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John 3rd -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 2:57:22 PM)

Everyone cross fingers as Dan works to get things going. He tried to load the game once and it did not work. This is a serious install with it being a Modded Scenario in its own folder, using an extended map, stacking limits, and the 19h Beta.

I went through everything on my side and just resent the file (saved again in a different slot).

John 3rd -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 4:03:52 PM)

As I await news from CR I thought I'd share some of the differences in Turn One Dec 7th RA:

1. The KB is divided into TWO Turn Bonus CTF. The player can choose to attack two places or hit PH from two directions.
2. The Japanese begin the war with 7 new warships: CVL Shoho, the first two Agano-CLs, and 4 Moon-Class DDs.
3. The Mini-KB is at Babeldoap and has Ryujo, Zuiho, and Shoho in it. It does have the move bonus.
4. 4th ID begins the war at Hainan available for immediate deployment. The 90th Inf Reg is bought out and sitting at Babeldoap.
5. There are more units stationed at Saipan, Truk, and the Marshalls. While not a lot of firepower, these units allow for a stronger move into the Central and South Pacific.
6. Japanese SS deployment makes a bunch more SENSE. Parcels of SS (3-4) start at various known Allied focal points (West Coast, off Pago Pago, off Noumea, and off Pt Blair. This reflects the Japanese preparing for the war, knowing when it is to start, and then deploying the Sub Arm to be USEFUL!
7. Japanese CVs start with full aircraft complements of modern planes.
8. The addition of the 9th Air Fleet in Kyushu is a BIG Addition with an Air Fleet HQ, 3 Air Flotilla, and 3 base Forces, however, they all start at cadre strength (15-25%). They take a few months to fillout with personnel. The planes for this addition equal 81 Fighters, 54 Nells, 27 Kate, 27 Val, 36 Mavis and 36 Jakes. The plane complement here starts at about 30% and are older, training planes (Claudes, Mabels, Nells, etc...). Got build more modern airframes and TRAIN the pilots who start at about 50-58 in experience.

1. CV Lexington is NE of Pago Pago and has a reinforced screen with CA Minneapolis and a few more DDs.
2. Allied Reinforcement TFs sit at Pago Pago and Townsville unloading and/or preparing to more. Each TF has a Cruiser--DD Escort protecting it.
3. The Pensacola Convoy starts at Darwin and is unloaded. It carries three full Squadrons of A-24 and a P-40E Squadron. The pilots are terrible but those A-24s are DANGEROUS! The Base Forces and Artillery units in the TF are unloaded with the Planes at start. Pensacola and her escorts adds a bit more to the Allied position as well.
4. The Philippines begin the war slightly more prepared (but not much).
5. A squadron of Hurricanes start at Singapore.
6. Several CD and small Base Forces are added to Pt Blair, Cocos, Pt. Moresby, and other places.

John 3rd -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 6:20:41 PM)

Figured out we're on the wrong Beta. Sent Dan the more current one I am using and this SHOULD fix our issues.

SEE that he has his AAR started. GREAT! A very positive sign...

ny59giants_MatrixForum -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 7:30:34 PM)

Said my best regards to Dan and now back over her with my choke chain collar. [:D] Got to give you 'some' guidance, but not too much.

FatR -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 9:16:09 PM)

One thing I strongly advise to do in RA John: calculate your approximate aircraft engine needs for late 1944-1945 right away and order full construction of all appropriate engine factories at the very beginning. The fact that the earlier you invest supply in engine production (other sorts of production too, but the need for naval/merchant build points drop sharply later in the game, so it is important not to go overboard), the greater returns you'll get for the same investment is seemingly apparent, but I managed to miss it, until confronted with the fact that yes, wartime reserves of supply are in fact sharply limited, and expenditure of about 2 millions tons of supply needed to expand engine production to 1945's standards blows a huge hole in them. So better to reduce this number by some hundreds of thousands, by starting stockpiling engines early.

John 3rd -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 9:56:43 PM)

Thanks Michael.

I am nervous but quite excited to do this once again. I HAVE THE TURN BACK!!! Unfortunately have to help around the house for a few hours but will then run this Bad Boy and we'll see how the bombs (hopefully TTs!) fall.

