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Baron Wombat -> Sleep Command (10/3/2012 5:00:19 PM)

I can't figure out why this command would be good to use. What am I missing?

Josh -> RE: Sleep Command (10/3/2012 9:37:40 PM)

Never used it myself, maps are too small and there are too few units so you can check each one easily. Maybe if the maps were very much larger, or if there were 10 times as many units... but as it is it's quite useless IMHO. Maybe it's a relic from the old PG?

henri51 -> RE: Sleep Command (11/3/2012 7:01:01 PM)

I use it a lot. It is useful when there are a number of units that could still move but you don't want to move some of them and don't want to scroll three times through the list to find the ones that you want to move.

El Condoro -> RE: Sleep Command (11/7/2012 9:50:48 AM)

Use in conjunction with "N" (Next) key to toggle through all units on the map. Use "Z" to sleep (sentry?) the ones that you've checked and don't want to check again (with "N"). There is also Shift-Z, which will sleep/sentry the unit for all subsequent turns (until you select it manually) - I use that one for units that have no (current) use such as garrisons behind the lines etc. There is also the option for the game to tell you if you have unmoved units at the end of the turn but I find that annoying. :)

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