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pws1225 -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/4/2012 10:38:52 PM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd


ORIGINAL: pws1225

Hmm ... no post in almost 18 hours. Me thinks John is out playing in his caboose.

Hey John, have you thought about moving your computer out to the caboose? Remember the thread from a while back about the setup various players have in their homes where they play AE. Some were quit impressive, but none could compare to a laptop perched in caboose's cupola. Just a thought, but a mighty nice one.

We're getting our decals and first windows on Wednesday. It is my fervent HOPE that this is my office starting in about April or May!

Congrats on putting in the finishing touches. And from the photo of the cupola, that thing looks mighty similar to the bridge of the Yamato (and the kid on the left looks a bit like Yamamoto, don't you think). Not a bad place to run a war.

Since I'm reading both Dan's AAR and yours, I'll make no comments on the game's progress/plans/etc. However, from time time, I may ask a question or two about stuff. Heck, I may even throw in an occasional BANZAI when called for. Good luck and give my fellow Southerner a thorough thumping.

Regards, Paul

John 3rd -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/5/2012 7:01:04 AM)

You are more then allowed to comment whenever you wish Sir. Have no issue with that at all.

Will Post a picture of our yellow baby tomorrow once the decals are on it.

John 3rd -> Good Plans (12/5/2012 7:02:35 AM)

The reason I like to bring a CV Division to the party in the DEI is this turn. Spotted Force Z yesterday and gambled that a High Speed run would put me in striking range. BINGO!

Strike: 14 Zero, 40 Val, 44 Kate vs 4 Fighters

BC Repulse 10 Bombs and 3 TT (two other hits were DUDS!)---Heavy Damage
CL Java 2 Bombs and 2 TT---SUNK!

Second Strike: 13 Zero 18 Kate vs. 9 Fighters

BB Prince of Wales 1 TT Hit (DUD! [:o]) and 3 Kates shot down with another 6 damaged. Watch out for PofW's AA!


cavalry -> RE: Good Plans (12/5/2012 1:15:59 PM)

There is a lot of possible allied subs in the DEI (and the Dutch ones bite) - I avoid it with CVs.

MAurelius -> RE: Good Plans (12/5/2012 3:47:40 PM)

maybe your subs can ensure that Repulse goes down for sure.... hopefully you get to catch PoW.....

John 3rd -> Borneo (12/6/2012 2:50:34 AM)

My opponent sent a cryptic comment regarding 'action this turn.' This has led me to think that he will definitely fight at Singkawang and Kuching. Figuring this to be the case I thought that perhaps the PLAN OF BATTLE should be covered:

KB-2 (Red) moves one hex west. Don't want to get too close to ALL those bases!
CV Hiryu--Soryu--Ryujo (72 Zeros (70% CAP), 45 Val, and 63 Kate
BC Kongo, Haruna
CL Noshiro

Bombardment TF (Yellow) will hit Singakawang this turn and CRUSH--hopefully--any TF there and hurt the AF.
BB Fuso, Yamashiro
CA Atago, Takao

Fast TF (Orange) carrying 1800 troops to capture Singakawang. It can fight if needed!
CA 4 Mogami Class
CL 10 DD

Kuching Invasion Force (Pink) moving due west from Miri
CL, 3 DD, 18 AP--AK with 6,000 troops

Palembang Invasion Force (Green) moves just a couple of hexes hoping for a favorable battle result.
2 DD, 8 PG--DMS, 29 AP--AK with 15,416 troops

Before action can take place I must set-up/decorate the tree. I will THEN run the turn...

Here is the screenshot:


John 3rd -> December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 7:22:13 AM)

Combat Report
December 10-11, 1941

After the last two days I think we can effectively end any form of a Sir Robin defense here! Dan is dug in trying to land a solid punch at my forces. This is going to be pretty interesting to play out. I am conflicted by my NEED and DESIRE to get to Palembang ASP and the NEED and DESIRE to wipe out Allied air and naval resistance.

North Pacific
FTF and TF have departed various locations for landings at Umnak, Atka, Attu, and Amchatka. Should possess all these locations within 10 days and then shall supply them with engineers for base and AF work. CarDiv1 separated from CarDiv5 and headed this direction on the 10th. If Dan tries any of his favorite moves (getting stuff to the Aleutians so it becomes a drawn out fight) up here, he will be severely punished by the CVs. They will stay in this region just long enough to make sure the bases are taken without much issue.