FatR: From your experiences going deep into RA which are the most important late-war engines from your perspective. Like the idea of starting early. NEVER a bad idea.

pws1225 -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (11/30/2012 10:07:27 PM)

... and we're off and running!

John 3rd -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (12/1/2012 3:43:30 AM)

Let us strap ourselves in because I am starting the turn.

1. Notepad--GOT IT!
2. Pearl Harbor Battleship Damage List ready for use: Check.
3. Manila Damage List ready for use: CHECK.
4. Plan to absolutely wipe out the Paddling Southerner: CHECK!!!

All Stations: "Niitakayama Nobore"

John 3rd -> Game ON! (12/1/2012 6:51:23 AM)

Here is what Opana Point picks up at 7:15am on Dec 7th:


John 3rd -> "Air Raid Pearl Harbor" (12/1/2012 8:18:27 AM)

The war has begun and we're off to a decent beginning. I'll cover the bases so everyone is up to speed:

Pearl Harbor
Sunny Oahu is attacked by CarDiv1 and CarDiv5. They loose 68 Zero, 102 Vals, and 102 Kates at the Fleet and AF. Two Daitai of Vals hit the AF and everything else nails the Port. Three Daitai of Kates drop TTs and one Daitai drops 800Kg Bombs. Results are pretty average:

Battleship Row
Arizona blows up (guess it is programmed to do that!) with a single Torp Hit
Nevada takes 3 TT, 1 800Kg, and 3 250Kg bombs and is On Fire.
Oklahoma gets 4 TT and 3 250Kg bombs and is in a sinking condition.
Tennessee has 2 TTs, 2 800Kg, and 1 250Kg for Heavy Damage
Pennsylvania is smacked with 3 TTs, 3 800Kg, and 1 250Kg bomb for Heavy Damage
Maryland is hit with 1 TT, 3 800Kg, and 1 250Kg and is On Fire
West Virginia takes 3 TT and a 250Kg Bomb and is On Fire
California is nailed by 4 TT, 1 800Kg, and 2 250Kg bombs for Heavy Damage

There were FOUR TT Duds hitting BBs! [8|]

Other Ships:
CA San Francisco is hit by a TT
CL Raleigh is Heavily Damaged by a Torp
AV Wright and DM Breeze are both hit by TTs
AVD Thorton is sunk by a TT

Two TT Duds here...

CS Chiyoda accompanies the KB and launches 24 Jakes on both the morning and afternoon hitting AG Antares 9 times and sinking her.

The two Daitai of Vals do good work to the AF and destroy about 18 planes.

Losses are a fairly pleasant 2 Val and 6 Kate.

ORDERS: KB moves North to meet-up with 4 AOs to refuel and will then move towards Midway.

CarDiv2 meets up the Mini-KB 4 hexes east of Manila to launch their Raid on the ships clustered there. The strength of the atack is solid: 50 Zero, 43 Val, and 75 Kates. The pilots do quite well but the only problem is they hit EVERYTHING in the harbor and don't concentrate on their primary targets: Asiatic Fleet SS! They do well but I wish their focus was slightly more honed.

SUNK: SS Seal, Perch, S-40, Swordfish, Skipjack, DD Pillsbury, and a PT Boat.
Damaged: Six SS are hit once each. Damage to the following ships is done as well: 2 AKL, 1 AVD, 2 PG, 2 AK, 1 AS, 2 AM, 2 AO, and DD Peary

Disappointing but not horrible. Lose ZERO planes.

1. Hiryu, Soryu, and Ryuho form-up and move a few hexes south. All their aircraft are set on naval Strike--Port Strike: Manila. Ryuho's 30 Zeros are to Sweep Manila.

2. CVLs Shoho and Zuiho move SE of Mindanao and their 24 Kates are set to Naval Attack--AF Attack: Cagayan.

Philippine Attacks:
Iba hit by 9 Zero and 54 Betty--Nells: Heavily Damaged with nearly all P-40s destroyed or damaged.

Clark hit by 81 Zero and 81 Betty--Nells: Heavily Damaged with 8 P-40, 2 B-17, and 3 Recon destroyed and many more damaged on the ground.

Cagayan is hit by 9 Nells and they do great damage for only a Chutai's attack.

Cotabato is CAPTURED by Paras flying in Tinas from Peleliu. Move 9 Zero and 24 Kates there.

