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Erik2 -> Rommel - the spy (11/9/2012 12:53:01 PM)

There is no Rommel in the German 'faces' folder.
But there is an odd looking Rommel in the Polish faces...


TAIL_GUNNER -> RE: Rommel - the spy (11/10/2012 10:52:31 PM)

from Wikipedia:

Juliusz Karol Wilhelm Józef Rómmel (German: Julius Karl Wilhelm Josef Freiherr von Rummel; born 3 June 1881 in Grodno - died 8 September 1967 in Warsaw) was a Polish military commander and a general of the Polish Army. During the Polish-Bolshevik War, he gained great fame for achieving a decisive victory in the Battle of Komarów, the largest cavalry engagement of the 20th century. A commander of two Polish armies during the Polish Defensive War of 1939, Rómmel was one of the most controversial of the generals to serve during that conflict. He was also a distant relative of the future German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.

Erwin was only a divisional commander during the timeframe of this game....and is thus not included as a leader.

Erik2 -> RE: Rommel - the spy (11/11/2012 9:55:43 PM)

Thanks for the info.
I had forgotten that Rommel was a measly divisional commander at Arras.

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