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Zorch -> RE: New Game? (9/30/2020 4:36:09 PM)

+1 Ramming Speed!

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (10/4/2020 1:07:33 AM)

Here is a screen shot of the Popup menu in action with disabling. The idea is that the player can turn tooltips on to get an explanation for an item being disabled.


Orm -> RE: New Game? (10/4/2020 6:14:13 AM)



+1 Ramming Speed!

Indeed. [:)]

Lascar -> RE: New Game? (10/8/2020 7:22:47 PM)

Very nice looking graphics.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (10/11/2020 1:01:56 AM)

Well, I found that in preparing the popup menu for rivers that I had to finish my scheme for fleet patrols on rivers, which I hadn't quite finalized. So I started by adding naval bases on rivers which is something that can be supported on certain rivers.

Before showing that, let me say that I realize that the game map gets pretty crowded on the Rhine and Danube frontiers with so many Roman forts and fortresses (and cities). This isn't so true here, because this screenshot is taken from the Trajan scenario and that is 98 A.D. A hundred years later and the Danube frontier is bristling with them.

I decided to change the control banner for ports to use an anchor symbol in place of a faction icon. That is more generic because the player has only the color scheme to go by, but I think that in general it will provide more clarity rather than less. Here is a screenshot of the naval base at Noviodunum with the provincial fleet in port:


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (10/11/2020 1:05:25 AM)

Here is the naval base at Gesoriacum with the provincial fleet at sea. Now, this isn't a river port, but it shows the new anchor icon in action. There isn't a banner in the city because there isn't a garrison there (unlike Noviodunum which has a frontier army garrison in the city proper).

Anyway, if the player isn't sure about control, all banners can be toggled on with the "B" hotkey, of course. And if there is any doubt the player can simply select the port to verify the current owner. I say this because there are countless barbarian factions and their colors are not always so easily identifiable. Well, it's tough being the Emperor of Rome! [:)]


Orm -> RE: New Game? (10/11/2020 10:16:32 AM)

Thank you for the update. This looks awesome. And it sounds even better. It might indeed be tough to be emperor, but it sure do sound like fun. [:)] [&o]

Alikchi2 -> RE: New Game? (11/17/2020 12:01:13 AM)

Lovely crisp art, sharp, contrasting colors, readable GUI.. I can't judge gameplay from screenshots but graphically I'm already sold.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (12/5/2020 9:52:41 AM)

Couldn't enter Wanted to check what campaigns, or scenarios, that would be included. And, of course, see if there were any updates.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (12/6/2020 4:48:56 PM)

Thanks for the heads-up, Orm. I ought to check my own website more often! I will have to get on my ISP about this.

I have been working on finishing up any issues with the river bases, and in doing so I see that some issues with ports in the game needed to be addressed. I also added the Iron Gates as a geographic feature (and rule) on the Danube. Here are some screenshots of part of this new logic:


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (12/6/2020 4:52:10 PM)

Here is the info dialog on the Iron Gates. This is mostly chrome, although the navigational rule has some real effect in the game.

That Iron Gates marker is shown when the "L" hotkey is used and map labels and other "special" markers are added.


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (12/6/2020 4:56:04 PM)

When you attack an enemy fleet on a river, you actually attack their river base. That's because the game doesn't have room to show fleets on rivers, so they must always move from river base to river base (or to or from a sea zone if accessible). Here is an example of the choice you get when you attack a river base:


I will post more screenshots next weekend.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (12/14/2020 1:48:28 AM)

Just a little more work on rivers and river bases. Here is a screenshot of the report dialog for the Nile. I added Crocodilopolis to the game and gave it a river base - that part is rather hypothetical. But, it's fun. This shows it in the hands of the Palmyrans at the start of the Restitutor Orbis Scenario.


I'll post something again after Christmas but before the New Year. This has been a hard year, to say the least. And for some it's been just terrible.

I hoped to have more progress to announce at the end of the year, but right now I can only say that I am still working on it.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (12/15/2020 3:45:56 PM)

Thank you for the update. [&o] [:)]

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (12/27/2020 9:36:14 PM)

Well, 2020 has been a hard year for many people. And I don't make light of anyone's suffering.