Malaya Attacks:
Georgetown sees a major air-to-air clash as 24 Oscars fight 18 Buffalos. A strike of 27 bombers follows with good results for the Japanese.

Alor Star is hit by 21 Bombers.

Kota Bharu is SMASHED by 19 Fighters, 86 Bombers, and BBs Fuso and Yamashiro. Nearly 1,000 casualties are added to a crushed AF.

Kuantan is invaded by five separate TF. A force of 16 Oscars and 11 Zero fend off 5 Air Raids that result in the shooting down of 5 Buffalo, 4 Bombers, and 9 Vildebreest.

Victoria Point FALLS to Army Paratroopers. Base Force moving in next.

Other Attacks:
Hong Kong is hit by over 50 Bombers.

China: Changsha and Wuchow attacked by Fighters and Bombers

Guam is invaded by the South Seas Force and 15th Base Force

Miri is invaded by the 91st Naval Guard

Not too exciting but the PH Attack is nice since I only hit it with 4 CVs. One BB sunk, one BB in sinking condition, two more badly hit, and the remaining all knocked around enough for warrant the repair yard for quite some time.

REALLY wanted more SS at Manila but perhaps I'll bag a few more when I hit the Port tomorrow.

FatR -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (12/1/2012 8:19:54 AM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd

FatR: From your experiences going deep into RA which are the most important late-war engines from your perspective.

Mitsubishi Ha-43, Nakajima Ha-45, of course. Mitsubishi Ha-42 might be important in RA, depending on your preferences, and Nakajima-44 is consumed by just one plane, but it is your best fighter for 1945 (Ki-94), so it is need to be built too. You should continue to use early-war engines to power final upgrades of early-war airframe lines, because switching production to top models in every category will be economically devastating and a number of old planes still have their uses (A6M8 for homeland air defense, Ki-44-IIc for protecting bases with insufficient air support, Ki-43-IIIa for escort, G4M2a/G3M3 for searches/night bombing, and Ki-49-IIb is your best Army ground-pounder for the entire war). I think that expanding engine factories to 450-500 Ha-43, 600 Ha-45, and 80-100 Ha-44 early is a good idea. That might leave you with enough stockpile to last the entire war and continue essential production even in the face of enemy air raids.

The problem is, in RA you start with a little less than 2.8 mln tons of supply, with per-turn income of at most 90k (refineries still produce supply, right?), and the cost of above-mentioned engine expansion is over 1 mln (plus you'll want to expand vehicle production, posssibly shipyards). In my experience, Japan starts experiencing supply crisis during the perimeter defense stage if the overall supply stockpile drops below 2.5 mln. So you might want to monitor the supply situation closely, pausing factory repairs if supply at Home Island drops to critical levels. Aggressive action in China, to secure more resources and LI is also necessary. Consider Bengal, with its plentiful resources and LI factories, as your Stage 2 goal (all of India is probably too big to swallow). Regardless, this expansion needs to be done, if you want a modern and numerically solid airforce in 1944-45. Remember that both airforces greatly expand from late 1943, and Allies get pretty grand numbers of reinforcements late in the war (for example 236 superior Corsairs and 180 Hellcats, plus 128 FM-2 Wildcats for pilot training and backwater squadrons to USN alone from 9/1944). I advise to consider this a higher priority than even carrier acceleration (RA already gives extra carriers, after all...), KB won't do much when enemy can steamroll your LBA by superior tech and numbers, and then leapfrog safely among demolished Japanese airfields.

FatR -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (12/1/2012 8:32:04 AM)

Regarding initial action: you did rather well here, for not launching an all-out PH strike. I personally still advocate smashing PH with all of KB's might (even though my own PH strikes never work that well). Surface superiority is very important in AE, and although many players tend to underuse their slow battleships, there is no guarantee that your current opponent will.

