enough to take the base. Immediately begin loading the 8th TK Reg to land at that base SW of Tarakan and then advance to finish off the Allies there.

Western DEI
Sambas and Pontianak fall on the 29th.

Sumatra is falling fast! It is a MUST to bring Tanks when one takes Palembang. Statistics:
The hex north of Oosthaven fall on the 28th. Lahat goes the same day.

47,88 (West of Djambi) is taken on the 29th.

The hex east of Benkoelen falls on the 31st.

A Brigade begins landing at Benkoelen on the 1st.

Java looks pretty solid as troops move out of Merak. Buitenzorg falls on the 1st. I have a Brigade and a Regiment present here so cannot get too feisty of the Javanese might try something...

Cocos Area
Several STF are now freely moving about the area preventing anything more from arriving at this target. I know Dan got some troops here. Question is HOW MUCH? Recon shows two units and 5,000 men. Seems fairly consistent but I am slightly worried. My guess is a Brigade, Base Force and some CD. It is my intention to bring a sledgehammer to this fight. The 4th ID loads at Palembang starting the 31st. It is at full strength and prepping (24%). Proceeding the Landing wil be all six BBs bombarding as well as 81 Betty/Nells hitting the troops. CarDiv2 (Hiryu--Soryu--Ryuho) will fling their Kates at the target also. I've been hitting Cocos with 12-18 Betty each day since the 28th. Really want to have the Allied troops heavily disrupted BEFORE the landing! Unlike Midway I really NEED this base.

The BATTLE FOR AUSTRALIA has begun! Land at Broome on the 1st. Port Hedlund will be hit on the 3rd. I truly hope this sends a bit of alarm through Dan and makes him think I am coming here...

Several STF and the CVEs make their presence known between Carnavon and Exmouth Bay. The 30th-1st sees 4 AKL, 1 AP, 2 AVP, 1 TK, 2 AM, and a PC sunk.

Just moving on South. All bases north of Johore Bharu are now mine. Should enter Johore Bharu within 3-4 days. We'll see if 3+ Inf Div can take this placde. I doubt it...

Dan is trying to sting and move with his surviving fighters (some AVG, a Buf Squadron, and the Hurricane Squadron. He has some success until I redeploy my Zeros from Merak--Oosthaven--Palembang. Leave plenty to protect shipping but plan to initiate Sweep over Pt Blair, Sabang, Medan, and Singapore tomorrow. Allied resistance will not last long.

Port Blair is hit everyday and the AF is getting to be in pretty rough shape.

I have a TK Reg, 2 Base Forces, an Army HQ, and 2 Construction units at or about to be at Moulmein. If Dan is bold he can attack this base and have a pretty good shot at kicking me out... Will be moving aircraft there pretty soon.

RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!! This is the Chinese Them music.

How Far is the question? I don't know but I'll take all I can get and then figure out what to do.

Bases Taken: 12-28 Nanyang, 87,56, 12-31 Pucheng

SS Ops
12-28 I-5 MISSES Queen Mary near San Fran!
12-28 I-15 sinks DD Mugford at Christmas.
12-29 I-171 MISSES CL Honolulu near French Frigate Shoal

His SS are being terribly effective for this early in the war. Over these days I lose 2 AK, 2 PB, and an E. While I am damaging a bunch of his SS, this activity and success makes me nervous.

12-28 Shanghai AF-6
12-29 Eniwetok AF-2
12-30 Jehol AF-6
12-31 Canton AF-5
1-01 Merak AF-2

These are the major developments.

John 3rd -> Manila FALLS (12/20/2012 7:00:05 PM)

Is it a GOOD thing when you attack Manila the first time it FALLS??!! Japan gets a 2-1 and all ELEVEN units SURRENDER. We take in 32,415 PoWs!

BANZAI baby!



pws1225 -> RE: Manila FALLS (12/20/2012 7:54:40 PM)


Is it a GOOD thing when you attack Manila the first time it FALLS??!!

It's a very good thing indeed!

John 3rd -> January 2-3, 1942 (12/21/2012 3:20:12 PM)

Combat Report
January 2-3, 1942

Lots of ground and air action but no sea action these two turns.

North Pacific
Umnak and Adak convoys headed for Paramushiro Jima. Attu and Amchitka still need a couple of days and then they are done. Moving an AS to Attu.

