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chrono280 -> Ships getting stuck at space yards (3/6/2012 6:10:07 PM)

In a couple different games I've had ships get "stuck" in a space yard while repairing/retrofitting.

-I send a fleet to repair/retrofit manually at nearest shipyard
-I got to check on them a while later and they are still there, I send them orders to move out and none of them move. Even a very long time (several game years) later or switching them to autopilot.
-I've checked on the construction screen and it seems if they are being retrofitted or repaired they are sitting in the construction bay with 0% progress which does not seem to change. Not sure if there was a supply shortage, our steel reserves did dip during this time but other space yards were able to retrofit etc without stalling.
-At first I thought maybe the ships were too big for the small ship yard or something, but it happened again to me with a Large Ship yard.
-Scrapping the ship yard destroyed the entire fleet which was a total disaster. In a previous game they were there from maybe year 2 til the end of the game.

I have a feeling I'm just doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what. It always seems to be my 2nd fleet as well, which I'm sure does not help.

Thanks in advance.

Kayoz -> RE: Ships getting stuck at space yards (3/6/2012 6:56:19 PM)

1. Check your expansion planner screen. If you are lacking resources, it will stall all ship production - those ships that require the resource (under construction or being refitted) will be hogging the construction bays until they are provided.

2. Check the construction yard's cargo list (construction yards icon at the top -> cargo tab) - it may be that the yard in question doesn't have the resources required (#1 above is for your empire, this is for the yard specifically). If it's a port/starbase that's on the far edge of your empire, it may be a while before your freighters catch up to demand. As a general practice, you should try to send your ships to be refitted at an established port at a well developed world - they will tend to have better stockpiles.

3. Check the construction queue on the yard. If there you have recently gone through an expansion phase, you may have a pile of civilian ships queued up already. In this case, you can manipulate the queue, moving your military ships to the top. I believe it has been requested that there be a "move to top/bottom" button, but it hasn't been implemented. Click madly till your selected ship is at the top. Rinse and repeat for all ships you want refitted quickly.

Hope it helps.

chrono280 -> RE: Ships getting stuck at space yards (3/6/2012 7:10:12 PM)


#2 may have been the case as my supplies empire-wide were okay and the ships weren't in the queue, they were being worked on at the yard. In one game it was a pretty near-central port and they were stuck there for the whole rest of the game (8 years I think). Maybe they just got bypassed. I heard having captured pirate ships in your fleet can scare away freighters. Maybe this is what happened and the supplies at that yard dried up, I think there may have been captured pirated ships when this happened. Thanks again

Kayoz -> RE: Ships getting stuck at space yards (3/7/2012 5:12:44 AM)

Sounds like an absurd amount of time for freighters to get around to supplying the port. Your theory of ex-pirate ships scaring away freighters might be the problem.

You should send up a savegame file for Elliot to look at, as it does sound like a bug. I don't think I encountered it before. I haven't seen my own freighters running from my ex-pirate ships, though I have seen AI ships running on occasion (I think it depends on whether or not they have previously been attacked by the pirate faction).

chrono280 -> RE: Ships getting stuck at space yards (3/8/2012 9:05:26 AM)

I'll see if I can dig up the save.

Is it possible to use the Game Editor to fix this? I haven't messed with it much. Could I "unhook" my fleet from the starved Space Yard? I suppose I could just give the SY some resources.

Is there a way to see what construction specific yards are starved for resources? I mean, it's always the ones on the fringes so it's not that big a deal. Thanks again.

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