Central Pacific
When KB splits I make sure CarDiv5 is clearly spotted moving between Laysen and Midway as it moves to Cover the Wake Landing.

Wake should be hit next turn. I have an entire SNLF Assault Brigade hitting it. Two CLs and 3 DDs are embedded for Fire Support and a CL and 5 DD provide Escort. For non-RA players the SNLF Brigades are simply three of the old--EXISTING--SNLF units but COMBINED so they have about 200 Assault Value. They can be divided down to their normal 60 or so AV if needed. There are no extra Japanese Naval Troops in RA. The Brigades are simply comprised as a 3-1 creation.

Capture Guam on the 10th and so the 144th Reg moves to Truk for future Operations.

Capture Nauru and Ocean on the 11th.

Spot CV ENTERPRISE as she moves south! A small TF carrying half of a Naval Guard unit was hit by 12 Wildkittens and 9 SBD as it approached Baker. Lost two ships and gained valuable intelligence. Wonder if ENT grabbed the Wildkitties at Wake? We'll see is she did.

South Pacific
Capture Kavieng on the 10th.

Grab Manus and land at Madang on the 11th.

Try to catch an Allied STF at Rabaul but have no luck so my 4 CA and Escorts head for Truk to resupply.

Invasion Forces headed for Shortlands and Lunga.

Capture San Fernando and Aparri on the 10th.

Heavy furballs over Manila each day with the Japanese averaging a 4 or 5-1 takeaway.

Hitting AF at Clark, Manila, and Bataan.

Slightly bogged down in Mindanao. My Paras haven't taken another location so TF are unloading at Cotabato and waiting for the 56th ID to land at Cagayan.

There is a bunch of fleeing shipping between western Philippines and Northern Borneo. A lot of it gets sunk over these two days. The three Brit DDs go under, AP Madison, an AS, an AVD, a TK, and another AP all go down.

WOW! Dan wants to stop the western edge of the Japanese juggernaut right here at Kuching and Singkawang. I need them to provide LRCAP for Palembang's Landing. After my speed run--detailed in earlier Post--KB-2 arrives to smack BC Repulse and a CL on the 10th.

Don't like shallow, confined water for a carrier TF to operate in so I make sure to keep my distance so I can't be hit by more then 1 or 2 AF.

I've detailed the 10th earlier so I shall focus on the 11th. Several Allied CL--DD TF sit just off Singkawang with another--with Prince of Wales--at Singkawang. Looks like he has moved the entire KITCHEN SINK to this region. OK. This means I can wipeout and render his best forces combat ineffective. Danger also means opportunity. Am concerned as the turn opens that my BBs and CA Fast TF don't get the Singkawang. Watch as my Kuching Landing Force ends up ONE hex SHORT of its target. Doesn't look like a good day for the Home Team gang.

A Betty Daitai insists on self-immolation as it tries to get at Prince at Singkawang. They 18 bombers try to force their way through 32 Fighters. These are the only good planes the Allies start with. A squadron of Hurricanes and P-40E (additions for RA) plus some Buffalos are present. They shoot down 7 Betty but the rest run away. Next comes in Soryu's Strike Group of 10 Zero, 18 Val, and 20 Kate vs 42 Fighters. BAD. Lose 2 Zero, 9 Val, and 4 Kate for no damage to the enemy. Hiryu throws 6 Zero and 20 Val at a TF just off the base hex and hits a CL several times for no losses. Hiryu's Kates attack shipping at Ketapang and NAIL CL Java with 11 Bombs (Sunk) and DD Piet Hein with 4 Bombs (probably sunk). Ryujo's 12 Kates find DD John Ford and sink her with 2 TT.

Japanese: Sink CL Java and a DD with possibly another done for for a cost of 2 Zero, 11 Val, and 4 Kate---NOT GOOD.

