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sanderz -> Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (1/9/2012 9:46:09 AM)


Have just downloaded this and run wir.exe but it errors - probably because its 64bit Win7 - anyone know of a way to get this running?

many thanks

sanderz -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (1/9/2012 11:06:53 AM)

Ooops - forgot this was a DOS game - it works fine with DOSBOX

and found this front end very good and easy to use

darko -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/25/2012 10:32:44 PM)

I cant seem to make these work, help needed please, complete computer dos iliterate here!

Rasputitsa -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/26/2012 6:53:20 PM)


From this link download and install Windows 0.74 Windows 32 Installer, this will give you DOSBox

DOSBox by itself can be a problem to use, so Frontend software has been produced which allows you to run DOSBox more easily.

From the Frontends section, of the same link, download a frontend product of your choice, I am using DOSShell for windows, about halfway down the list.

When you have installed DOSShell you should have a DOSShell icon (if it's not already on the desktop, look in the program list, it's in Loonies), put a copy of that icon where you can find it.

Click on the DOSShell icon to open DOSShell and you will get the DOSShell working page.

First thing to do, by using 'Preferences' (from the 'Edit' menu), is to show it where DOSBox is installed (see readme)

Now add WIR (use Green Cross to add a game, by showing where the wir.exe file is - you find that in the main WIR folder) and you can add any other DOS games into DOSShell, which will then use DOSBox to run them.

Once you have added a game into DOSShell you will have an icon for it in the DOSShell page, which you click to run the game. The game initially runs in a window, but there are controls to get full screen, which we can discuss later.

So what is happening is that you access the game by first running DOSShell, which in turn runs DOSBox for you, which in turn runs WIR. Sounds complicated, but when you get it set up it is very easy to run the game.

This all looks daunting, but step by step it is not too bad, once set up with a couple of clicks you can be running a 80's DOS game in a 21st. Century system. I am still running WIR, Western Front, Carrier Strike and Pacific War - another free download from Matrix.

Attached below is the readme for DOSShell, so you can see some of what you have to do.

DOSSBox has an operating Manual, but DOSShell frontend will do all that for you when it has been set up. [:)]

LesToreadors -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (12/16/2012 6:11:51 AM)

There is a newer DosBox frontend out there called "D-Fend Reloaded". No configuration needed, just run the game via D-Fend and you'll be good to go in seconds.

CrazyBear -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (12/1/2015 7:46:25 AM)

I tried the Dosshell 1.9 and it keeps telling me I need to post the location to the file folder I have done this every way can think of with restarts along the way no luck . I love this game I actually game tested this before it came out I really would love to get her working the New one "WAR in THE EAST " is great , I just love the older version as well

Ian R -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (3/18/2016 6:10:11 AM)


Bit of a delayed response, but try this. This does manually what the front end programs do, avoiding needing one, and producing a game start-up from a desk top shortcut.

1. Install dox box v0.74. Make a shortcut to the exe on your desk top. Have a look the target line in the properties. It has a switch on the end: -userconfig pointing to a default .conf file.

2. The default configuration file is automatically created the first time you run DOSBox. Make an appropriate dosbox config file, WiR.conf or some similar name, specifically for WIR. (Edit with a txt editor such as notepad). *See below on how you do that. You can make one for each dos game, then set up separate desktop shortcuts to the dosbox exe for each game that will engage that game's config file in the target line of the shortcut. The config file includes the mount and run instructions for the game. I suggest putting the WIR.conf file in a separate folder on your C drive, which is recommended because there were problems with win7 /vista getting it to run correctly out of subdirectories of the Progam Files (x86) location.

3. Go to the shortcut, and change the switch in the target line from -userconfig, to -conf. I suggest typing it to make sure you get the short dash. Leave a space, type a mark, then type the complete directory path to the special .conf file you made to run WiR, then close the quote.

EG The target line should end up looking something like this, with the location paths corrected to what you have:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox.exe" -conf "C:\Conf files\WIR.conf"

Then you can change the name of the shortcut, and its icon, to WIR if you like. Now the shortcut opens dosbox, mounts as the operative drive the path to your WIR folder, and starts the game - in one hit. My pacwar shortcut works every time. My SP III shortcut sometimes needs a couple of goes, probably because it has to look for the CD in the drive to run the security check. If your mouse pointer doesn't activate by clicking, hit ctrl-F10.

4. Repeat the process for any other dos games so you have unique desktop shortcuts for each.

As to how to set up the instructions in the config file, dosbox has a sample file with #comments that you can leave there, and you copy the instruction and then put your config instruction in. You get the sample file by clicking on DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat file. You amend it to what you want, and save it with a suitable name, eg WiR.conf

This is what my dosboxPW.conf file looks like, I suggest you start by amending the path and file names in the bottom few lines to whatever is appropriate and seeing if the settings work for you. I was given these particular settings by Rich Dionne, credit where it's due.


