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KenchiSulla -> DBB - C: Cannonfodder (Allies) vs Dennishe (Japan) (5/6/2012 3:45:22 PM)

Having experience in playing the Japanese I decided to pick up a game as the allies. Wonder what if feels like playing the good guys!

Advanced weather ON
Allied damage control ON
Historical first turn OFF
Dec 7 surprise ON
Reliable USN torps OFF
Realistic R&D ON
No unit withdrawals OFF
Reinforcements Fixed

Combat reports ON
Auto sub ops OFF
TF move radius ON
Plane move radius ON
Facilities expand OFF
Auto upgrade ships and airgroups OFF
Air and ground replacements OFF
Turn cycle 1 TURN

1st turn, allied player only able to command TF already at sea. Max 30% cap set per squadron.
Max. alt for sweeps/caps 30k feet
No 4e naval bombing below 10k

As you might know Dennis is also writing a restricted AAR. If you are a reader of both AARs I would appreciate it if you would NOT tell me, or hint me, or somehow be influenced by Dennis his posts when you write here… What is written in the AAR stays in the AAR!

Thank you and I hope you will find the AAR enjoyable!

KenchiSulla -> First week I (5/6/2012 4:17:20 PM)

December 1941


The classic opening.. Pearl Harbour is under attack. Total suprise is achieved and the US CAP is swiftly delt with by the IJN. Flak is however very effective and damage relatively light…

Morning Air attack on Pearl Harbor , at 180,107

Weather in hex: Clear sky

Raid detected at 98 NM, estimated altitude 8,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 32 minutes

Japanese aircraft
A6M2 Zero x 68
B5N2 Kate x 144
D3A1 Val x 126

Allied aircraft
P-36A Mohawk x 1
P-40B Warhawk x 4
F4F-3 Wildcat x 2

Japanese aircraft losses
A6M2 Zero: 5 damaged
A6M2 Zero: 6 destroyed by flak
B5N2 Kate: 8 damaged
B5N2 Kate: 2 destroyed by flak
D3A1 Val: 9 damaged
D3A1 Val: 3 destroyed by flak

Allied aircraft losses
P-36A Mohawk: 1 destroyed
P-36A Mohawk: 3 destroyed on ground
P-40B Warhawk: 4 damaged
P-40B Warhawk: 4 destroyed on ground
F4F-3 Wildcat: 1 destroyed
F4F-3 Wildcat: 1 destroyed on ground
B-17D Fortress: 2 destroyed on ground
B-18A Bolo: 3 destroyed on ground
PBY-5 Catalina: 8 destroyed on ground
B-17E Fortress: 1 destroyed on ground
A-20A Havoc: 4 destroyed on ground
SBD-1 Dauntless: 3 destroyed on ground
R3D-2: 1 destroyed on ground
O-47A: 1 destroyed on ground
C-33: 1 destroyed on ground

Allied Ships
xAKL Hirondelle
BB Arizona, Bomb hits 3, Torpedo hits 2, on fire
BB California, Bomb hits 4, Torpedo hits 1, on fire, heavy damage
CM Oglala
DM Gamble
BB Tennessee, Bomb hits 10, heavy fires, heavy damage
CL Helena, Bomb hits 1
BB West Virginia, Bomb hits 3
DM Pruitt
BB Oklahoma, Bomb hits 4, Torpedo hits 3, on fire, heavy damage
BB Maryland, Bomb hits 1, Torpedo hits 2
BB Nevada, Bomb hits 2, Torpedo hits 3, on fire, heavy damage
SS Tautog, Bomb hits 1
CL St. Louis, Bomb hits 1
BB Pennsylvania, Bomb hits 3, Torpedo hits 2
CA New Orleans, Bomb hits 1
CA San Francisco, Bomb hits 1

The USN attempts an intercept of KB the following day with two taskforces revolving around heavy and light cruisers, with a retire order back to Pearl Harbour. Thinking here that the KB would either disengage (highly unlikely considering the low damage they did on day 1) or stay around to pummel the port a second day and not have the Kates and Vals on Naval attack. A risk, but worth taking. Ships will be back under protective CAP (All fighters layered between 10k (P36) and 20k (P40B) during the day phase..