For the much more mundane topic of "The Fall of Rome," I have to say that I had hoped to have a rough release date in view by the end of this year. Unfortunately, many things held that back.

I *do* hope to have the game published next year, but I just don't have a realistic date.

I will be updating the FMG website sometime after the New Year, and I'll be posting more content there in the future. I intend to post new screenshots in January. That way I won't be burdening this thread with periodic screenshots.

I plan (that word) to get the automatic battle resolution improved in the next month and then to design the multiplayer structure of the game. I haven't ever done a multiplayer game before. But I will report progress in that regard when I can.

Here is a screenshot from recent work on the game:


Most of the time the Roman player will want to engage in Pitched Battle for a number of reasons. It would be a VERY rare set of circumstances that would impel the Roman player (at least) to try the Robert Bruce strategy. Other player types when/if available will sometimes want to use a strategy of raiding or denial. And for future games, the Fabian Strategy!

I hope that everyone has a good year in 2021!

Orm -> RE: New Game? (1/1/2021 2:48:11 PM)

Happy new year everyone.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (1/1/2021 2:48:33 PM)

Thank you for the update.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (2/22/2021 4:56:23 AM)

I haven't forgotten about everyone here! I have been working pretty hard on the Fall of Rome the last 6 weeks. I just haven't had time to post new screenshots here or on my website. I am still finishing the battle options and auto-resolution for all types of battles. There are more options than there are in 'Hannibal' and that is adding some time. But I should be able to post some screenshots very soon.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (2/24/2021 4:17:54 AM)

Thank you. Looking forward to see the new screenshots. [&o]

Cool with more options. [:)]

Speaking of options. Will there be more optional rules in this game? Or random events? Battle events? Perhaps a "divine wind" that blind the enemy force?

Not trying to add to your task list. Just happy to see that progress is made. [:D] [:)]

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (2/27/2021 6:11:08 AM)


Speaking of options. Will there be more optional rules in this game? Or random events? Battle events? Perhaps a "divine wind" that blind the enemy force?

Good question. There will be a couple of optional rules in the game. There are also some settings that are options which give default responses to certain decisions, such as the fate of prisoners. That should reduce some necessity to respond to dialogs.

There will definitely be some new battle cards, and some battle events. Now, something like the Bora (the "divine wind") is a good one. I haven't coded that yet. Some of this is chrome, but we'll have some new battle options and events for sure. And you'll be able to use most if not all of them even when fighting a battle on automatic resolution.

I said that I'd have screenshots on my website before the end of the month, but I don't think that I will quite get there. So here is a screenshot of some of the options that I am talking about. This one shows the chance to decide the fate of Roman soldiers captured in a battle. I'll post a couple more screenshots here this weekend on the Matrix Forum. But I do intend to get my own website out of the mud, so to speak. But working on the game - and doing my taxes this weekend - are higher priorities. [:(][:D]


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (2/28/2021 4:34:44 AM)

Sometimes one or more of these options is also available through the attacker's popup menu. For example, if a besieged garrison wants to attack the besiegers in some way, all three options are also available on the garrison's popup menu. This shows the attack choices in a dialog: you get this if you activate the garrison's commander and drag it onto the besiegers, just like in 'Hannibal':


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (2/28/2021 4:36:05 AM)

On the other hand, you can also do this with the popup menu, which happens to look something like this for a besieged city:


This is because the garrison can have only one besieging army, so the popup menu can have those functions coded into it. If there is no siege then they are simply disabled, of course.

For an army in the field, such a scheme isn't possible, and attacking an enemy force the usual way is the only way to get that started.

If you use one of the relevant choices from the popup menu, you will open the same dialog, so you have a chance to cancel the attack if you want to.

P.S. The Activate Leader item is disabled because the leader in the garrison has already been activated and cannot be activated again.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (3/20/2021 6:14:15 AM)

Does the besieger have more options than

1) Storm the city, or fort.
2) Starving them out.
3) Abandon siege.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (3/20/2021 6:14:26 AM)

And does attrition, or disease, play a part in the game?

Orm -> RE: New Game? (3/20/2021 6:17:24 AM)

I like what I see so far. So I am slowly gaining hope for a release for Christmas.