# fullscreen -- Start dosbox directly in fullscreen.
# fulldouble -- Use double buffering in fullscreen.
# fullfixed -- Don't resize the screen when in fullscreen.
# fullresolution -- What resolution to use for fullscreen, use together with fullfixed.
# output -- What to use for output: surface,overlay,opengl,openglnb,ddraw.
# hwscale -- Extra scaling of window if the output device supports hardware scaling.
# autolock -- Mouse will automatically lock, if you click on the screen.
# sensitiviy -- Mouse sensitivity.
# waitonerror -- Wait before closing the console if dosbox has an error.
# priority -- Priority levels for dosbox: lower,normal,higher,highest.
# Second entry behind the comma is for when dosbox is not focused/minimized.
# mapperfile -- File used to load/save the key/event mappings from.


# language -- Select another language file.
# memsize -- Amount of memory dosbox has in megabytes.
# machine -- The type of machine tries to emulate:hercules,cga,tandy,vga.
# captures -- Directory where things like wave,midi,screenshot get captured.


# frameskip -- How many frames dosbox skips before drawing one.
# aspect -- Do aspect correction.
# scaler -- Scaler used to enlarge/enhance low resolution modes.
# Supported are none,normal2x,advmame2x,advmame3x,advinterp2x,interp2x,tv2x.


# core -- CPU Core used in emulation: simple,normal,full,dynamic.
# cycles -- Amount of instructions dosbox tries to emulate each millisecond.
# Setting this higher than your machine can handle is bad!
# cycleup -- Amount of cycles to increase/decrease with keycombo.
# cycledown Setting it lower than 100 will be a percentage.

cycles=max 70%

# nosound -- Enable silent mode, sound is still emulated though.
# rate -- Mixer sample rate, setting any devices higher than this will
# probably lower their sound quality.
# blocksize -- Mixer block size, larger blocks might help sound stuttering
# but sound will also be more lagged.
# prebuffer -- How many milliseconds of data to keep on top of the blocksize.


# mpu401 -- Enable MPU-401 Emulation.
# intelligent -- Operate in Intelligent mode.
# device -- Device that will receive the MIDI data from MPU-401.
# This can be default,alsa,oss,win32,coreaudio,none.
# config -- Special configuration options for the device.


# type -- Type of sblaster to emulate:none,sb1,sb2,sbpro1,sbpro2,sb16.
# base,irq,dma,hdma -- The IO/IRQ/DMA/High DMA address of the soundblaster.
# mixer -- Allow the soundblaster mixer to modify the dosbox mixer.
# oplmode -- Type of OPL emulation: auto,cms,opl2,dualopl2,opl3.
# On auto the mode is determined by sblaster type.
# oplrate -- Sample rate of OPL music emulation.


# gus -- Enable the Gravis Ultrasound emulation.
# base,irq1,irq2,dma1,dma2 -- The IO/IRQ/DMA addresses of the
# Gravis Ultrasound. (Same IRQ's and DMA's are OK.)
# rate -- Sample rate of Ultrasound emulation.
# ultradir -- Path to Ultrasound directory. In this directory
# there should be a MIDI directory that contains
# the patch files for GUS playback. Patch sets used
# with Timidity should work fine.


# pcspeaker -- Enable PC-Speaker emulation.
# pcrate -- Sample rate of the PC-Speaker sound generation.
# tandyrate -- Sample rate of the Tandy 3-Voice generation.
# Tandysound emulation is present if machine is set to tandy.
# disney -- Enable Disney Sound Source emulation.


# Nothing to setup yet!

# xms -- Enable XMS support.
# ems -- Enable EMS support.


# modem -- Enable virtual modem emulation.
# comport -- COM Port modem is connected to.
# listenport -- TCP Port the modem listens on for incoming connections.


# directserial -- Enable serial passthrough support.
# comport -- COM Port inside DOSBox.
# realport -- COM Port on the Host.
# defaultbps -- Default BPS.
# parity -- Parity of the packets. This can be N, E or O.
# bytesize -- Size of each packet. This can be 5 or 8.
# stopbit -- The number of stopbits. This can be 1 or 2.


# ipx -- Enable ipx over UDP/IP emulation.


# Lines in this section will be run at startup.

mount C "C:\Pacwar32"

Gilmer -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (5/9/2016 1:50:11 AM)

I'm in Windows 10 and what I used to do when using Win 7 was just open up the folder that had wir.exe and drag that file and drop it on dosbox. That used to work fine. It didn't work today and today was the first time I tried it in Win 10.