The cruisers fail to make contact as KB slipped a few hexes west-south-west but the assumption I made is correct.. KB lingers and strikes the port again doing decent damage to the battlewagons (no sinkings) but suffering heavy losses to the layered CAP and strong FLAK

Afternoon Air attack on Pearl Harbor , at 180,107

Weather in hex: Moderate rain

Raid detected at 120 NM, estimated altitude 11,000 feet.
Estimated time to target is 45 minutes

Japanese aircraft
A6M2 Zero x 50
B5N2 Kate x 112
D3A1 Val x 86

Allied aircraft
P-26A x 1
P-36A Mohawk x 34
P-40B Warhawk x 63
F4F-3 Wildcat x 4

Japanese aircraft losses
A6M2 Zero: 3 destroyed
B5N2 Kate: 9 destroyed, 12 damaged
B5N2 Kate: 1 destroyed by flak
D3A1 Val: 10 destroyed, 19 damaged
D3A1 Val: 6 destroyed by flak

Allied aircraft losses
P-36A Mohawk: 5 destroyed
P-40B Warhawk: 1 destroyed, 2 damaged
SBD-1 Dauntless: 1 destroyed on ground

Allied Ships
BB Arizona, Bomb hits 2, Torpedo hits 1, heavy damage
BB Oklahoma, Bomb hits 1, heavy damage
BB Nevada, Bomb hits 2, heavy damage
BB West Virginia, Bomb hits 2, on fire
BB Tennessee, Bomb hits 3, on fire, heavy damage
BB Pennsylvania, Bomb hits 2
BB Maryland, Bomb hits 2, Torpedo hits 2, heavy damage

Definitely different from stock!

After sustaining what seems to be 15-20% losses KB retires west, destination Truk? Contact lost 300 miles east of Wake Island..

KenchiSulla -> First week II (5/6/2012 4:36:50 PM)


Probably one of the most covered areas in the First pages of any WitP AAR (after the Pearl Harbour strike). The outcome is however known… Happy to trade blows here and bog down at least parts of the IJA and IJN aviation.. First few days saw landings at Batan Island, Northern coast and also the southeastern tip of Luzon..

Objective? Most probably the destruction or at least the isolation of US and local militairy forces on Luzon!

Plan is to delay the advance while Bataan and Clark field are building up supplies (drawn from Manilla) and fortifications. I set a few of the stronger PA divisions to receive reinforcements and rest.

Several Zeroes, Nells and Betties are shot down untill The Evil Japanese Empire starts sweeping Clark field with hosts of Navy Fighters. Kill rates drop to around 1-15 and soon I will have to stand down and disband the fighter groups on Luzon. Better for the pilots to live and fight another day!

Losses in shipping are relatively light and we even manage to sink a minelaying vessel (CM Tsubame) with a single 21in Mk 10 Torpedo.

Attached you find allied ship losses up to 12-12-1941


KenchiSulla -> First week III (5/6/2012 4:46:14 PM)


Landings near Khota Baru. Japanese push aside the brigades in the area with ease and start the walk to Singapore.

Defense of the area revolves around delay and setting up defenses at Singapore while preventing landings near Mersing. I have pulled all the torpedo bombers and most of the Buffaloes to Singapore. Here I can at least attempt to damage any shipping in a 4-5 hex radius around the airstrips.

I have two taskforces with 4 light cruisers and about 10 destroyers watching for any landings on the southern tip of the Peninsula. They might even be able to intercept transport fleets heading for Miri..

Land based torpedo bombers are a huge threat here. Force Z is in reserve with a taskforce revolving around the Houston watching the area east of Balikpapan.

Other things

Palembang is being build up and being reinforced with a few KNIL Battalions and a regiment. I also am mining the port to prevent a sneak assault on the hex itself. If it looks like I am able I might sneak in the 18th brit division to cause a serious problem for his plans for Sumatra.. If I was Dennis I would try to secure a base for torpedo bombers on Borneo as IMO you can't afford to wait for Singapore to fall. This is the reason why I am building up my surface strength in the area.. Just in case he doesn't use KB to support actions here.. If he gets that base or if he comes in with KB I'll have to withdraw those assets..

THe US carriers move away from KB and will remain passive while I train the airgroups. I might use them in nuisance raids but they can't stand alone vs a well organised Betty strike (escorted) and if operating together they are vulnerable and could be wiped out by KB if I happen to stumble in to them.

