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GaryChildress -> How do you start out small? (12/6/2011 4:07:06 AM)

I actually had a bit of fun yesterday. I started out with a one solar system empire and did a little spreading out. However, I tried recreating my one system empire start and now I keep getting huge expansive empires to start. What settings do I use to start out just with one solar system as my empire? I can't seem to replicate my start yesterday. [:(]

EDIT: I'm playing the orginal Distant Worlds.

Missouri_Rebel -> RE: How do you start out small? (12/6/2011 4:37:12 AM)

Been a while since I played vanilla but I think the options are the same. When creating a new game if you set your Home System slider to Trying, it will be a slower game as there will be less resources and population in your home system. Also the Size setting should be set to Starting as this dictates how old and developed your home system is. Starting will be a lot less colonies already established in your home system.

Don't forget that you can select how many and of what quality the other empires start with. Just choose to do them yourself and you will be presented with options to slow them down also using the same parameters.

Missouri_Rebel -> RE: How do you start out small? (12/6/2011 4:42:07 AM)

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Data -> RE: How do you start out small? (12/6/2011 3:32:55 PM)

Aside from the obvious settings you can also use the editor to customize your game as you like it without depending on restarts.

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