Central Pacific
All warships and AKs are at Wake. The AO's arrive tomorrow. Will fuel the KB and sail due north immediately. Will wait a day after that and form-up the Invasion Force, refuel, and begin loading. This should give the KB a total of three days head start before the Invasion Force sails. We'll see if MISTER CanoePaddler wants any of this...

South Pacific
Moving troops and planes to Rabaul.

A follow-on convoy to Lae is attacked by 3 Hudsons from PM each phase. Move a Chutai of Zeros to PM for CAP.

With Manila's fall on the 2nd (who can BELIEVE that!??) we move troops towards Clark. Have got to be careful not to overload the hex. I believe the max capacity for the hex is 40,000. We'll go with two ID and a Brigade for starters.

Loading 56th ID for Balikpapan Area.

Western DEI
Staging supplies, Support Ships, and fuel to Koepang.

Broome falls on the 2nd. This should make Dan nervous I hope. Invasion of Port Hedlund in two days.

Central DEI
Troops hang-on at Tarakan. The 8th TK Reg is moving to land at the base next door and then move on to help.

Benkoelen falls to the 21st Brigade on Jan 2nd.

Take hex 46,87 also on the 2nd. All bases below Benkoelen and Djambi are now Japanese.

KB-2 refuels and then sinks an AKL south of Cocos. 4th ID is now moving towards its target. A BB Bombardment will occur tomorrow. The target is hit by 27 Betty. Will add two full Daitai more to attack the troops there. Bombardment details a Brigade, 7th RAA Coastal Artillery Regiment, and Cocos CD Bn present. Will watch for more units with tonight's bombardment.

Take Ulan Melintang on the 2nd. Everyone is now positioning for the approach to Johore Bharu.

Land at Mersing with Southern Army, 2 Con Bn, and a BF. The hex is deserted. The TF is attacked by 3 TB and they manage to hit an AK sinking it. Add 18 Zeros to LR CAP here for tomorrow.

My decision to Sweep numerous bases on the 2nd and 3rd pays off as fighters are found over Sabang, Langsa, and Singapore. Looks like the Japanese lose just a single fighter for 12 Allied. NICE!

Now have an Army HQ, TK Reg, 2 BF and a Con Bn present at Moulmein. Dan APPEARS to be bugging out north. If so, then THAT is a riot! In an act of pure Theatre, I aggressively move the TK Reg forward to strike more fear into the Alliies! [8|]

Fighters move in to Moulmein on the 2nd as well.

Take hex 82,55 SE of Changsha acrost the river.

SS Ops
I-24 hits a mine at Midway. Midway is now mined. Nice move by Dan. Won't deter me but I am going to lose a few ships...

1-3 Ternate AF-2

Gain a Kagero-Class DD at Pt Arthur. RA specializes DD Production where the Kagero's come from Pt Arthur and the Moon-Class AA DD from the homeland. Not sure which Port but shall look. This follows Evans and Peattie's work in Kaigun with specialization, dedication and expansion of the yards.

John 3rd -> Little Things (12/21/2012 4:51:17 PM)

War so often revolves around little things. I've watched a tussle going on NW of Seattle where I-9 has been on regular patrol. To date this War Patrol for I-9 has resulted in five attacks sinking an AK and 2 KV. The KV are interesting because they have been attempting to sink the sub while, of course, the SS has been trying to get them. Four attacks on the KVs have netted two sinking--pretty good work. The KVs have dropped depth charges three times and slightly damaged the SS each time. I've recalled her home with the three scalps and a--hopefully--chagrined Canadian navy!

John 3rd -> The Economy (12/21/2012 5:09:20 PM)

I've been asked by two people to share thoughts on the Japanese economy in RA. OK. Lets spend a little time on this.

RA starts with more Japanese infrastructure (two big new Slipways, more armaments, more refineries (Manchuria) and slightly more HI. The cost of these benefits is a massively reduced resource and oil quantity. Japan can do what she wants ONLY if she grabs resources and oil ASAP. I always try to reflect this need by taking out the DEI by Feb 1st.