The Allies send their Offensive Strikes out and the Kuching IF sees 5 Buffalo and 14 A-24 approach. I took a risk and set ALL of Ryujo's Zeros to LRCAP. Well it certainly works here as this strike is met by 24 Zero. They SHRED the attack. Five A-24 get through and miss. They are then destroyed in after attack combat. The Palembang IF is attacked by 14 A-24 and they are dealt with by 15 Zero. Only 4 A-24 survive! The last attack comes directly at the CVs as 8 Buffalo and 3 A-24 are swarmed over by 48 Zeros. NO Allied survivors here.

Allies: No Damage to Japanese and they lose about 20-24 Fighters and two full Squadrons of A-24s. NICE! Having those 54 A-24's at the start in Darwin REALLY adds a powerful card up the Allied sleeve but they have to be carefully deployed. These were not and Dan has now lost 2/3 of these planes for no result. GREAT! Just have to worry about TB now...

1. Pull KB-2 back a couple of hexes and fly off the remains of Soryu's Vals to Cam Rahn Bay for new planes while Soryu assumes the role of Zero carrier when 24 Zero arrive from Saigon to buttress LRCAP.
2. Shift the landings to Kuching. The CA FTF will land there and help the Kuching IF drop off their troops. Should easily take Kuching if the Allies don't get a STF in the way. Definite chance here but I shall bet he covers Singkawang instead.
3. BB Bombardment TF will still hit Singkawang and hope to sink ships and do serious damage to the AF.

All this excitement means Dan is focused on one area of the map so I shall try to take advantage of that by landing at Mersing next turn. Seventy-Five Fighters are at Kuantan. I detail nearly 50 to protect the IF while the rest and 60 Sally are ordered to Sweep and/or hit Singapore's AF. Doubt if there are many Fighters there due to what I am fighting in Borneo. Be nice to cause some damage here and draw attention away from Borneo.

Coinciding with this shall by an Army Para Landing at Medan tomorrow. I want the Lvl-2 AF. Taking a page from Viperpol I order nearly 125 bombers to CRUSH any ground units present here so the Paras can grab the base. Have move planes ready to move there if I can take the base tomorrow.

Hong Kong's Forts drop to ZERO on the 11th. It shall fall tomorrow.

Take the base NE of Changsha as well as Kweiteh and hex 89,40 above the Central Plains Cities.

SS Ops:
12-10 I-160 sinks AKL DeHaan near Toboali.
12-10 I-121 hits AP Dominion Monarch for the 2nd nice to get THAT bigboy!
12-11 I-15 sinks AV Curtiss with 2 TT near Christmas Isle. NICE. She could be converted into a CVE in this Mod.

That is the news.


ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 1:11:57 PM)

What SC TF do you have near Mersing if Dan decides to shift Force Z and his fighters back to Singapore area??

You did move more Zeros to your CVs which is what I was thinking of suggesting while reading.

John 3rd -> RE: December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 2:49:59 PM)

Morning Michael. Making a Loveland trip this morning so I'll drop you a call.

Yes. I moved a full Daitai of Zeros over to Soryu to add to my CAP umbrella. I've got a STF heading for the Mersing IF (Invasion Force) to protect it.

Checked the numbers from last turn. The Japanese lost 27 planes. Most of that came out of of poor Soryu's Air Group (15 of them) while the Allies lost over 60. Two Squadrons of A-24 were wiped out completely and about 10-12 Hurricanes and P-40s went down as well. The rest of the losses were Buffalos. Another day like this then we should be reasonably OK to bring things in.

Those TB are the main concern right now. Neglected to mention I moved two Sentai of Oscars and a Chutai of Zeros to Miri to provide LR CAP of the Kuching IF.

MAurelius -> RE: December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 3:41:07 PM)

all the best for the invasion of Mersing and Palembang - with PoW still around.... well...

John 3rd -> RE: December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 4:37:48 PM)

I am expecting to run into her at Singakawang. If she hits elsewhere then life WILL be exciting! Have to say though that those 4 Mogami's would be a pretty nasty opponent in a knife fight.

My Mersing TF was not spotted last turn so I should get at least to the landing site before STF might get to me. Hope I do have the ability to COUNT the hexes right in saying that... [X(]

Palembang moves forward only after Borneo is cleared. This is a serious landing force: 4th ID, 2 TK Reg, and 2 Base Forces. It will soon be joined by an Air HQ.