So.. What I did was open properties of wir.exe and set it to Win 95 compatibility. And then I changed some of the configuration of dosbox trying to get a better resolution than what I had before. So, I changed the resolution lines for what Ian has and then I saved the dosbox configuration file. (Carefully saving the original file to desktop in case I needed to restore). After I had done that, I just did what I used to do. Grabbed the wir.exe file and dropped it on dosbox and it works like a charm.

Remember, I think, Control F12 to increase cycles or your game will run slow. I put to just over 8000 cycles and it works fine.

Edited to correct how to change the cycles. Control F12 to increase, Control F11 to decrease.

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (5/9/2016 6:32:04 PM)

very useful, thanks H Gilmer !!!

colberki -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (5/17/2016 2:42:39 AM)

yes, ditto. thanks a lot

friendlysnail -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (6/1/2016 8:36:58 PM)

Somehow it doesn't work in my 64 win 7 still, oh my what am I doing wrong??

Ian R -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (6/2/2016 3:40:42 AM)


ORIGINAL: friendlysnail

Somehow it doesn't work in my 64 win 7 still, oh my what am I doing wrong??

Which method are you using?

Short cut or drag & drop?

If you are using the shortcut method, first check is to make sure the dashes in your shortcut file target line are "short" dashes - sometimes, if you cut and paste, they paste as "long" hyphens and it won't recognise the config file switch.

JagdFlanker -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (6/2/2016 1:39:30 PM)

message me and i'l send WiR already setup in DOSBOX with easy instructions on how to get it to work on your computer

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (6/2/2016 2:06:35 PM)

can I have it too ? [X(]

chienthuatxd -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (6/14/2016 5:58:31 PM)

I have same problem, please help

Ian R -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (7/8/2016 2:59:22 PM)

Not exactly the right place to post this, but maybe someone can help.

I downloaded a copy of SP3Moderna and installed it separately to my old SPIII installation.

I created a dox box start up, same in all respects as my WIR/Pacwar/SPIII start ups, with paths adjusted appropriately.

I get an err or message on start:

vesa480.dll failed to load.

I do not get this with any other dosbox start up.

I know enough not to start randomly installing dll files on my computer.

Anyone know what this is about?

Ian R -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (7/8/2016 6:22:11 PM)

Update: problem resolved.

SP3 Moderna needs to be unzipped on top of a vanilla install of SP3, because it does not itself contain the vesa###.dll and font files (and others) required for functionality.

Thanks to Istfemer for resolving the problem.

Balou -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (7/24/2016 9:33:59 AM)

Thanks Gilmer

Gilmer -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/25/2017 11:37:00 PM)


ORIGINAL: LesToreadors

There is a newer DosBox frontend out there called "D-Fend Reloaded". No configuration needed, just run the game via D-Fend and you'll be good to go in seconds.

Revisiting this thread. I built a new computer and no matter what I did I could not get War in Russia or Pacific War to run. I tried this D-Fend Reloaded and it wasn't too hard to get it to work.

So this may be a good option for some of you. I think it installs DosBox for you, and then you just run the game from D-Fend Reloaded and it works pretty well.

xxCLASHxx -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (8/7/2017 11:44:28 PM)


ORIGINAL: LesToreadors

There is a newer DosBox frontend out there called "D-Fend Reloaded". No configuration needed, just run the game via D-Fend and you'll be good to go in seconds.

Hi all, first post here.

Played this game when it first came out and prior to that played second front by mail using a floppy lol

I left DOS behind many years ago so am a novice with this approach, downloaded D-Fend and just dragged the WIR exe and it worked perfectly so thanks for this advice and also I think H Gilmer for the posts. One issue I have is that the F12 key is not increasing the cycle although it seems to work on 3000 at the moment.

Secondly and more problematic is the fact that when I reference the manual which I need to after so many years I then find my game restores to a small window and cannot get it to restore to full size?

Huge thanks for the info - have always been a strategy game nut so this is a great find.

Rejni1 -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/14/2018 7:43:34 PM)

DOS BOX is not problem.
But how to save the game?
It does not work on Windows 7.

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/16/2018 12:49:01 AM)

what's happen when you try to save the game ?

Rejni1 -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/16/2018 8:33:33 AM)

Just nothing ...
I click on the example "a" (FILENAME: C:savea)- and it should be saved.
But how do I want to upload - in the lower right window appears:
"Not an secure email game. No PEBM security check needed."
And he does not upload the script.

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/16/2018 9:34:23 AM)

Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit ?

Rejni1 -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/16/2018 10:20:48 AM)

Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

Rejni1 -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (2/16/2018 10:23:45 AM)

I remember something that you need to make a "save" folder. But I do not remember how.

EwaldvonKleist -> RE: Will it work on Win7/64 bit? (5/7/2018 7:58:58 PM)


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