FatR -> RE: Islands of Destiny: RA 5.0 Japanese Side (12/1/2012 10:41:26 AM)

For comparison, my own engine production for an early version of RA by April of 1944, which might be insufficient later, because I started late-war expansions far too late, active/repairing:

Aichi Ha-60: 40 (Ki-61-II KAI)
Mitsubishi Ha-31: 55 (Ki-45 KAId)
Mitsubishi Ha-32: 400 (B6N2, E15K1, G4M2a, G4M3, H8K2, H8K2-L)
Mitsubishi Ha-33: 360 (A6M8, A6M8-S, D4Y3, H6K4-L, Ki-46-III in production, D4Y4, Ki-102c planned)
Mitsubishi Ha-43: 378/142 (A7M2, D4Y5, N1K5-J in production, A7M3, B7A3, J7W1, Ki-74-I, Ki-83 planned)
Nakajima Ha-34: 580 (Ki-44-IIc, Ki-49-IIb, Ki-49-II KAI in production)
Nakajima Ha-35: 400 (A6M5b, A6M7, J1N1-C, Ki-43-IV, Ki-45 KAIa in production, Ki-43-IIIa awaits availability for a factory conversion)
Nakajima Ha-44: 75/6 (Ki-94-II)
Nakajima Ha-45: 735/15 (Ki-84a, P1Y1, Ki-67a (T) in production, C6N1-S, G8N1, Ki-67-Ib, Ki-84b, Ki-84r planned, N1K2-J awaits availability for a factory conversion)
NE Turbojet: 80 (Ki-201)

Take note that Ki-67 uses Mitsubishi Ha-42 engine in the RA 5 version.

John 3rd -> Planning (12/1/2012 4:01:41 PM)

Thanks FatR. That is a REAL help to anyone playing the RA Scenario.

Got the turn sent back to Dan. We did have a pwhex issue when I played through the turn last night. I sent him the one I've got for the scenario. It is straight from DBB Site and so it should clear up any pressing issues there. Like any player, I hate doing the Turn One Japanese side can only imagine the HELL it is to do the Turn TWO Allied side.

Think the aerial side went pretty well for an opening. Knocked down or destroyed nearly 100 planes and seriously set the RAF over Malaya back pretty well.

Thoughts now turn to Grand Strategy. I want to make it LOOK like an all-out assault on Australia is occurring when the actuality will be the taking of Eastern India.

For this to be convincing I must move FAST coming down from Truk taking Rabaul--New Caledonia--Norfolk Island and then swing west with a Landing in Bowen by at least 2+ ID (one of these shall be the 14th ID from Manchuria). On the Western Side I'll use the 56th to take Mindanao and then go Timor--Derby--Exmouth--Western Australia with at least 2+ ID. Am thinking of leaving NW Aust untouched and see if he evacuates there once my thrusts occur in the East and West. Will have to think about that. The goal is to have Australia fully enveloped by March 1st. Will use the 4th ID (after taking Palembang--Oosthaven) to make a quick grab of Cocos so I secure that flank to Aussieland.

Must grab Port Blair quickly. Will try that using the Army Paras but don't think they are strong enough. I'll take a page out of Viperpol's manual and try to smash down those units there with airpower and then waltz in with my Paras.

Am going to make a FEEBLE attack into Burma. I want to trap those units there. Goal will be simple to get to Moulmein for the AF.

EVERY Tank Regiment I can find and buy will be used for a Viza Landing along with 5-6 ID and Support Units. Plan to move the SNLF Para Assault Brigade in with this Landing and then use them to disrupt movement between Western--Eastern India. Want to take a line roughly North--South of Viza eventually.

Want to land here in late-March.

Question is should I take Ceylon? Hmmm... It can be a thorn in the Left Flank but is not overly essential.

Once India is fully enveloped I shall look to Australia and make a command decision as to how to fight. If things are going well I shall work to defend a Bowen--Cloncurry--Tennant Creek--Kalgoorlie Line. If poorly then I will evacuate Eastern Australia and defend TC--Kalgoorlie.

As quickly as possible I shall move the CVs into two major units working Eastern Australia and doing major forays into the IO to kill ships and reinforcements.

Opening Plans:
The KB shall refuel north of PH and then move towards Midway. CarDiv1 will separate and Cover the Midway--Wake Landings while CarDiv5 moves to Truk and rendezvous with the 2 CVLs (Zuiho--Shoho). These four carriers will then operate in the Coral Sea and south towards New Zealand until March or so. CarDiv2 (Formally Comprised of Hiryu, Soryu, Ryuho with 72 Zero, 45 Val, 63 Kate) will move into the Eastern DEI Area then Sweep along the Southern side of Java towards Oosthaven--Cocos--IO. CarDiv1 will return to Paramushiro Jima and Cover the Aleutian Landings along with the two CVEs and then head south to make the push into the IO.