John 3rd -> RE: December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 7:35:23 PM)

Just got home from errands and I have a turn in the BOX. Running it now...

pws1225 -> RE: December 10-11, 1941 (12/6/2012 10:51:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd

Palembang moves forward only after Borneo is cleared. This is a serious landing force: 4th ID, 2 TK Reg, and 2 Base Forces. It will soon be joined by an Air HQ.

John - I'm curious about something you said here. Why are you holding off on invading Palembang until Borneo is cleared? Isn't it standard operating procedure to grab Palembang quickly?

Regards, Paul

John 3rd -> AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yeep pretty much all of them... (12/6/2012 11:18:37 PM)

I want ONE base in Borneo for LRCAP. Kuching is now landed on and will be mine tomorrow.

Will go into detail in a short while. The turn is run and could one place a bet as to the odds of moving THE ENTIRE AVG to Singapore? HOLY CATS! [X(] Talk about another great opportunity to destroy top line squadrons, pilots, and airframes!

I Sweep Singers with the 12 Tojos and 18 Zeros before the raid of 31 Oscars and 27 Sally arrive. They find The Hurricane Squadron and 2 Squadrons (possibly all 3) of AVG as well as some Buffalos flying CAP. For the loss of 2 Z and 7 Oscars we bag 13-15 AVG and 5-7 Hurricanes.

Tomorrow will see nearly 80 Fighters Sweep the base with 50 Oscars escorting nearly 60 Sallys hitting the AF.



John 3rd -> AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yep pretty much all of them... (12/6/2012 11:54:00 PM)

Combat Report
December 12, 1941

The anticipated battle near Borneo did not happen. The paddleboy chickened out and shifted back to Singapore. This is a smart move of his. On the OTHER hand, he does decide to make the decision to bring in at least two Squadrons of the AVG to bolster his Fighter strength. It is a surprise that--luckily--doesn't cost me too much but does provide a great chance to cream ALL of the best Allied LBA Fighter Squadrons.

North Pacific
CarDiv1 blasts AKL Regulus as it moves north. Might tip off Dan that I am covering my invasions up there with a pair of CVs.

Fast TF and regular Amphib Convoys well on their way to the targets.

Central Pacific
The troops land at Wake and CRUSH the marines with a 14-1 assault. Dan did not pull the Marine Fighters and I gladly take them off the board!

Ocean Isle falls but that Frenchie DD manages to sink a pair of AKL at Ocean AFTER they unload their troops. Damned Frogs!

South Pacific
FOUND Lexington! The TF carrying a SNLF Coy is hit by 12 Buffalo and 9 SBD that results in an AK lost. The TF is about 5 hexes NE of Shortland. Enterprise and Lexington are going to be around the Coral Sea--it appears--so I shall suspend operations until I can field CarDiv5 and the CVLs.

Surface Fight occurs NW of Rabaul as my 4 CAs (Aoba, Kinugagsa, etc...), 3 CL, and 4 DD enage an Allied TF of CAs Canberra and Louisville, and CL's Leander, Achilles, Perth, and Adelaide. There is a bunch of shooting but very little hitting. CL Adelaide appears to get hit fairly hard and the Japanese take next to no damage. TF ordered back to Truk.

Truk has 36 Zero and 27 Betty in it just in case the Americans stray too close.

Capture Madang.

Sweep Manila with 49 Zero and find 37 P-40s flying CAP. Lose 3 Zero and about 12 P-40s.

LCUs moving out of their beachhead hexes. Legaspi falls to a Combat Command.

BBs Bombard Cagayan destroying several P-40s.

CVLs dock at Babeldoap and pick-up new Zeros and Kates and are ordered to head for Truk. This TF had 3 CA and 7 DD with it. I leave 1 CA and 4 DDs with the CVLs and order the 2 CA and 3 DDs into a STF. Time to start the Eastern Prong of the DEI Assault.

Kuching is invaded by an Inf Reg, large Base Force, and 2 regular Base Forces: AV 200+. It will fall tomorrow.

All Allied TF as well as planes shift to Singapore.

Fuel and Sorties running low on my CVs. Order then to B-Line it back to CRB. Palembang IF moves SE towards Miri next turn. Once I have Kuching they will begin their movement towards the objective again. My CVs and BBs will Cover. The 4 Mogami-Class will provide close escort for the convoy.

