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M60A3TTS -> The War for Survival - M60A3TTS vs Saper222 (9/23/2012 5:28:59 AM)

Like everyone, I've had my share of bad ideas. Taking up this challenge may be right up there. [;)]

This will be the 41-45 GC, random weather and I will again take the Soviet side.

My hope is that now with a pair of games played into 1943, I have some clue as to what I should be doing.

Goal #1 is lasting longer than Saper's last opponent. We shall see.

Baelfiin -> RE: The War for Survival - M60A3TTS vs Saper222 (no Saper) (9/23/2012 8:04:13 PM)

Looking forward to watching this one

M60A3TTS -> Turn 1 (9/25/2012 5:34:58 AM)

Turn 1 - 6/22/41

In the north, Saper's panzers crossed over the Daugava, but did not try to storm Riga. Red Army defenses were put together in the vicinity of Pskov. A number of higher morale divisions were set to refit and sent to this area.

In the center, his forces reached the outskirts of Minsk. A screen line went up over the Berezina while other units occupied the east bank of the Dnepr.

In the south, Saper did the extended Lvov opening. Defense lines went up along the Dnestr and extended north to the Sluch River. Units moved to occupy Odessa, Sevastopol and the Kerch Straits.

None of the pockets were breakable.

The Red Air Force headed for the national reserve. 2300 airframes were lost on the ground.

No command changes took place as I don't want incoming commanders saddled with losses not of their own creation. The disbands included the FZ's, the Baltic and Black Sea air commands as well as the Volga MD air command. I also got rid of some sapper battalions that will reform as regiments.

No industry evacs on turn 1 allowed of course. Priority in the following two weeks will be the arms factories of the Southwest Ukraine.

M60A3TTS -> RE: Turn 1 (9/25/2012 5:39:58 AM)







timmyab -> RE: Turn 1 (9/25/2012 10:58:23 AM)

I see a dangerous weakness just North of Vinnitsa.If you're going to defend that line you need to put a big plug in that gap with units in front and behind as well.I think his armor will be through there like a knife through butter.
I do sometimes defend that line but not against the extended Lvov.That opening makes the decision to clear out of Dodge an easy one.
Good idea not to change commanders on turn one.

M60A3TTS -> Turn 2 (9/26/2012 4:11:56 PM)

WEEK 2 - 6/26/41

1st Panzer Division leads PzGrp 4 over the Velikaya towards Pskov.


In the center, Guderian's forces head for the land bridge west of Smolensk.


In the south, timmyab was right to point out the weakness of Vinnitsa, but there are only so many troops available with so many already surrounded. A new pocket is formed there and a pair of other divisions doomed. The Red Army falls back to screen Kiev. Four arms factories are evacuated from there.


Northwest Front receives several command changes, with Generals Zakharov, Vasilevsky and Tolbukhin taking over 8th, 11th and 27th Armies. 28th Army under Rodion Malinovsky joins Northern Front.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 3 (9/27/2012 1:52:07 PM)

WEEK 3 - 7/3/41

The Northwest Front is strengthened and AI Stalin relieves Fyodor Kuznetsov from command replacing him with Zhukov. Not an unwelcome development since the armies are already strengthened with good commanders and units, so Shaposhnikov will remain at STAVKA for the time being.

The Smolensk sector is the weaker area and Dnepr defenses much weaker than I have committed to in the past. Three divisions are newly pocketed. Reserve armies near Moscow move up to Rzhev-Kaluga and await arrival of Reserve Front next turn. Those units go on refit.

In the south, a screen line is formed to protect the D-Z area while arms evacuations can be arranged. Defenses shift south away from Kiev and more to resist a crossing of the Dnepr across from Poltava.

All 16 arms from D-town are sent off to Molotov.

Air regiment TO&Es are now down to 20 aircraft so fighter replacements start in the NR, with LaGG-3, Mig-1 and MiG-3s replacing first the I-153s and then the I-16 series. Morale is still low for some of these of these (in 30's) so we will keep them in the NR until they recover more morale. In the meantime, I re-deployed about 180 fighter bombers each to Northern and NW air commands.