Guam is taken and the push into the South pacific begins. I can only guess what Dennis his long term objectives are. His first priority will be without a doubt securing the oilfields and a decent sized port in the CBI..

A cruiser taskforce with whatever supporting ships I can find is being assembled at Brisbane. I have included two AOs as a support unit as I intend to sail them towards Rabaul to attempt an intercept at any invasion attempt there but ONLY if I know the position of KB as I do not want to throw away ships.. I do hate running though..

KenchiSulla -> december 12 (5/6/2012 7:29:59 PM)

War is taking chances..


KenchiSulla -> december 13 (5/6/2012 9:39:40 PM)

Marblehead starts the war a lucky ship. Dodging torpedoes she is now in a position to finish of a troop carrying xAK damaged by O20. She'll steam at full speed and after the attack dash for Batavia.

I have another cruiser force sneaking into position, attempting to stay out of LBA range. She should be able to make a night run on either Miri or Brunei if Dennis pushes ahead with the invasion.


Karsten -> RE: DEI (5/7/2012 4:01:20 AM)

Even in 1941 a few allied old cruisers can cause trouble for the japanize. They have so many axis to attack and some of the amphibious groups tend to be very weak covered.

KenchiSulla -> RE: DEI (5/7/2012 10:24:35 PM)



Even in 1941 a few allied old cruisers can cause trouble for the japanize. They have so many axis to attack and some of the amphibious groups tend to be very weak covered.

That may be but the IJN can project airpower wherever it wants. In this case I am riding the gauntlet with Nells and Betties just within/out of range and a light carrier nearby..

KenchiSulla -> december 14 I (5/7/2012 10:30:34 PM)

Night Time Surface Combat, near Miri at 64,84, Range 3,000 Yards

Japanese Ships
PB Nako Maru #2
AK Kaga Maru, Shell hits 7, on fire
xAK Hakonesan Maru, Shell hits 1
xAK Hakubasan Maru, Shell hits 2
xAK Ryuyo Maru, Shell hits 2
xAK Teisen Maru, Shell hits 9, on fire

Allied Ships
CL Marblehead
DD Barker, Shell hits 1, heavy damage
DD Bulmer
DD Stewart
DD Paul Jones
DD Parrott

Japanese ground losses:
154 casualties reported
Squads: 0 destroyed, 8 disabled
Non Combat: 1 destroyed, 6 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 0 disabled
Guns lost 4 (2 destroyed, 2 disabled)

A single 8cm gun from the brave escorting PB cripples Barker to the point where I am considering abandoning it to screen my retreat.
Edit into Barker colliding with a fellow DD cripple it to the point where I am considering abandoning it to screen my retreat

I am not to unhappy with the result but it is a huge step from the IJN night fighting efficiency that I love.. It will at least put off the invasion and there is always hope that the fires on that AK ship go out of control as the Japanese are really short on good amphib. ships...

My other cruiser force is detected and attacked by a few Kates from the CVL that is moving Southwest. Flak is efficient and shoots down all three of them. My cover is blown and I am contemplating retreating all taskforces towards Batavia untill the smoke clears.


KenchiSulla -> december 14 II (5/7/2012 10:35:06 PM)

Wake island

After another pounding by KB and the landing of a small detachement Wake island falls... The wildcats there are lost.


US air power is crumbling. I have stood down the remaining 30+ fighters. Contemplating disbanding the groups as the results vs Zeroes are terrible. The B17s are bought out and transferred to the DEI. I'll train them up for airfield bombing duty. I might be able to attack a base that Dennis is planning to use for LBA torpedoing my ships...


Palembang is being reinforced at the cost of one transport sunk and one damaged by submarines. I also lose a couple of tankers hauling fuel. The lack of good escort vessels is discouraging.


Sweeps of Singapore have started. The Buffaloes are being shot down like flies. Again contemplating standing them down and reactivate in case of any landing attempts at Mersing. Risking destruction on the ground is better then being shot out of the sky..

KenchiSulla -> december 15 (5/8/2012 8:02:09 PM)


With the Ryuho (I think) within 16 hexes of Singapore I set the Torpedo bombers there to use droptanks. This should give around 30 decent trained pilots a 8 hex radius. The Buffalo fighters only have an (extended) range of 6 so if he has a good CAP up the bombers would take heavy losses. It is worth a shot in my opinion.


