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feelotraveller -> Missing dock scroll button on gas station (1/7/2012 12:20:35 AM)

As the title says. My spaceports have many docks but I can scroll through them. My custom gas mining station (see below) only shows 4 and a bit docks even though it has 5. I cannot tell which ship is docked or what stage it is at since the arrows are greyed out and the scroll bar is missing. I am not sure how general this problem is - if it is only gas mining stations, or only with 5 docks, etc.


feelotraveller -> RE: Missing dock scroll button on gas station (1/17/2012 6:43:04 AM)

I have just had a similar case of missing the ability to scroll through docking bays and it now seems more limited than I thought. So much so that I would not have bothered to start a thread about it. [sm=00000007.gif] But seeing as I have...

When I go to the construction yard screen from one of the ships sreens (explorers, military confirmed) via the drop down menu and then select docking bays for the top item (generally home spaceport which is automatically selected) there is no ability to scroll the list with arrows or sidebar or mousewheel. The problem can be cleared up by selecting another item from the list and then selecting the top item - hence I believe the lack of problem with any other item than the top. The problem also does not arise when come from some (I have not tested comprehensively) of the other drop down screens, notably mining stations. I don't have a savegame to check with but I would guess my original problem occured when going to the mining stations screen from a ship screen and having the top item autoselected. At least I have a vague memory that the gas station concerned was top of the list...

Edit: silly me, the above screenshot clearly shows the gas station at the top of the list. Duh.

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