1. I don't play for auto-victory. Dan obsesses about this but I simply play to create the perimeter, push as hard as possible, and then FIGHT for all I am worth.
2. Want to severely maul his Fleet. I am a Fleet Action player. Any chance possible I will going after his shipping and warships. Would love to take a crack at Lex or Ent EARLY in this fight.
3. Since Dan knows I hate land combat I am hoping the combined Australia--India Offensives stun him and catch him off guard.
4. What will Dan be? Will he be aggressive? Will he fight carefully and look to exploit something? RA brings a much more focused and stronger Japanese push into the DEI. I MUST Gain the resources and oil ASAP or risk economic collapse. If he tries to fight or sting-and-move in the DEI he will suffer immense casualties. This should be an unpleasant surprise for him.
5. I know he will be methodical and tough without making many mistakes. I MUST get him off-balance and try to force a mistake. This shall be the key to things.
6. What I know and plan on is this: he is a good friend who (like Michael and Paul) was there for me during an exceedingly rough time in life about 5 years ago. I respect the HELL out of this opponent and friend. He will be tough but always a Southern Gentleman.

This being nicely said, it is now my job to WHOOP HIS A**!

Banzai! Banzai!! BANZAI!!!


Dan Nichols -> RE: Planning (12/1/2012 5:12:53 PM)

Yes, much appreciated FatR. Notes taken and implemented.

FatR -> RE: Planning (12/1/2012 7:06:41 PM)


ORIGINAL: John 3rd

Thanks FatR. That is a REAL help to anyone playing the RA Scenario.

Take note, that I'm still stuck with a very early version, so some changes can/should be done in the current build. For example, sticking with the earliest version of Ki-45 is no longer mandatory, because big guns are hopefully not useless now, and you might want to develop Ki-61 line into Ki-100, instead of using Ki-44-IIc/Ki-43-IV as low-maintenance late-war fighters (Ki-43-IIIa is purely for escort/kamikaze missions, I don't really expect them to shoot down anything).

John 3rd -> RE: Planning (12/2/2012 10:36:01 PM)

Thanks Stanislav. The advice shall be acted upon ASAP.

Dan wrote back today and said he would be working on the turn this afternoon and might get it back to me tonight. Think that sounds pretty good to me.

Continue to refine plans for things.

KB-2 (Hiryu--Soryu--Ryuho) I've got several of the 8,000T AOs at Babeldoap. These are going to be key for keeping CarDIv2 in a highly aggressive mode. I shall be restricting their Kates to bombs until I get them below Java and then allow that to occur. With three decent TB Daitai present I should be able to have about six days of TTs by alternating which Kates are carrying TTs for the day. Will Post a screenshot of their planned move but imagine hitting Manila--be south of Mindanao--refuel--cross east of Kendari--Shoot the Barrier somewhere between Koepang and eastern Java--then begin hunting in earnest for targets of opportunity and end up at Oosthaven. Figure a two week or so cruise.

KB-1 (CarDiv1 and 5) Swing north, refuel, move towards Midway, SPLIT off CarDiv1 to cover Midway and Wake, send CarDiv5 to Truk to rendezvous with 2 CVLs, refuel and rearm, head south of Rabaul, and move into the Coral Sea heading for NZ and nailing the eastern coast of Australia. MUST make it look like I'm cutting off Aussieland.

Cutting off Aussieland is the KEY to the distraction. Think I shall try to grab Cocos in the west just as fast as I can. Might us my Tinas from Oosthaven or Palembang to make an attempt to grab it by Paras... Fast TF might work as well. That move would be covered by KB-2.

Ahhhhh...just smoke right now until things really get moving. At ay rate this keeps readers appraised of my longer term thinking.

Any suggestions shall help!

John 3rd -> Planning CV Ops (12/2/2012 10:42:03 PM)

Here is the screenshot.

