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mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (8/19/2018 12:16:13 AM)


well, any news? because a few months have passed

Sorry for the delay in responding! [:(]

Well, I have unfortunately been busy with other tasks lately. But I have cleared up some time and I am working on the recruiting rules and the interface for it. Here is a sample of the City Report Dialog with a new 'pane' for seeing details on the city's population, including manpower for recruiting:


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (8/26/2018 9:54:25 PM)

Here is that same dialog with an update and values added for Recruiting:

I am a little behind this week, but I'll try to post more screenshots next weekend.


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (9/4/2018 8:41:38 PM)

Here is a screenshot of the recruiting entry for the city report dialog. I have improved the data layout and refined some of the manpower calculations.


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (9/29/2018 10:25:25 PM)

I must take this moment to report some disappointing news. I won't have The Fall of Rome ready for beta testing, let alone release, any time this year. Maybe next summer. I realize that this stinks. But I don't want people to hope for something this Christmas when I know that it isn't going to materialize (my game, not Christmas. That is still scheduled for Dec. 25th [:)]).

Back in March I thought that I could get some additional funding. But I couldn't. And so I spent quite a bit of time just working to pay bills.

I really hate to be in the position of selling vaporware. I am making progress, and I have scrounged up some money for the game, but I still have an old contract to get off of my back. When that is done then I can work full time on The Fall of Rome.

If this is too much information for this forum, well, I feel it's better to err on the side of too much rather than too little.

Thanks for your purchase of 'Hannibal' and your interest in further efforts from Forced March Games.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (10/6/2018 2:16:06 AM)

Thank you for the update. [&o]

I rather would have had Christmas delayed. [;)] But getting one out of two ain't that bad. [:)]

And there can not be to much information.

Looking forward to next year, and perhaps a release for next Christmas. [:)]

mariovalleemtl -> RE: New Game? (3/24/2019 5:16:21 PM)

Any update James ?

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (3/24/2019 7:38:35 PM)

Thanks for rattling my cage! I have meant to post something for a little while now.

I am still plugging away at it, dividing my time between "The Fall of Rome" and other work. I have a little more work to do on the interface and then I can write the first two tutorials. After I do that I'll be able to get some organized 'taste testing' done in advance of real alpha testing.

I have pretty much finished the first version of a feature in the game that doesn't exist in 'Hannibal': popup menus for every selectable item on the strategy map. Please remember that some features may wind up looking significantly different in the final game. If only because some graphics will certainly be redone or - if the budget permits - replaced.

Anyway, attached is a sample of the popup menu when a friendly army is selected.

I intend to eventually have a simple label that can be toggled on and off for each item on the popup menus. I am not going to do that until I do some testing with the menus and decide about the final graphics for these items.

I can't post any expected release time because my past estimates were so ridiculously wrong. [:(]

After I get the first two tutorials done then I will do the preliminary work on the multiplayer option. I have another programmer who is going to help me on that, but it still may be a bit of a slog. We'll see.

Thanks for your interest!


P.S. I cannot get the DPI right, so the image is a little blurry. It's not like that at the runtime. I don't know if the problem is my browser or not. 96 DPI and 72 DPI are not getting it done here. [:@]

mariovalleemtl -> RE: New Game? (3/24/2019 8:55:13 PM)

Many thanks friend. Please keep up the good work :)

Orm -> RE: New Game? (5/2/2019 2:24:29 PM)

Thank you for the update.

And, for me, the graphics come low on what I think is important. So I do hope that graphics improvements doesn't take up to much time, or resources, from other improvements.

I am patiently awaiting the release. So no hurry.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (5/6/2019 3:03:27 AM)

Thanks, as usual, Orm, for your kind words.

I am not spending any time lately working on graphics. I have pretty much got everything in final form, or at least laid out with placeholders that will serve as guides for an artist to eventually improve. I don't expect the final art expenses to be too large.

I do have a few map edits to do, but those will be things that are easy (even for me) to draw. Not anything which is conceptually difficult, just some grunt work. For example, I need to rework the western border of Macedonia. I think that I will have it done in a couple of weeks. THEN I can start working on the first two tutorials.

Lascar -> RE: New Game? (5/7/2019 3:05:48 AM)

Good to know that the project is moving forward. Looking forward to the release of this game.

Selus -> RE: New Game? (8/7/2019 6:45:49 PM)

Hi, any news mercenarius?Maybe you will finish the game this year?

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (8/11/2019 5:31:27 PM)

The game is coming along slowly. But it is progressing. I decided to work out the order of battle (i.e., initial map state) for two or three more scenarios before starting the tutorials. So I haven't posted anything.