But in order to avoid putting any pressure on rushing the game I declare that the release day, whenever that will be, will be like Christmas for me. [:)] [:D]

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (3/21/2021 7:40:13 AM)



Does the besieger have more options than

1) Storm the city, or fort.
2) Starving them out.
3) Abandon siege.

Yes, but I'll admit that I haven't actually coded it yet. I have only prepared the graphics for the popup menus and the dialogs. You can also use 8 movement points to attempt to advance the siege. When the siege level reaches 5 the besiegers get a storming bonus. I am going to remove the "auto-advance" for a siege so that you'll have to use an activation and try to advance the siege in order to eventually get a bonus. However, not many cities will be able to hold out for more than 4 or 5 turns unless they stored extra food in advance (or have an open port!). Still, having a big army sit for more than a year is undesirable. A garrison will able to do the same thing - try to reduce the siegeworks. How successful they are likely to be depends on the troops and the level of siege ability. Roman troops have high siege ability, Persians not quite as much, most 'barbarians' not very much at all, etc.

I haven't actually removed the auto-advance from the game's logic but I am going to.

You can see the "Counteract the Siegeworks" option in the popup menu above. The besieger's popup menu will the have "Advance" option, of course.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (3/21/2021 7:57:17 AM)



And does attrition, or disease, play a part in the game?

In a word, yes. I have coded most of the attrition already, including supply attrition especially for besieging armies. Basically, if an army doesn't have supply sources it suffers attrition if it fails a forage check. The forage check depends on the current forage value in the province and the size of the army. Besieging armies have reduced foraging ability.

Armies can also have supply units in them. 1 Unit feeds 12 strength points. Armies are required to use their supplies first, even if they have friendly cities in the province with supply capability. The only exception are rebels. I figure that they can live off of the land better than anyone else. They get to save their supplies unless they fail a forage check first. And they get a second forage check before suffering attrition.

Sedentary and Migratory tribes have their own food sources, and won't suffer attrition unless their food sources have been damaged/stolen. I haven't designed that yet. But it should not be too hard. Sedentary and Migratory tribes will be susceptible to some measure of famine on a random basis just as cities will be. (Meaning, I haven't coded that yet, either. [:)])

Now as for disease - the game should have something. But I haven't designed it yet. For example: the Antonine plague. A real thing with serious consequences. BUT...if it's just something like 50/50 then half the time you play that scenario it's easy and the other half of the time it sucks. That just isn't very satisfying. I plan to have something in between, depending on the scenario.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (3/21/2021 8:04:55 AM)



I like what I see so far. So I am slowly gaining hope for a release for Christmas.

But in order to avoid putting any pressure on rushing the game I declare that the release day, whenever that will be, will be like Christmas for me. [:)] [:D]

Thanks for your kind words! Now, I had intended to post new screenshots on my website, but I haven't been able to get away from work on the game itself to update my site. In the meantime, here is a screenshot that shows some of the additional siege options. This dialog effectively duplicates some of what is available through the besieger's popup menu, but it is activated when the player drags the besieging army onto the city just as in 'Hannibal':


Note: if the player decides to continue the siege as is, the "Cancel" button will close this dialog without deducting any points from the leader. Of course, the leader must already have been activated. But the player can rethink the choices before doing anything. The player could still undo the activation since the leader hasn't done anything yet.

Drakkon -> RE: New Game? (3/27/2021 10:03:23 PM)

I have a feeling this game will be worth the wait. [sm=happy0029.gif]

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (5/1/2021 4:13:04 AM)

As usual, thanks for everyone's kind words. And I haven't forgotten about you all here!

I have updated - a little - my website but I haven't really posted much new content there. One or two of the screenshots may be new for some of you.

In the meantime, here is a screenshot of how I am working out some of the commands from pop-up menus. This is what you will see when you demand the capitulation of an enemy army, fortress, etc. In practice I think that this will mostly be used in civil war situations. Certain other commands will have the same choice for the "source" (points from a leader or a spare activation) but the other details will vary.

OK, enough talk, here it is:


That is a little rough visually - there will be a better texture for the "control" areas eventually. Otherwise, that it is about what the final version will look like.

I will try to post a couple of additional screenshots next weekend. Thanks for looking (and waiting)!

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