I've already detailed the action over Singapore.

A small strike by 10 AVG and 4 B-17 appear over Kuantan. No damage but will make sure to have some CAP up tomorrow.

The Mersing IF retreats due to Surface Threat and so I order it to land at Kuantan. This will take a bit more time but it isn't a bad delay. A Cover Force arrives at Kuantan just in case...

Medan is NAILED by 125+ Bombers destroying the Medan Unit, however, there are FOUR units present and my Paras don't get a good roll when they jump. Don't get the base: CRAP!

Other Action:
1. KB-2 sinks an AK, AKL and AM.
2. 2 DD sink an AK in the China Sea
3. CS Mizuho sinks an AK with 10 Bombs from her Alfs.

12-12 I-165 hits TK Spirella off Enggano

John 3rd -> RE: AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yep pretty much all of them... (12/7/2012 8:15:18 PM)

Just got the 12-14 turn done and sent back to Dan.

Am working a long shift today so don't have time to do an update until tonight. Imagine I'll have a turn waiting for me so I'll do a three day report through 12-15.

We had an exchange of emails as an works to get grip on the Mod and Opening of the war. Don't think he minds if I print our exchange:

Hey Sir!

You are correct. Japan starts off with—essentially—no additional CVs. They do get an additional CVL (18 F and 12 TB) and nothing else. Only other additional (non-historic to the OOB) ships the Fleet gets at start are 2 CL and 4 DD. NOTHING ELSE!

The biggest changes you see are deployment changes. KB (6CV) normal but Mini-KB starts at Babeldoap with all three CVLs together.

Does that help?

Sent: Friday, December 07, 2012 8:56 AM
Subject: Re: 12-13


I began the game "blind" as to what extra goodies Japan gets in the game. I did that on purpose to avoid some of the "godlike foreknowledge" we get as we start a new game. Now that I've gotten repeated sightings on your carriers, I've decided to open the game to see what carriers you get at or near the start of the war. So I opened the game on the Japanese side and didn't find anything other than the usual lineup. Is that right? Or do you indeed get additional carriers? If so, where are they hiding? I'll look it up (or you can just email the list if it isn't long and too much trouble).

I'm essentially finished with the turn, but I do want to review Japan's carrier lineup before I send it to you.



ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yep pretty much all of them... (12/7/2012 9:41:59 PM)

It isn't what you have in '41, its what you get and can accelerate to get in '42 and '43 that Dan should worry about. [8D]

Lecivius -> RE: AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yep pretty much all of them... (12/7/2012 9:54:55 PM)


ORIGINAL: ny59giants

It isn't what you have in '41, its what you get and can accelerate to get in '42 and '43 that Dan should worry about. [8D]

Yeppers, there are a lot of targets with strange names that will appear in '42.

John 3rd -> RE: AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yep pretty much all of them... (12/8/2012 2:57:27 PM)

BUNCHES of targets appear in 1943!

Got called in yesterday so I worked 11+ hours and am now doing the same thing in about 5 minutes. HOPE to get the turn in and Post develops here. Sorry for the delay.

John 3rd -> RE: AVG Found in SINGAPORE! Yep pretty much all of them... (12/9/2012 3:26:00 AM)

Feel like I have spent 500+ hours at work the last two days. Will get the boys and wife to sleep, run the current turn, and POST!

John 3rd -> Dec 13-15, 1941 (12/9/2012 7:15:21 AM)

Combat Report
December 13-15, 1941

My opponent is a wily, cagey fighter. He dug his heels in at Singkawang and Singapore for a couple of days, got beat-up pretty good in the air, and then pulled his STF out of harm's way after taking just a few good, strong hits.

North Pacific
CarDiv1 arrives SW of Dutch Harbor on the 14th and begins a short patrol pattern looking for shipping and making sure the occupation of the Aleutians from Umnak to Attu occurs without interference.

The first FTF of 5 DD drops troops off at Adak on the 15th.

Other FTF and regular TF are moving into the area.