I am also revising the logistics rules which are turning out to be a little harder than I originally thought. [:(]

But I think that I have finally gotten the logistics right. I'll try to post some screenshots before next weekend. [:)]

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (8/18/2019 9:15:31 PM)

So much for getting this to you before next weekend. [:(]

But here are a couple of screenshots. The first shows the Upper Mesopotamia and the Kingdom of Osrhoene in the Optimus Princeps (Trajan) scenario:


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (8/18/2019 9:25:59 PM)

This one shows Britannia and Caledonia (and Hibernia) before the construction of Hadrian's wall. The British tribes are still quite "unassimilated."

Again, sorry about the DPI not being quite right.


Selus -> RE: New Game? (8/19/2019 9:26:39 AM)

Wow,screenshots looks pretty.i want play this game soon.
Thx for the job.

Zorch -> RE: New Game? (8/19/2019 10:51:01 AM)


ORIGINAL: mercenarius

This one shows Britannia and Caledonia (and Hibernia) before the construction of Hadrian's wall. The British tribes are still quite "unassimilated."

They haven't discovered Fermented Beverages yet. Or Tea.

Mucho thanks and encouragement!

Orm -> RE: New Game? (8/21/2019 2:45:52 PM)

Thank you for the update. [:)]

Orm -> RE: New Game? (11/3/2019 8:48:41 AM)

How about another update? Nothing major needed. Just if there has been some progress, and if you think a release is likely for next year.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (11/4/2019 12:07:29 AM)

I have not made much progress the last 4 weeks, unfortunately. I had some contract work which turned out to be rather grueling. But I expect to make some progress these next two weeks so that I can post something here.

Right now I am working on the Point-And-Click interface for the battle board. Turns out that I need to do that before designing the multiplayer logic, and I need to design the multiplayer logic before doing anything more with the AI.

I fully hope and expect that the game will be published some time next year. I had originally hoped for something this year but things have not gone as planned. Oh well.

Thanks again for your (and everyone else's) interest, and I will try to post some new screenshots very soon.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (11/12/2019 11:05:44 AM)

Thank you for the update. [:)]

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (11/17/2019 9:06:45 PM)

Stated, I am working on the Point and Click system for the Battle Board And I am adding a couple of new battles that will be good for multiplayer mode. One good battle - I hope - is the Battle of the Frigid River. Here is the force setup for Theodosius:


mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (11/17/2019 9:09:07 PM)

I will also be working to improve the icon for the Roman Generals. That is the worst icon for that type that I have! And it's the most important. [:@] Sometimes that is how things work out.

Next week I'll post shots of Arbogast's forces.

This isn't much progress, but it's better than starvation, I figure.

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (11/24/2019 4:08:17 PM)

Here is the force setup for Arbogast's forces in the Battle of the Frigidus.

Note that only Eugenius and Arbogast are historical personages. The other generals are fictitious. But he must have had some additional leaders similar to them. The names are chosen randomly but the command ratings are set by the scenario.

Eugenius has a low command rating because he wasn't a soldier. The auxiliary forces are Franks (a little obvious, I hope, because of the Francisca) and Alemanni. That is the 'improved' icon on the Roman Generals' tiles.


PJJ -> RE: New Game? (11/24/2019 4:28:42 PM)

Looking good! Hopefully next year we'll get to play this game.

After all these years, I still like to play a Hannibal campaign every now and then. And I still find it an awesome game.

Selus -> RE: New Game? (3/3/2020 6:21:15 PM)

Well, 3 months have passed and we dont have any news, you can give more information plz?

mercenarius -> RE: New Game? (3/8/2020 4:38:05 AM)

Unfortunately, my information at this time is only to explain why I don't have more progress to share with you. [:(]

I have had to spend a good bit of time the last three months on unexpected personal issues: Two trips to the West Coast regarding an old friend of the family, and a minor surgery this week. [:@]

I also had to do some contract programming and I am finishing up the Civil War game with Electric Games. Of course hearing that is really annoying for loyal players of 'Hannibal', I know.

I expect to get back full time on the Fall of Rome by the end of this month and I'll report some progress as soon as I can at the beginning of April.

Sorry that I don't have more to report right now! I did do some low-level work on the game's engine but that new logic isn't very interesting to talk about. I still have some issues with advanced hardware but I will get that nailed down eventually, of course.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (3/12/2020 7:06:05 PM)

Thank you for the update.

And life, family, and friends, always comes first.

Orm -> RE: New Game? (5/6/2020 4:05:37 PM)


ORIGINAL: mercenarius

I expect to get back full time on the Fall of Rome by the end of this month and I'll report some progress as soon as I can at the beginning of April.

I hope you are all well.

And I suspect that the plan have changed somewhat due to a recent world event.

Zorch -> RE: New Game? (5/7/2020 11:20:23 AM)




ORIGINAL: mercenarius

I expect to get back full time on the Fall of Rome by the end of this month and I'll report some progress as soon as I can at the beginning of April.

I hope you are all well.

And I suspect that the plan have changed somewhat due to a recent world event.

Orm's last message was incorrectly translated from Swedish. The correct translation is, "Where is the new game, you lazy bastard?". [:D]

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