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Tampa_Gamer -> [REL] [Universe] Character Symbol Mod (2/28/2012 5:38:29 PM)

[EDIT - removed post for Legends compatible download since no longer really necessary]


Verstorbene -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (3/3/2012 8:27:58 AM)

I get an Invalid or Deleted Object error from your host. =[

Nedrear -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (3/3/2012 11:27:19 AM)

If the link is dead and you want the decals now, copy the picture in the thread above, cut the decals out and post them in the needed format into the folder yourself.

Otherwise wait for a solution by Tampa.

Tampa_Gamer -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (3/3/2012 1:59:22 PM)

Sorry about that, I had started updating the link to a slightly tweaked version last night while I was playing around with the new update and nursing a bottle of Jack. Needles to say I shouldn't drink and mod...

Verstorbene -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (3/5/2012 4:12:05 AM)

Thanks for the fix, Tampa.

Fishers of Men -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (3/5/2012 3:02:54 PM)

I am using these new icons and think they are a good visual improvement.

Tampa_Gamer -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (5/28/2013 6:22:05 PM)

In the spirit of updating various mods for the Universe release, attached is a slight update to the character symbols from my personal mod.

Here is a screen shot of the images (download link to .zip containing the files is at the bottom)


-----from the readme.txt-----

Tampa_Gamer Character Symbol Mod v1.03
Distant Worlds (Universe) version
May 31, 2014


Distant Worlds (Legends) added the concept of RPG-like characters to the game.
These characters each have a "card" in the game which contains data regarding
the character as well as an image of the character (typically a "head and
shoulders" pictures). Superimposed in the lower right corner of the image
is a symbol denoting the role of the character (e.g. leader, general,
scientist, etc.). Although the written data on the cards also indicate the
role, it is a nice to have a graphical indication for quick identification
on some of the other summary/planet information screens. While the default
symbols fit the graphics style used for default race images, they do not fit
the more realistic pictures of characters that I use in my personal mods.
Therefore, I created these alternate symbols.


To install, unzip these files to your personal theme folder contained in the
Customization folder of the main game directory. They should be placed within
the following subfolder of your theme:

"[Distant Worlds install folder]Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome"

To uninstall, simply delete them and the default files will be used instead.


This mod will conflict with other mods that modify:

Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_Ambassador.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_ColonyGovernor.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_FleetAdmiral.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_IntelligenceAgent.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_Leader.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_PirateLeader.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_Scientist.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_ShipCaptain.png
Customization\[Your Theme]\images\ui\chrome\characterRole_TroopGeneral.png


v1.03 (05-31-2014)
+ deleted previously included original files since no longer needed to "undo"
the installation" as we no longer need to overwrite the default game files.
+ modified instructions for use in Universe expansion

v1.02 (05/28/2013)
+ added new symbol to replace PirateLeader symbol added by Shadows expansion
+ added new symbol to replace ShipCaptain symbol added by Shadows expansion
+ revised Ambassador symbol to contrast better on game screens (added button look)
+ revised ColonyGovernor symbol to contrast better on game screens (added button look)

v1.01 (03/02/2012)
+ added grey background to cloak and dagger symbol to make it more visible

v1.00 (02/28/2012) initial release version
+ replaced all 7 role symbols with new ones.


(1) The images contained in this mod were taken from a variety of sources and
were further modified using GIMP and other tools. This mod is distributed
completely free of charge.

(2) This mod may be used in any personal themes you re-post provided you give me
credit for this contribution and put a link to this thread so others can provide
feedback and/or know of future changes.

(3) As all my mods are a continual work-in-progress, please post any tweaks,
suggestions and bugs to me in the forum thread you downloaded this from.

Have Fun!

Download Link to Zip File

Yskonyn -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (5/28/2013 9:01:50 PM)

Thanks! I find these icons to have good contrast and enable you to quickly see what type of Character you have, especially on bigger screens.

Tampa_Gamer -> RE: [REL] Character Symbol Mod (5/31/2014 4:22:37 PM)

Just a slight update for compatibility with the Universe expansion. See edited post #7 above for details.

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