Central Pacific
After taking Wake easily, the TF and Escorts there immediately load the SNLF Assault Brigade and head for Midway. Figure I have 2-3 days before he figures out that CarDiv5 is no longer in the area. We grab Midway then the Central Pacific is complete. This will probably surprise him but the effort for this war does not lay in an Easterly direction.

SS are active here but I shall slowly pull them out to redeploy and--more importantly--replace commanders. Gave Dan a bit of a start when 3 Midgets attempted to penetrate San Fran and Los Angeles. No success but I hope it got his attention.

South Pacific
In an interesting move, both Lexington and Enterprise are operating at Rabaul or NE of Lunga. I've lost a few small AKLs but it is quite nice to KNOW where they are. Given 2 days, CarDiv 5 will unite with the 2 CVLs and we shall seek an engagement. Like the idea of fielding 90 Zero, 54 Val, and 78 Kate vs. a single CV...

This area (Coral Sea) started with just 3 Ro-SS operating in it but now has 3 more Ro- and 3 I-Boats hunting for targets.

Luzon: Pretty much an Army Air Show now. Three ID fully ashore with two more landing tomorrow. Manila first and then Clark--Bataan. Looks like he is immediately falling back to Bataan. Have pretty much smacked down most of his P-40s so command of the air is pretty solid.

Mindanao: 56th ID lands at Cagayan tomorrow. This, coupled with the 8th armored TK Reg, should occupy the island FAST.

At Sea
STF continue to sink Allied shipping as it tries to flee the area. Over the three days, the Allies lose: 3 AKL, 2 AK, 2 AP, and AS Holland.

Eastern DEI
I did not move in this area for the first week of operations but now this changes. Use FTF to land at Ternate on the 15th. Another landing takes place tomorrow at Sorong.

The 90th Inf Reg and a BF are loaded and headed for Ambon covered by 4 BB.

A TF was spotted at Manokwari on the 14th. I shuffle in a Betty Daitai to add to the two Nell Chutai and SCORE on the 15th. The TF spotted was the Cruiser TF that my Rabaul Escorts fought 5 days ago. Strikes are flown in the morning as well as the afternoon. CA Louisville is SUNK with a pair of TTs and CL Achilles takes single one as well. Two DUDS his CA Australia: CRAP! Sick of duds right now. The CVEs are fairly close so I send them in for a strike as well as reload TTs at my Air Flotilla in Babeldoap. Nice little gift...

Central DEI

Western DEI
Kuching falls on the 14th.

Singakawang will be invaded on the 16th by two Naval Guard. Doubt if this is enough but one can always hope. Two Brigades of Infantry are loading at Cam Rahn Bay and should depart for here tomorrow. If they are not needed then they shall slingshot to take Merak on the western tip of Java.

I had sent the CA TF and BB TF down towards Ketapang looking for action and the CAs find it on the 14th when they encounter 5 Dutch DDs. All five are hit with two being seriously damaged (4+ hits) and DD Banckert is sunk.

The Palembang IF makes it to Miri on the 14th and then departs it for the area near Singkawang on the 15th. My two BB TF protects this important convoy. Order the 4 Mogami's to race home to CRB to refuel and provision before mixing into the IF for CD suppression.

KB-2 reaches CRB on the 14th and picks up pilots, new planes, fuel, and ammo. It immediately departs so it can protect the Pal IF.

Attack Singapore every day with as much Fighter and Bomber power as I can muster. Dan loses a bunch of planes in the air and on the ground. I would imagine that the 2 Squadrons of AVG as well as the Hurricane Squadron has been pretty well gutted. A bunch of useless Buffalos goes down too...nearly 20 planes are destroyed on the ground including AVG, Hurricanes, and (nicely) B-17s.

The 5th, 18th, and Imperial Guards are now fully on the peninsula and moving to action.

Kota Bharu falls on the 14th.

Temoluh falls on the 15th cutting the central portion of the peninsula off.

Inf Reg and TK Reg moiving out from northern Thailand.

Am trying a southern strategy this time. Transfer 5 ID to the town west of Shanghai and they are moving west to take all objectives in that direction. Moving on the Central Plains towns as well and have 3 ID advancing on Changsha. Nothing surprising here yet.

SS Ops
MISSES and DUDs: I feel like my SS are the ones firing bad TTs! Miss or hit and get a dud result over these three days on: CL Honolulu, CL Helena, and CA New Orleans. The war turns on small things and these TTs SHOULD make a difference but are not. We'll have to watch and see...