Will need the 3-4 of the big AOs to help support CarDiv5 and will keep 2-3 refueling CarDiv1.


bradfordkay -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/2/2012 11:56:21 PM)

"With three decent TB Daitai present I should be able to have about six days of TTs by alternating which Kates are carrying TTs for the day. "

How do you control which squadrons use torpedoes?

pws1225 -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/3/2012 12:23:35 AM)

If you select a CV TF and then select each individual CV, the groups on that particular CV appear. Click on the TB group and you'll see a toggle between 'Use Torpedos' and "Use Bombs". Select the one you want and you're good to go with the weapon of choice.

bradfordkay -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/3/2012 3:20:30 AM)

Heh... I've never noticed that. I should have realized that it was a toggle when it shows up in a color other than white, but it hadn't occurred to me... I just figured that it was telling me that I either had torpedoes or was out.

John 3rd -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/3/2012 5:47:04 AM)

It is very easy to do. One has just got to REMEMBER it!

With these three I simply alternate the CV TB Daitai carrying TTs. Hiryu's 24 Kates go first, then Soryu's 21, and finally Ryuho's 18. Will work the rotation so I have some TTs available each day.

pws1225 -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/3/2012 11:01:27 PM)

Hmm ... no post in almost 18 hours. Me thinks John is out playing in his caboose.

Hey John, have you thought about moving your computer out to the caboose? Remember the thread from a while back about the setup various players have in their homes where they play AE. Some were quit impressive, but none could compare to a laptop perched in caboose's cupola. Just a thought, but a mighty nice one.

John 3rd -> Of Cupolas and AE... (12/4/2012 4:10:27 AM)

Damn but you REALLY made me laugh with that!

Got the turn in from Dan so I will run that as soon as my wife is sleeping...

Would you mean THIS Cupola?


John 3rd -> RE: Planning CV Ops (12/4/2012 4:11:29 AM)


ORIGINAL: pws1225

Hmm ... no post in almost 18 hours. Me thinks John is out playing in his caboose.

Hey John, have you thought about moving your computer out to the caboose? Remember the thread from a while back about the setup various players have in their homes where they play AE. Some were quit impressive, but none could compare to a laptop perched in caboose's cupola. Just a thought, but a mighty nice one.

We're getting our decals and first windows on Wednesday. It is my fervent HOPE that this is my office starting in about April or May!

John 3rd -> Decorated (12/4/2012 4:21:03 AM)

Here the boys are and our Lady all traditionally decorated for the Holidays:


John 3rd -> It's a beginning... (12/4/2012 8:35:16 AM)

First blood for the Japanese Submarine Arm goes to I-159 who sinks TK Iris near Muntok with--get this--SIX TTs! Hope not all Allied ships are that stout...

This is a beginning. Course we don't want to discuss the 5 missed shots at DDs and a perfectly missed set-up on CL Honolulu. [sm=00000007.gif]

Late night. Will Post the turn in the morning.


traskott -> RE: It's a beginning... (12/4/2012 12:16:56 PM)

Aaaah.. submarine warfare... It's the poor brother of the War in the Pacific.

John 3rd -> Crushing the Herd! (12/4/2012 6:17:34 PM)

Combat Report
Dec 8-9, 1941

I sent Dan his turn this morning at 1:30am and found the next one waiting after I got the boys to school. Forgot just how quick he can be with his play. Nice to be self-employed!

OK. No major surprises as of yet. We'll go Theatre to Theatre:

North Pacific
I will make my early, fast moves here to grab everything west of Dutch Harbor. Dan likes to play up here so there may be some action. To cover that, I shall split CarDiv1 off and send it North in a couple of days. Will use Fast TF to grab Attu, Amchitka, Umnak, and anything else valuable and then move in Engineers. They can work during the winter and see if Mr. Roper has any plans up here.

Central Pacific
KB refuels on the 9th and trails its coat moving towards Midway. Want him to see that so he knows NOT to mess with this area. I want Wake and Midway without attle so I can turn to the real targets. MY AOs retire NW towards Paramushiro Jima.

Land and take Tarawa on the 8th.

Attack Guam on the 9th and get 2-1 but no surrender. Will finish that on the 10th.

Land and take Tabiteuea on the 9th.

TFs head to Ocean and Nauru...

South Pacific
Fast TF lands a Base Force at Kavieng on the 9th.

