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Ullern -> Negative prestige in between scenarios (6/9/2012 7:25:46 PM)

After Gallop/Star I got minus 560 prestige points applied, see picture.
I didn't do any action that costs prestige, so this bug is unrelated to any such action.
I'm not sure about the exact point in time when the negative points were applied.

Details in the chain of events that I'm sure of.
I finished Gallop/Star
Started Orel/Briansk
Didn't do any moves, but quit instead
Restarted Unity of Command just like two minutes later
Then as I was to add specialist steps from force pool but could not, and started looking for clues to why not.

When viewing history, the history tells me I had +64 prestige points after doing the last move in Gallop/Star. And "-96" prestige points already before the first move in Orel/Briansk.

Actually: When I try to reload campaign at Orel/Briansk, the -560 points are removed. But when I then start Orel/Briansk again I start with "-96" prestige points, and when I look at the campaign map the -560 points have reappeared.

In the top picture you see I can't add a 120mm to the active unit. The force pools additions are supposed to be free, but I can't think of any other explanation than the negative prestige points. I then went back to the campaign map and took the bottom picture which has a line "Orel/Briansk -560". I'm not sure when that line appeared. I didn't notice that line before.

I continued playing, but the negative points spent stays put also after I conclude Orel/Briansk.

Game details:
I'm using the Matrix version. I ran the updater after discovering this error to see if there was any new version, but the updater told me I already had the newest. Which is 1.02 according to the credits.


Ullern -> RE: Negative prestige in between scenarios (6/9/2012 9:58:21 PM)

Actually this bug has been present in more scenarios. I just didn't notice before.

I installed the hotfix (1.03 Matrix version found by a link in these forums.)
I reloaded campaign at Orel/Briansk, but the issue reapeared.
I reloaded campaign at Gallop/Star instead, and the minus 560 points didn't reapear, but when I started I noticed I was awarded -80 points at the start of that scenario. But I hadn't noticed before since it was that little.

Picture shows campaign map status after starting Gallop/Star without doing anything yet.


2xTom -> RE: Negative prestige in between scenarios (6/10/2012 8:56:29 AM)


this issue was introduced in 1.02. The 1.03 update fixes the issue, but you need to restart the campaign, otherwise negative prestige stays.

Sorry about the problems, once we were told about it we did our best to fix right away.



Ullern -> RE: Negative prestige in between scenarios (6/10/2012 9:36:54 PM)


wlhosch -> RE: Negative prestige in between scenarios (6/11/2012 6:45:20 PM)

I have BV's in the first three scenarios and -282 prestige. So you are telling me that I have to start from the beginning to fix this?!

While I have thoroughly enjoyed playing these first scenarios, and was looking forward to more scenarios, I really don't know about starting over!

2xTom -> RE: Negative prestige in between scenarios (6/14/2012 11:31:15 PM)

Yeah, I'm sorry about that [:(]

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