12-13 I-157 SINKS AK Federlock near Koggala
12-13 I-154 SINKS AG Canopus at Denpasar
12-15 I-164 hits AK Havildar near Rangoon
12-15 I-17 SINKS AV Curtiss at Palmyra

Dan's strong stand at Singkawang has bought him about 5 days longer then I wanted to get some sort of defense at Palembang ready. With the amount of firepower I am bringing I plan to take the base on the first attack, however, it does make me nervous that he is getting time to do things.


ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: Dec 13-15, 1941 (12/9/2012 8:08:24 AM)


Luzon: Pretty much an Army Air Show now. Three ID fully ashore with two more landing tomorrow. Manila first and then Clark--Bataan. Looks like he is immediately falling back to Bataan. Have pretty much smacked down most of his P-40s so command of the air is pretty solid.

Dan is not familiar with stacking limits and may learn the hard way about overstacking a hex when he tries to fit everybody into Bataan vs doing so easily at Manila.

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 13-15, 1941 (12/9/2012 4:34:19 PM)

Don't think he has played with Stacking Limits. This being the case, he will be in for rude surprises and shall learn quickly.

Church and long work shift again today. Will get one in later on tonight.

The Allied Air Forces are licking their wounds over the last couple of days and appear to have fallen back on Java/Palembang. Biggest advantage out of this fracas is his morale is in the can and his best squadrons have been very roughly treated.

WANT to sink more of his Asiatic Fleet!

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 13-15, 1941 (12/9/2012 4:35:11 PM)

Michael: Expect a Tracker call this week. Tried to install--HONESTLY--I did I did...

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: Dec 13-15, 1941 (12/9/2012 5:27:43 PM)

Go into the game file and 'copy & paste' the dll file from "Beta 2" folder into Tracker. If that doesn't work, call me as I'm home till Wednesday night.

John 3rd -> RE: Dec 13-15, 1941 (12/11/2012 3:02:15 PM)

OK. I've got two days off. Life has been exciting. I run a lean staff at my store and we've had a lot of staff sick. My pleasant week turned into a week from HELL with having to cover three different shifts due to kids getting sick or not able to work their entire shift.

Got a turn sitting in the box (for 1 1/2 days) and am loading it now.

John 3rd -> Got Decals! (12/11/2012 3:09:56 PM)

Thought the week has been nuts, we did have a major development. Last Thurs-Fri our caboose got her decals. There is now no doubt that we have Union Pacific caboose number 25251! Making progress.

Now we just need 15 windows...


John 3rd -> Dec 16-17, 1942 (12/11/2012 6:36:08 PM)

Combat Report
December 16-17, 1942

OK. The dice are going out onto the table as we begin the approach run into Palembang. The 4th ID, 2 TK Reg, and 2 Base Force gird themselves for the inevitable air assault.

Dan wanted to have US SS with working TTs in the game and I stood up against that. He relented. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS! His Dutch, British, and S-Boats are having a fearsome holiday attacking my shipping. Every TF has anywhere from 1-3 escorts and that is making absolutely no difference. It makes me think of the issues that our Zuiho AAR is going through. Not a comforting thought...

North Pacific
CarDIv1 moves towards Canada very publicly trailing its coat while the landings occur in the Aleutians. The mission is complete on the 17th so I order the CVs back to Adak for fueling and then they head due south to Midway.

Adak falls on the 16th. Landings are about to occur at Umnak, Attu, and Amchitka.

Central Pacific
After the little Enterprise ambush, the Japanese AKLs arrive at Baker and take the atoll on the 16th.

All other TF operating in the Marshalls area south of there are recalled awaiting a hoped for CV Engagement.

The Midway Invasion Force should land on the 19th. The escort for that TF is 4 CL and 8 DDs. Assault unit is the SNLF Assault Brigade that took Wake.

South Pacific
My CVLs arrive at Truk on the 16th. Refuel and disband. CarDiv5 arrives on the 18th and will refuel and get new airframes and aircrew. The 4 carriers (Escorts: 4 CA, 1 CS, and 12 DD) will them head for Ocean Isle and cut due south to--hopefully--cut him off. Bait shall be provided with several AKL TF moving towards Rabaul. We'll see if we can get lucky. I doubt it but this is worth a try.

