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Don7x -> "Division by Zero" at Start-up (2/26/2012 6:46:04 PM)

I'm attempting to run the newest version of EiA off of a brand new installation of the game on a Windows Vista 64-bit system.

Immediately as the intro movie attempts to play, dozens and dozens of dialogue boxes pop open proclaiming a "Division by Zero" error.

How do I fix this issue?

Don7x -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (2/26/2012 8:35:48 PM)


Had to revert Vista's font scaling back to 96 DPI for EiA to work properly. Although my Window's system fonts are somewhat small now, at least EiA now runs as it should.

La Provence -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (2/27/2012 12:29:02 PM)

You use Vista !!!!!!


I used it only one month. No more. My god !

kelloffm -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (12/20/2012 9:07:56 AM)

I am getting the same problem running on WINDOWS 7. How do I fix?

VPaulus -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (1/9/2013 12:27:14 PM)

In Windows 7:

Click with your right mouse button in a clear area of your desktop. Select "Screen Resolution":


Press "Text and other items larger or smaller":


Tick "Smaller - 100%":


juv95hrn -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (10/8/2013 6:58:24 PM)

I'm afraid changing this setting to "Smaller" did not fix the issue for me. Any other suggestions?

Windows7 with v10807.

Do you have to set screen resolution to a certain setting or should the game be able to change this on its own?

pzgndr -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (10/8/2013 8:12:11 PM)

Try using the "Set custom text size" feature?


juv95hrn -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (10/8/2013 8:44:40 PM)

Well I have the same settings as you (100%, 96pixels and windows xp style checked and still I get the Divisions by Zero error. Might a reinstall help?


I tried different screen resolutions and that did not help.


I uninstalled and tried with only the 1.05.03 version without any patch and the error was the same. I am running win7 *64-bits system*. Apparantly the problem has been in the game since longer then the last patch.


And just to make sure I installed the game with the 1.08.04 patch just to confirm I get the same error again and I did.


I'm not sure this might be a clue. I tried running the game under previous versions of windows from the control panel/programs. When I try win XP the starting video actually starts and plays. The "Division Zero" error still appears and crashes the game but the result is somewhat different. Maybe this is a clue?

juv95hrn -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (10/9/2013 5:52:44 PM)

According to the Matrix Helpdesk the problem is with ASUS laptops:

"Hi juv95hrn,

What's causing your issue is your System DPI setting (which is set for 120DPI) and not the User DPI setting. The problem is that we haven't ever been able to change that value. This is the third case, that I've noticed, with the same issue. All the three cases the players had Asus laptops. Pehraps it's related with some specific setting, driver or 3rd party program which ships with some Asus models, but we are not sure of course. Unless my other colleague knows any workaround, I'm afraid we woun't be able to help you.

Kind Regards,

The Slitherine Group"

I will post more on ASUS forums to learn how to change the system DPI settings.


I changed this:

"a. Open the Start Menu, then type regedit in the search box and press enter.
b. If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes.
c. In regedit, navigate to the location below:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontDPI
d. In the right pane, right click on LogPixels and click on Modify.
e. In the Modify window, select (dot) Decimal, then type in the DPI setting that you want (96 in this case) and click on OK."

But it didn't help.

NeverMan -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (10/22/2013 1:45:20 AM)

It's not your laptop or ASUS, it's the game. Basically they have no clue and are "passing the buck", sucks to be you bro, sorry for your loss.

pzgndr -> RE: "Division by Zero" at Start-up (10/25/2013 5:46:33 PM)

Obviously the game is running ok for most under Windows 7 and Matrix has acknowledged a specific problem with some Asus models.

uv95hrn, please let us know if you manage to resolve this with Asus or find a work-around?

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