I decide to attempt a forward defense of Rabaul. With the cruisers approaching position and the rest of 23 brigade loaded up I might be able to force Dennis to commit considerable forces in the area. This might give me more time to prepare the Burma and DEI defenses.


KenchiSulla -> Aircraft losses (5/8/2012 8:12:39 PM)

Aircraft losses up to 16th of december. Not unhappy here.. Most kills where made on the second day of the Pearl Harbour attack.


Captain Cruft -> RE: Aircraft losses (5/9/2012 1:02:03 AM)

Regarding Palembang, I don't think that Refineries produce Supply in DBB, so you might have a hard time keeping a big stack of LCUs in good shape.

KenchiSulla -> RE: Aircraft losses (5/9/2012 5:35:13 PM)

Thanks for the tip Captain Cruft! I'll try to sneak in some supplies while I still can. At the moment I got one KNIL regiment and 4 KNIL battalions over there but i'll try to get some more in.

KenchiSulla -> december 16 I (5/9/2012 9:26:14 PM)


I've attached an overview of the situation in the Southwest pacific and the Malayan Peninsula.


KenchiSulla -> december 16 II (5/9/2012 9:29:59 PM)


What remains of my fighter groups is disbanded. No chance in hell to withstand those Zero sweeps of death so I better save the pilots and frames (not more then about 20 left.. I have tried) for another day. After contemplating a forward defense I have decided to withdraw troops to Clark Airfield and Bataan leaving Manilla for the Japanese to babysit. They can't use it till they clear the whole of Luzon so why not let them worry about it...


Moving Catalina squadrons in place to cover most of the soon to be Japanese CENPAC. I would really like to pick up KB in this area... much better then having them roam the DEI...

Noteworthy events

Brave little KX attacks Ryujo but misses... This might caution Dennis as in using his carriers so close to swarms of submarines.

Sub attack near Groot Natoena at 61,83

Japanese Ships
CVL Ryujo
CA Nachi
DD Kuroshio
DD Amatsukaze
DD Hayashio
DD Natsushio

Allied Ships

SS KX launches 4 torpedoes at CVL Ryujo

Dennis attacks Hong Kong this turn. The defenders hold the city, for now. 38th division will need time to recover after this battle.

Ground combat at Hong Kong (77,61)

Japanese Deliberate attack

Attacking force 20131 troops, 289 guns, 181 vehicles, Assault Value = 520

Defending force 7905 troops, 131 guns, 72 vehicles, Assault Value = 196

Japanese engineers reduce fortifications to 2

Japanese adjusted assault: 325

Allied adjusted defense: 493

Japanese assault odds: 1 to 2 (fort level 2)

Combat modifiers
Defender: terrain(+), forts(+), experience(-)

Japanese ground losses:
768 casualties reported
Squads: 1 destroyed, 104 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 18 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 8 disabled

Allied ground losses:
343 casualties reported
Squads: 5 destroyed, 37 disabled
Non Combat: 0 destroyed, 7 disabled
Engineers: 0 destroyed, 2 disabled

KenchiSulla -> december 16 III (5/9/2012 9:46:52 PM)

Shakedown cruises

If only all my USN Cruisers could gain experience this fast!


KenchiSulla -> december 17 I (5/12/2012 9:29:57 AM)


The only combat in the area is an attack on little old Barker, sinking the already heavily damaged ship. It seems that the IJN assault group that was gunning for Miri has retreated. My guess is that the troops will be unloaded and transferred to other ships. I might have bought a couple of days for Borneo... I'll take any small victory!

Another CVL/CVE combination is being moved into the area. I am drawing a few conclusions from this action:

- MKB is being formed up to support landings in the DEI
- KB is NOT going to be used in the DEI, or at least not for now (My believe is is that it is a waste of assets to hav both the KBs in one area)

This leads me to believe that KB will be used to support a landing in RABAUL.


KenchiSulla -> december 17 II (5/12/2012 9:38:54 AM)


Reinforcing Rabaul might seem like a bad idea, but there is an idea behind this all. Japanese commanders, especially in the early days, have a tendency to execute a lot of landings. All those landings tend to be understrength. The commander believes that opposition met will be weak and he doesn't need more then a regiment to take a base like, let's say Rabaul.

