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Locarnus -> Firepower as Damage per Second (12/4/2011 11:34:01 PM)

The firepower rating in the diplomacy screen simply adds the damage per shot of all weapons.

A more accurate measure would be the damage per second.

And even better would be, if it is taken into consideration, where this firepower is installed. Weapons on immobile bases and on civilian ships should be valued less than weapons on military ships.

Keston -> RE: Firepower as Damage per Second (12/5/2011 4:19:59 AM)

Throw-weight is I think actually a good choice, and like headcount on land has a long pedigree in reckoning military strength at sea (naval tonnage is also used). The measurement you mention is essentially the same concept as weight of broadside of a naval force.

It does leave uncertainty, but is simple and comparable across the board. THe uncertainty can be penetrated by collecting details regarding enemy forces and by player analysis of strengths and weaknesses (espionage, anyone?).

My Bugs' military strength is over 50% greater than the Guardians, but that does not provide me confidence regarding a fight.

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