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Andrew Loveridge -> Combat Command: The Matrix Edition is Updated (4/9/2012 6:13:31 PM)

We are excited to release the comprehensive 1.04 update for Combat Command: The Matrix Edition. The update addresses withdraw issues, the infinite assault hex loop, and makes some welcome changes.

Get the update here. The full change log for the 1.04 update is below:


      When a unit loses its fortification levels, the reason is added to the message.
      Can now select from a list in the Scenario Editor Graphics File of what comes with the game in addition to typing in your own.
      Number of message retained has been increased to 500. Only 200 are saved in the save game though.
      If you add WriteLog=1 to CombatComman.ini, all messages will be written to GameLog.txt as well.
      This is technically a debugging tool and therefore never cleans itself out. Use at your own risk as all (verbose) messages are written.

    Bug Fixes

      Units withdrawing even if end up equidistant to the enemy.
      Infinite Assault Hex Loop after Reload fixed, now displays "End Phase" button instead of "Next Assault Hex" button.
      Units can no longer advance into a hex that would cause over-stacking to occur.
      If a unit cannot full withdraw, it will now take a hit of damage. The announcement will reflect this.
      Corrected display of Pilot Experience and Anti-Aircraft values in Scenario dialog.
      Contact Modifier now displays correctly in game's Scenario dialog.

The update is comprehensive and will bring all previous versions of Combat Command: The Matrix Edition to 1.04. Get more information on Combat Command: The Matrix Edition from its official product page at the Matrix Games site.

About Combat Command: The Matrix Edition

Experience the engaging and intense Combat Command game system with more units, more scenarios, new art, and more! Combat Command: The Matrix Edition is a new updated compilation of the Combat Command series which combines the features, units, scenarios, and gameplay from both Desert Rats and Danger Forward into one fantastic system. Included in this updated release are two brand new thrilling scenarios, Moscow and Stalingrad. This special edition also has support for 8 new armies bringing the total number of national armies included to 15, including support for the combatants in the Pacific Theater of WWII. Combat Command: The Matrix Edition also sports a fine new paint job, with many graphical components of the game improved or completely redone! All the unit graphics have been redone, Fall and Jungle terrain sets have been added, all old terrain sets have been redone, the interface has been tweaked and recolored, and more!

    Combined ruleset and scenarios from both Desert Rats and Danger Forward to bring the best from both titles
    Two new never-before-seen scenarios, Moscow and Stalingrad, to combine with the over 40 scenarios included
    Added 8 new armies to test your tactical might, more than doubling the number available in the original games!
    Redone and improved Winter, Summer and Desert terrain sets
    Brand new Fall and Jungle terrain sets
    New and improved graphics for all units
    Re-colored and improved interface for a better, more aesthetically pleasing look
    As with the original Combat Command system, the engine models a wide variety of combat from amphibious and airborne operations to supply and morale effects, even night attacks, minefields, fixed defenses, and more!

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