Now if that regiment was to meet a strong Australian brigade behind decent fortifications it wouldn't be able to take the base forcing the Japanese commander to siege it (Clark/Bataan?) or take it as soon as possible by REINFORCING his push (Rabaul is a must take if he has any ambitions in the area)..

Will all of this work? I don't know, but it will be interesting to find out..

A lot of players reinforce Port Moresby.. Now Port Moresby is a place that is absolutely not critical to the war effort. So what if it takes 2 months to take.... It doesn't matter (other then having to use troops to clear it)... Port Moresby is a POW camp, nothing else...


KenchiSulla -> december 18 I (5/12/2012 2:09:14 PM)

A decent result vs the sweeping A6M2s over Singapore this turn.. Looks like the rested pilots in a layered CAP did ok according to tracker!


KenchiSulla -> december 18 II (5/12/2012 2:17:57 PM)


Sadly, Dennis plans to take Rabaul early (or so it seems). It looks like he split KB so i'll have to keep an eye out for the remaining carriers.

Submarines are incoming from the east but still pretty far out. I am not going to risk the cruisers in the open and withdraw them to the south, together with the tanker support. So far they went unnoticed so I might catch him later as he starts his landings..


CVL and CVE roam the South China Sea. Attempting to intercept with dutch submarines and perhaps "lame the duck" so to speak.. famous Japanese damage control might do the rest if I catch a lucky break!


KenchiSulla -> december 19 I (5/13/2012 9:10:59 AM)

West coast

As Enterprise and Lexington enter San Fransico harbour, a submarine detects CA Salt Lake City and several DDs. I have to assume Dennis now knows the whereabouts of my carriers.


As my "Group Rabaul" withdraws further south, the carrier group I detected keeps coming south. This is either just a sweep to clear the area of shipping prior to invading Kavieng, or perhaps he has troops prepared for Rabaul.. It is hard to tell what the plan is. I might still be able to sneak in some reinforcements..

Tarawa is invaded and captured..


KenchiSulla -> december 19 II (5/13/2012 9:20:44 AM)


Land based torpedo bombers sniff a troop transport convoy unloading at Rangoon. My assumption that he moved all bombers to Saigon proves to be right as the bombers operate at extreme range and attempt a high altitude bombing run on the ships.. I have 3rd AVG and a Buffalo squadron up. 4 G3Ms/G4Ms fall to the good old RAF and another 19 to the AVG! This will probably teach him to keep an eye on those bombers.. They are not Liberators and tend to burst into flames! They need good escorts or total Air Superiority....

The Stuka of the IJN!


KenchiSulla -> december 19 III (5/13/2012 9:27:28 AM)


Most notable event is the loss of a large AK moving to Perth from Batavia.. I could use destroyers to escort those ships but I could also really use those destroyers to cover Java and the east coast of Sumatra..

The KNIL, now reinforced by two green Indian brigades dig in at Palembang. I am moving some more supplies to Sumatra.. If the Japanese land too few troops he might be in for a nasty suprise. Anything to upset the timetable..

18th British division

I would like some advise from any readers on the 18th div.. I could sneak it into Sumatra as Dennis is not pushing hard enough on securing an airbase on Borneo. The question is, is it worth isolating one of better divisions in SE Asia? At some point Palembang will be isolated and out of supply and the division will be a writeoff..

Any thought on this?


KenchiSulla -> december 20 (5/14/2012 8:59:46 PM)


Absolutely nothing of interest happened... This should be the silence before the storm or Dennis won't last into 1944...


I guess he forgot to check his Nells and Betties at Saigon as he again tried to naval bomb my supply convoy at Rangoon from 23k feet.. The slaughter continued with around 20 Nells and 6 Betties shot down... AVG 3rd squadron now has scored 31 kills for 1 op loss.... This should be his wakeup call or he'll be out of experienced torpedo bomber pilots very soon... You really can't afford to not keep an eye on those fragile IJN aircraft...

Some movement on the ground in Burma as Japanese forces crawl towards Moulmein.. I am working on combining into the 1st Burma division. They'll find a nice jungle hex to dig into.. a location safe from being cut of from India.


Landings take place on the Northern coast of New Guinea. The carrier taskforce I spotted turns out to have all fleet carriers in it. Vals and Kates bomb Rabaul with little effect on the ground troops there. Those aircraft should be preserved for naval attacks...


