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Gil R. -> "Conflict of Heroes" Reviews and Awards (5/16/2012 9:42:47 AM)

So far, "Conflict of Heroes" has been reviewed here:

Out of Eight PC Game Reviews (7/8 rating)
"Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear! takes a solid board game foundation and creates a compelling computer wargame adaptation.... Conflict of Heroes benefits from the simplicity required for a board game, and the computer version is definitely approachable and appropriate for novices and veterans alike."

One Guy, Too Many Games (B+ rating)
Part I: http://www.oneguytoomanygames.com/2012/05/conflict-of-heroes-awakening-bear.html
Part II: http://www.oneguytoomanygames.com/2012/05/conflict-of-heroes-awakening-bear-pc.html
"The turn system in Conflict of Heroes shines in multiplayer since the back and forth action keeps the players engaged and not idle for long. Chat messages display in the log and also in large font at the top of the screen to get the player’s attention. Being able to engage a human instead of the AI should be a perk for those who play online more frequently than I do."

Net Wargaming Italia (8.8/10 rating)

7iD Gaming (80% rating)
"Eine Perle unter den Multiplayerspielen ist geboren." ("A pearl among multiplayer games is born.")

Real and Simulated Wars (A rating)
"A bonafide, seamless port of an awesome board game with a tremendous amount of value added. Excellent artwork, professionally designed user interface and graphics, plenty of scenarios, a fully functional editor (your imagination is the limit) and a window to play this great game with anybody around the world. A great game made even better. Highly recommended."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun (no rating)
"Of the dozen or so scenarios I’ve attempted thus far, the infantry-dominated affairs have been the most enjoyable and credible. Rushing rifle squads across open ground, storming village hexes with CAP-buffed SMGers, sneaking LMG teams into hilltop copses so that they can act as spotters for ridge-screened mortar teams… every turn has its share of fraught ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ moments."

PC4WAR (5/5 rating)
(French magazine; no link)

Wargamer.com (no rating)
"So what did I think about the game? I liked this game; the combat is fast and furious. The game was never dull even after frequent replays as I kept discovering different strategies to the scenario. It was fun because I didn't have to look through countless charts just to attack with my LMG team. Also, it kept simple some of the mechanics that often bog down some tactical games.... The multiplayer option is sure to please, as well as the scenario editor which allows you to create custom battles.... This game should be a worthy part of any World War Two tactical gamer's collection and any wargamer's collection."

If you've come across reviews not listed here please let us know.

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