The weather forecast for next week is rain in the central zone (i.e. turn 4 is back). [;)] That will give me more options on how to defend in the area of Smolensk-Vyazma with the next wave of arriving divisions.

M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEK 3 (9/27/2012 1:56:58 PM)





Moscow (Rzhev-Kaluga Line)






Harrybanana -> RE: The War for Survival - M60A3TTS vs Saper222 (no Saper) (10/6/2012 10:11:21 PM)

Is this game still active?

M60A3TTS -> RE: The War for Survival - M60A3TTS vs Saper222 (no Saper) (10/6/2012 10:59:58 PM)


ORIGINAL: Harrybanana

Is this game still active?

Yes it is. I've been playing this game rather slowly and since Saper is also playing with Kamil, I don't think the pace is an issue for him. Things will probably pick up once we have a few more turns in the books. In any case I will be updating this shortly.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 4 (10/6/2012 11:25:47 PM)

WEEK 4 - 7/10/41

Marshal Mud arrived to take over the Central Soviet Weather Zone which extended from Leningrad to Dnepropetrovsk. Movement across most of the front was reduced for both sides. German mobile formations in the north remained concentrated 20-30 miles northeast of Pskov. In the center, Reserve Front under Gen-Lt Ivan Bogdanov was assigned various armies defending the Rzhev-Kaluga line as the enemy amassed formations on the land bridge. In the south, Red Army units established a defensive line on the east bank of the Dnepr.

On the Finnish frontier, Northern Front units established defensive positions near Janisjarvi.

Due to the terrain conditions, the Axis forces were unable to establish any new pockets.

A few Soviet cavalry divisions were assigned to the Volga Military District for training and augmentation near Saratov.

Our aircraft deployments included about 350 between Northern and Nothwest Fronts with close to 300 around Moscow. Manual upgrades continued in order to gradually phase out the I-16 fighter regiments. About 5.500 aircraft remained in the National Reserve to continue to recover morale.

Arms factories at Vsevolzhsky (near Leningrad) and Zaporozhye were evacuated.

HITMAN202 -> RE: The War for Survival - M60A3TTS vs Saper222 (no Saper) (10/7/2012 12:25:03 AM)

Mud in the Central Region on turn #4 is just too much of a summer game-changer. It slows the German infantry march to the battle in nearly every army group sector and gives the Soviets another turn to strengthen forts. It's too great of a variable and, in this case, gives M60 a good chance to hold Moscow.

Flaviusx appropriately deems the '41 summer German O as a sexual arousal to the '42 summer climax, but if my personal experiences are a gage, less of the first hurts much the latter.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 5 (10/7/2012 10:49:06 PM)

WEEK 5 - 7/17/41

In the north, the panzer formations northeast of Pskov turned southeast to assist in the pocketing of two rifle divisions and an airborne brigade. Additional German motorized formations farther south surround another three divisions and another airborne brigade.

In the center, the German 20th motorized divisons make a strike east and take Vyazma.

In the south, SS divisions Das Reich and LSSAH cross the Dnepr with 10th Panzer Division.

At Kharkov, the T-34 plant and all arms factories are evacuated.

M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEK 5 (10/7/2012 10:52:52 PM)

North and Center




TulliusDetritus -> RE: WEEK 5 (10/7/2012 11:24:43 PM)

It looks like Leningrad is not on his radar. The center is. I suspect you will have to concentrate your forces on this area, comrade! [8D]

Still, you're giving him a free pass in the center. His spearheads are already near the Rzhev-Vyazma axis.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 6 (10/8/2012 2:37:37 PM)

WEEK 6 - 7/24/41

Mud hit the North Soviet Weather Zone to slow down Saper's advance on Moscow. The surrounded Red Army units west of Velikie Luki are liquidated.

In the south, a single thrust by Saper's panzertruppen drive into Kharkov that destroys the remaining industry there. Odessa falls and two defending rifle divisions and an armor division are routed.

20 arms factories are evacuated at Stalino as the stronger southern units are deployed to defend the city.