An Ro- took a shot at CL Leander heading towards Rabaul. GREAT! Order the 3 CL and 3 DD that dropped troops off at Kavieng to consolidate with the 4 CA and 4 DD about to bombard Rabaul. Looks like we'll have chance at sinking some ANZAC cruisers.

TF headed towards Madang, Lunga, and Marus.

Normal bloodbath happening here as 5-6 small STF are sinking the Thundering Herd as it flees the area. Looks like he is bugging out in all directions hoping to save something. Sounds good. We'll sink as many as we can.

Big Furball over Manila on the 8th and the P-40s are crushed under 3 Daitai's Sweeps prior to 50+ Betty--Nells making the planned Port strike. Numerous ships hit. No aerial resistance on the 9th so my planes pound shipping again.

Hit Bataan, Clark, and Cagayan both days trying to keep Forts from being built.

KB-2 slips through the central Islands on the 8th and takes position in the Sulu Sea while the 2 CVLs move south of Mindanao. All CVs fly strikes sinking ships. The CVLs launch an AF strike at Cagayan on the 9th and find the P-40s that fled Manila. The raid of 16 Zero and 24 Kates fight their way through nearly 20 P-40s and hit the base. Lose a Zero and 4 Kates for 7 P-40s. CVL Kate Chutai are very brittle. Move the CVLs south for a day and then on to Babeldoap then east to Truk.

Since it appears he's risking Force Z, I order KB-2 to a high speed run along northern Borneo in hopes of getting a shot at Prince and Repulse. One swipe and then back to the plan.

Land and take Naga on the 9th.

Land at San Fernando and Aparri on the 9th.

Cotabato gets 24 Kates and 16 Mavis on the 8th and a Fast TF begins unloading 2 Base Force on the 9th. Try to make grabs at Cagayan and Malaybalay but am unsuccessful in taking the bases with Paras alone. Guess it is up to the 56th ID.

Western DEI
Grab Miri on the 8th and move another TF there with 2 Base Forces.

Form a FTF of CA, CLs, and DDs to grab Singkawang. They depart on the 8th headed for their target. A BB Bombardment TF follows them by a day. If the FTF cannot immediately take the target the BBs will hammer it and we'll try again.

The 4th ID Palembang IF moves past CRB on the 8th and advances SW. Have got to VERY careful here. Cannot risk the TF being intercepted.

Bettys attack the Prince of Wales and company one hex NW of Singkawang on the 9th. Two bombs hit the BB but nothing is accomplished other then showing me where they are.

Take Kuantan on the 8th and move 45 fighters and 27 Betty there. More convoys headed here so I can consolidate my two Inf Div. Have an Air Flotilla landing there tomorrow so I have TTs for my bombers.

Bombers hit AFs on the 8th and then shift to troop targets on the 9th. As expected the Allies appear to be giving up the entire peninsula without a fight.

Have an Invasion TF headed for Mersing. They won't arrive for 3 days but I'll grab it if it appears practical.

Finish moving the Army Paras to Victoria Point. They rest as I transport in 3 Base Forces. They will launch a Para Attack on Pt. Blair on the 11th after the units there are plastered by about 100 bombers.

Troops moving towards Changsha and the Central Plains bases. Fairly standard opening here.

Attack Hong Kong on the 9th and get 2-1 lowering the Forts to 1 and shall take the base tomorrow.

SS Ops
12-9 I-121 hits a big target near Georgetown with a single TT as AP Dominion Monarch tries to flee. The same SS then sinks AK Neleus with two attacks.
12-9 Ro-64 sinks AKL Luzon at Jolo
12-9 I-122 sinks AK Wing Sang at Langsa
12-9 I-160 blasts AMC Kanimbla with 3 TTs near Batavia

On Turn 1-3 I work to prioritize my Aircraft Research, Building, and Engine needs. Focus on Tojo IIa research , expand Zero, Val, and Kate, expand Sally, heavy research devoted to MISTERs Frank and George. Corresponding engines expanded...

Small expansion of Naval Shipyards. Stop ALL SS construction until I get BB Yamato. Leave all construction ON for new warships. WANT those new Shokaku-Kais and Kawachi BCs!

Those are the major notes for the two days.

John 3rd -> Crushing the Herd! (12/4/2012 6:23:02 PM)

Example of the STF doing their job:


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