All TF had been recalled except for a group of AKLs heading for Madang. That TF runs into CA Canberra (coming back from where Louisville was sunk in western New Guinea) and CLs Leander and Perth. I lose 3 PB and 7 AKL as well as the whole Construction Battalion they were carrying. CRAP. I had done way points and the TF had not been spotted by air search. Just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The battle is now fully joined as Antimonan falls on the 17th. There are now 5 full Inf Div present in Luzon and we are about to see if this can be done fairly quickly. Three ID move up from Antimonan and two ID move south from an Fernando. The 65th Brigade and a TK Regiment is moving down the center of Luzon. Aerial resistance is over.

The big surprise of the 56th ID landing at Cagayan surprises Dan and when it falls on the 17th, it takes 5 B-17 and 11 P-40s with it. NICE! Since I have Paras at that Mountain hex south of Cagayan, the troops retreat to the east where they shall be easy pickings. Figure 10 days to finish Mindanao and then the 56th heads for Timor and Aussieland.

Eastern DEI
Ternate falls on the 16th. I move in 16 Mavis and set the air search in a SE direction. Want to spot a CV if it is coming from the Port Moresby--Horn Island direction.

A STF of 2 CA, 1 CL, and 3 DD find the damaged CL Adelaide NE of Boela and paste her with 14 shell hits. Probably sunk.

The Ambon Invasion TF will land next turn. It is escorted by 4 BBs and the 2 CVEs. No resistance and no air search here. HOPE that everything the Allies have is committed around Palembang!

Western DEI
Singkawang conveniently falls to two Naval Guard on the 17th. Move in 75 Fighters to Cover the Palembang IF. Next turn will see two large Base Force and a HQ unit land there. I order 27 Zeros and 18 Oscars to 100% LRCAP over the Palembang TF. Another Daitai of 27 Zeros shall Sweep Palembang as a strike of 54 Betty-Nells should come down from Kuantan. I will add 54 Betty that have been waiting at Cam Rahn Bay to Singkawang tomorrow.

KB-2 moves into the area SW of Singkawang and makes its presence known by sinking a few ships. These are DANGEROUS waters! I form a STF for the CVs to follow. The STF consists of 2 BC, 1 CL, and 6 DD. The CV TF has the following composition: 2 CV, 1 CVL, 1 CS, 2 CA, and 10 DD. CAP is set at 70% and the two Chutai of Zeros added to Hiryu's complement are set on 80% LR CAP over the Palembang TF. A conservative move of a single hex is ordered for the 18th. All Kates are set to Naval Attack--AF Attack (Palembang).

The Palembang IF has 3 CA, 1 CL, and 8 DD embedded within it. Providing escort are BBs Fuso and Yamashiro with 1 CL and 7 DDs. The Bbs will break-off next turn since they cannot enter the Palembang hex.


The thrusts in China are pretty obvious now:
1. There are 4 ID advancing on Changsha.
2. Am working on encircling the Central Plains towns
3. The Southern Offensive by 5 ID is now very clear.

SS Ops
12-16 I-164 sinks AKL Honoluluan near Rangoon
12-16 I-166 SINKS CL Durban with a pair of TTs at Toboali: NICE!
12-17 1-3 sinks AKL Carlisle near Brisbane.

On the 16th my SS had three missed attacks and missed a shot at CA Houston!

Allies sink an 2 AK and an AKL over these days.

Jehol AF-4
Shanghai AF-5

That is the news to this point. Here is a screenshot of the Palembang TFs as described above:


CaptDave -> RE: Got Decals! (12/11/2012 9:01:48 PM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd

There is now no doubt that we have Union Pacific caboose number 25251!

Sorry to hear that! (Just had to say it. [;)] UP is to railroads as Notre Dame is to college football: if you care at all, you either hate them or you love them. Having grown up in WP and SP territory, UP is not exactly my favorite railroad.)

pws1225 -> RE: Dec 16-17, 1942 (12/12/2012 3:20:43 PM)

OT: The caboose is good on the outside! Do you have any pics of what she's like on the inside?

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