Navy Minister Yamamoto adds lots of new toys for the Imperial Fleet but they don't start really arriving until late-42/1943. The major addition areas are:

1. 4th Circle Warships--3 Shokaku-Kai CVs that arrive in 1943, 2 Kawachi-Class BC, 2 Tone-Kai CAs, a total of 8 of the improved Agano-Class CLs (3x3 Turrets), and an emphasis on Kagero and Moon-Class DDs. New SS are added to the que as well. It is my intention to build ALL of these ships. Have to juggle the shipyards as well as who is accelerated and who is not. To start with I stop ALL SS construction until Yamato is completed. This allows for all the warships to continue building and somewhat accelerate a few of them. Once Musashi is finished then the load allows for everything to build with all late-war CVs accelerated. Remember that there is no Taiho or Shinano in this Mod.

2. Accelerated 2nd Generation CV Aircraft: Jill and Judy arrive in late-42 and early-43. The Zero is specialized into a Ground-Based Interceptor and a CV-Based Model. No M3a. The Ship-Based goes straight to M5. There is no Jack in this Mod.

3. As mentioned earlier, the SNLF are arranged into Assault Brigades (3 SNLF == 1 Brigade). No new troops here. The addition comes in the form of Atoll Defense Units that possess a nice amount of Infantry and CD. They weigh in at about 4,000 Troops allowing for the placement of a Base Force or two. I believe there are 9 of these added into the game. Most of their Infantry come from Naval Guard units that are no longer in the game. Several small, specialized Naval Engineer Companies are added. This is a DBB Mod so Engineers are vastly curtailed.

Air Research
I really shift the research factories over as quickly as possible. Will name plane and how many factories are researching it: Tony (4), Frank (5), Tojo (5), George (5), A7M2 (4), Frances (3), and Peggy (3). Nearly all of these factories are in the 20-26 range so they shall repair quickly and bring these valuable planes forward.

Talking to Michael on the phone will jump back on in a few...

John 3rd -> Industry--2 (12/21/2012 5:52:32 PM)

...OK...done talking with Michael for the moment...

As to HI, Naval Shipyards, and Repair Yards I don't do a lot to start with.

1. HI--Once things settle a bit I do like to expand HI a bit in the outer areas (Indochina--Bangkok--China--Manchuria). have always found that these area can keep producing even when the Home Islands are under attack. Don't do a lot maybe 100-150 points or so...

2. RA begins with the Yards already expanded at Shanghai and Pt Arthur mainly. Will grow these by about 50-60 points but that will be about it. Merchant Yards need help and I do some serious expansion there where small Yards exist. Add about 100 for this area.

3. The Home Islands don't need their Repair Yard grown but I do heavily add to the yards at Singapore and Soerabaja. Like to get those big enough to handle a BB each. Costs a lot but having those extra Yards around is a GOOD thing.

John 3rd -> Rolling a Hard Six (12/23/2012 5:55:40 AM)

January 7, 1942

Months ago Japanese planning dedicated the 4th Inf Div to grab Palembang and then immediately launch an Amphib Assault upon Cocos Isle. That landing occurs on the January 7, 1942. Under the boom of BBs Yamashiro and Fuso bombarding the target the troops load into their landing craft. They have watched over 150 planes hit the target throughout the day and now is their moment. Three protective Heavy Cruisers move in close to directly cover the landing force. How can anything survive this weight of steel?

Answer is A LOT OF ALLIES! The landing goes through with little disruption and no Fortifications greet the Japanese arrival. There are, however, a BUNCH of support and some Infantry support on this little island. Most surprisingly the Eastern Fleet Headquarters of present! Why??

The beachhead appears to be secure. Tomorrow SIX Battleships and 5 Heavy Cruisers are scheduled to pound the island as well as nearly 200 planes. Either the 4th infantry will take this 'must have' prize and gain a huge--BONUS--surrender or it will be shattered.

What will happen? Tune is for the next day sports fans...


John 3rd -> RE: Rolling a Hard Six (12/23/2012 5:56:19 AM)

HOW do all these troops fit on an Island allowing for only 15,000?

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: Rolling a Hard Six (12/23/2012 1:26:10 PM)

Eastern Flt HQ = extra support troops which does convert over to 'some' AV for combat, helps give the other troops better adjusted AV, and speeds up unloading troops and supplies.

He has part of 18th UK Division here. Looks like he may have tried to ship in extra supplies to be able to hold out like Q-Ball did.

If he doesn't have forts built, it should be a quick conquest. Make sure one of your two sons is sacrificed to the 'dice gods.' [:D]

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