M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEK 6 (10/8/2012 2:40:14 PM)







HITMAN202 -> RE: The War for Survival - M60A3TTS vs Saper222 (no Saper) (10/8/2012 6:01:19 PM)

M60, show your fort strengths. It'll give us an idea of what you're setting up defensively.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 7 (10/24/2012 4:07:52 AM)

WEEK 7 - 7/31/41

Saper's northern push comes south of Lake Ilmen crossing over the Pola with 5 panzer and 4 motorized divisions. A pocket of two rifle and one tank division was broken by Red Army units.

In the center, a couple German attacks on the Rzhev-Kaluga Line.

The Axis pushes hard in the south



sillyflower -> RE: WEEK 7 (10/25/2012 6:48:55 PM)

looks like you disbanded 6 army HQs. You will need them if you survive the first stage, and they will cost you 25 APs each to replace so might not be wise to disband any more

M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEK 7 (10/25/2012 7:03:18 PM)

The only HQs I disbanded other than corps HQ was Baltic and Black Sea fleet HQs.  The game may be counting army HQs destroyed that got killed in a pocket, but then reappear the following turn.

randallw -> RE: WEEK 7 (10/25/2012 9:23:53 PM)

HQs caught in pockets are supposed to displace, not get destroyed.

Maybe you can look at the list of destroyed units, turn by turn, and list the HQs from there.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 8 (10/27/2012 11:29:25 PM)

WEEK 8 - 8/7/41

The situation is not good on any front but is particularly difficult near Moscow.

In the north, Saper surrounded several divisions around the Valdai.


In the center, his forces punch through the Rzhev-Kaluga line and go so far as to destroy some aircraft factories at Khimki


In the south, Belgorod falls and several Red Army units are cut off south of Stalino.


Factory evacuations continue as the 15 arms of Rostov are sent east.

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 9 (10/27/2012 11:43:54 PM)

WEEK 9 - 8/14/41

In the north, Saper finishes off the units surrounded around the Valdai Hills and pushes on with his mobile forces.


In the center with the Rzhev-Kaluga line breached, it was necessary to fall back in the north of Moscow.


In the south, an attempt to relieve the pocket and at least attempt to put up a fight has more Red Army units cut off.


Durgard -> RE: WEEK 9 (10/27/2012 11:56:09 PM)

OUCH ! He strikes really hard ! [:(] His Panzers are simply too fast... Amazing ! (for a noobie like me [:)])

M60A3TTS -> WEEK 10 (10/28/2012 12:21:40 AM)

WEEK 10 - 8/21/41

The 7th Independent Army in the far north continues to force the Finns to fight for terrain, but are still losing consistently to their northern opponent


Farther south, no deep strike eastward by German forces, but still maneuvering to gobble up more and more of the Red Army. It's hard for infantry to outrun tanks.


The Germans reach Voronezh.


Farther south, will he have enough time to march on Stalingrad?


All major factory evacuations are complete except for the arms at Tula.

Peltonx -> RE: WEEK 10 (10/28/2012 2:06:55 AM)

You fighting at all in the south? To be that far south that early is not possible unless you simply are not fighting?

If he can push on to Stalingrad then hes found a way around .13 for sure. As the railhead on turn 8 is 270 miles west of D-town.

I have seen in one of my games and I have to check the others now 3 panzer HQ's with 500+ fuel in them(42), which is not possible even after build ups now if .13 is working.

Mybee something is just plain broken as the railheads in the south are way past 20 hexes from the front, so fuel should be very low under normal .13.

But if for some reason HQ's are holding more then 200 pts of fuel now then muling is back and so are run away 41's again.

Peltonx -> RE: WEEK 10 (10/28/2012 2:12:03 AM)

That right hook is very hard to stop.

gingerbread -> RE: WEEK 10 (10/29/2012 12:28:28 AM)

What versions are you and your opponent using? Yours is stated on the top bar, his in the event log.

M60A3TTS -> RE: WEEK 10 (10/29/2012 1:17:04 AM)

We are both on 1.06.19

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