Brave little S39 sinks two medium sized cargo vessels with 4 torpedo hits out of 3 salvoes of 2... Drinks will be on my when they return to Soerabaja!

Arnhem44 -> RE: 19th december III (5/15/2012 2:26:35 AM)


ORIGINAL: Cannonfodder

18th British division

I would like some advise from any readers on the 18th div.. I could sneak it into Sumatra as Dennis is not pushing hard enough on securing an airbase on Borneo. The question is, is it worth isolating one of better divisions in SE Asia? At some point Palembang will be isolated and out of supply and the division will be a writeoff..

Any thought on this?

I wouldn't throw it in unless you're going for an all or nothing strategy with Palembang, apart from the Australian I Corps that's the only full strength CW division you're ever going to see till late war, I'm sure chucking it somewhere else will cause a bigger headache for Dennis.

KenchiSulla -> december 21 (5/15/2012 8:17:01 PM)

Thanks Arnhem.. I have decided to route them to Darwin. Should make landing there a risky job and it is nice to have a good division in Northern Australia...


Not a sign..


Japanese capture Aitape, Wewak, Nauru Island and are about to capture Rabaul, Kavieng (failed assault this turn) and Shortlands.

West Coast

DD Hull on ASW duty eats a torpedo but is still afloat and might make it back to San Fransico... I am training some floatplanes for search duty of the west coast to reduce the threat from submarines.

KenchiSulla -> december 22 & 23 (5/16/2012 10:37:37 PM)


IJN Cruisers occupy the patch of ocean near Miri and Brunei. A light carrier provides support. I am vectoring additional submarines (a mixed bunch of dutch and US fleet boats) into the area hoping to catch the carrier or any troop carriers. So far no transports are spotted... A taskforce revolving around Exeter and Cornwall are moving into position hoping to stay out of sight for now..

Palembang is receiving more supplies


IJA lands at Davao. Force Z is in range of the landing site. CS Chitose is sighted and Force Z will attempt an intercept. Manilla is now empty. Construction of forts continues near Clark Field and Bataan..


Rangoon is sweeped by A6M2s. H81s and Buffaloes are traded for navy fighters. Zeroes come out slightly on top.. The fighters are stood down for now.

1st Burmese division is combined and then split for rest and refit. The available Indian brigades start to move into blocking positions hoping to fight a delaying action to enable fortification of southern India and northern Burma.


More landings and a deliberate attack on Rabaul. It will fall shortly. Kido Butai sweeps further south, forcing me to move the cruisers back..

KenchiSulla -> december 24 I : Battleship encounter (5/17/2012 11:37:13 AM)

Battleship encounter

Force Z encountered enemy shipping, but not the kind we like to see! Nevertheless, Battlecruiser "Hood" ... erm BB Fuso is sunk by a hit, knocking out forward turrets and a direct hit into the magazines, eploding and sinking her with all hands... All it took was two 14" british forged steel...

Nagato succeeds in penetrating PoW armour with a 40cm hit and force Z disengages.. The good news is that the PoW only took 12 major float damage. She'll need some yard time though..

Night Time Surface Combat, near Davao at 79,91, Range 9,000 Yards

Japanese aircraft
no flights

Japanese aircraft losses
F1M2 Pete: 1 destroyed

Japanese Ships
BB Nagato, Shell hits 5
BB Fuso, Shell hits 4, and is sunk
DD Kuretake, Shell hits 1, on fire
DD Sanae

Allied Ships
BB Prince of Wales, Shell hits 2, on fire
BC Repulse
DD Vampire
DD Tenedos
DD Thanet
DD Electra
DD Express

Maximum visibility in Clear Conditions and 32% moonlight: 12,000 yards
Range closes to 15,000 yards...
Range closes to 9,000 yards...
CONTACT: Japanese lookouts spot Allied task force at 9,000 yards
CONTACT: Allied lookouts spot Japanese task force at 9,000 yards

Range increases to 5,000 yards
Magazine explodes on BB Fuso
BB Fuso sunk by BB Prince of Wales at 5,000 yards


KenchiSulla -> december 24 II : Prince of Wales damage report (5/17/2012 11:40:14 AM)

Prince of Wales damage assesment...


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